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Channelling my inner MacGyver


elbows come in handy while shucking corn

Lately it feels as though I have been having to channel my inner MacGyver in order to get things done when I’m alone. You need to adopt a different mindset when you only have use of one hand. For example when going to a restaurant you want to order something which you can eat with one hand rather than two otherwise you have to ask a friend or your waitress to cut up your food which can be rather embarrassing. This recent impediment has forced me to be a bit more mindful but every now and then I forget. Take last night for example, I walked to the produce store to buy salad fixings and thought to myself ” wouldn’t it be great to have corn on the cob tonight?” Not thinking that Mr. Gee was out of town and I’d be on my own to deal with the consequences of having to shuck the corn with one good hand! As you can see above I had to get pretty creative! I asked Mr. Gee to set up a stepladder in the backyard so that I could pick blackberries for my protein shake. That was another adventure in mindfulness – picking berries one at a time really does force you into the moment :)

Happy birthday Jessica and Nis!!!

On a happy note – today is my daughter Jessica’s birthday and the day after her husband Nis’! Here they both are shown with yummy money laden cupcakes at a recent birthday celebration. Happy birthday Jess and Nis – love you lots!


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    “Channelling my inner MacGyver”

    1. On August 11th, 2010 at 2:02 pm Michele Says:

      One handed nibbling…

      Have you seen the movie “Mermaids” with Cher? Her character only serves appetizers/finger foods. Just think, it could be your Cast Survival Menu and spawn an entire cookbook of finger foods!

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