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Art Journal page: inspired by a fish



The journal page before the journaling happened.


After the journaling – notice i have collage fragments of food labels – garbanzo beans and lentils.  Don’t ask me why – they just wanted to be included. Smile



Mary was crying out for glitter on her halo.

This weekend i had lots of fun creating a 2 page journal spread.  I began by preparing the papers so i didn’t have to stare at a couple of blank pages.  First i gessoed the cardstock and then cut the papers to the size i wanted.  Then i collaged a few pieces of joss papers, book pages and some food labels (i have to quickly save the food labels as Mr. G is constantly throwing out things which i think are perfect collage fodder.  Sometimes i even have to fish things out of the garbage).

Then i added several layers of acrylic paints and scrubbed some off with a baby wipe until i achieved the look i wanted.  I thinned down some fluid acrylics and dribbled it on the top of the page.  Don’t you just LOVE drippage?

Next i found a spot of sunshine outside and sat looking at my pages and wondered what was next.  I was thumbing through an art book aimlessly when a fish caught my eye.  Since i had already told myself that i was NOT to draw a face I thought a fish could be the central focus. So i drew the fish to extend beyond one page and onto the other.  I continued colouring and painting the fish with copic markers and acrylic paints. Then – you won’t believe this but a Head wanted to be underneath the fish.  Who was i to argue? So dutifully i drew a face with a micron pen and then painted it in.

I asked Fish head girl what she was all about and she said she was thinking “stinky thoughts”.  So from there i thought – “Aha!  Thoughts are things! You had better choose good thoughts over stinky thoughts!” – this is Law of Attraction stuff.  So next i created a whitish area to do my freeform journaling in and fashioned a fancy border around it. A collage sheet of Marys was lying around so guess what?  She wanted to be included in the page too.  So i stuck Mary down, edged her with water soluable oil pastels and added some glitter and white accents with my brand spanking new Uni-ball Signo white pen (thanks Kym for the gift!)

So there you go – that’s how these pages evolved!

Inspiring article about my nephew and the Lokomat

Three years ago my nephew Adam was paralyzed in a tragic Ruby accident.  Adam’s father has been educating himself about spinal chord research and the latest developments and technology that are available.  He recently imported the Lokomat – a cutting edge technological machine which hoists the patient into an upright position.  Read the article here – It’s very inspiring.

Well I’ve just run out of steam – I will chat with you tomorrow!


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    “Art Journal page: inspired by a fish”

    1. On April 18th, 2011 at 7:26 pm julie :) Says:

      To Violette from Julie, It is very inspiring that Adam’s father was motivated by the question “why not us?”. Wishing Adam and his family the best!

    2. On April 18th, 2011 at 7:48 pm Jean Baardsen Says:

      Love your journal spread! I’m usually inspired by birds, but hey, fish would work too! I made an art journal page the other day. It needed a lot of help, so I thought of you, and added borders to the page. Very happy with it!

    3. On April 18th, 2011 at 8:18 pm Ali Says:

      Oh Violette, I read every entry of your blog and have done so for about the past two years or so. I have occasionally commented, but just had to comment today.

      This post was wonderful. Just the medicine my soul needed! I visited Auschwitz yesterday. A weight on my soul as I am sure you would understand, but one of those lessons we all should face I think as a reminder that we should never go there again.

      My spirit has needed reminding of the wonders of our world today and thankfully I read this. I have been mindful all day today of the need to re-centre myself and have done this by wandering through the city of Krakow and witnessing the wonders of the city and the people living here. I have seen smail but real acts of human kindness that have reaffirmed my faith in human nature.

      I have to say for me your blog was pure joy. I love your description of rescuing the treasures from the garbage. (I carried an empty wine bottle home in my handbag tonight so I can soak the labels off – and yes my husband was gently amused). I love your description of aspects of your page annoucing their arrival and who are you to argue. I love that you have shared so beautifully your creative process. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You brought a smile to my face.

    4. On April 18th, 2011 at 8:33 pm Ethel Says:

      I like seeing your journal pages, and especially reading about how you work through the process of creating pages. I’m very slow in doing my pages. I have a question for you-when you write very personal info, do you hide the journal this is in? Or do you not worry about anyone else reading it either now or sometime in the future (I’m thinking about when I am no longer on earth….l)

      How wonderful your nephew’s father was able to afford to bring the Lokomat to a clinic where his son could make use of it! And that your nephew is living his life in spite of what happened to him. Much to be proud of and it is inspiring at the same time.

      Ethel xo

    5. On April 19th, 2011 at 2:15 am bettyann Says:

      The article was inspiring..thank you for sharing this helps to show there is much good in the human heart…prayers for my Mom as she broke her hip last night and is in surgery tonight…take care..

    6. On April 19th, 2011 at 5:35 pm Violette's Creative Juice » Blog Archive » Take the Long Way Home: Supertramp inspiration Says:

      [...] The Supertramp song “Take the Long Way Home” has been playing over and over in my head for some reason.  I think that when you get hung up on lyrics they often have a message for us. Roger Hodgson wrote the song and interestingly enough when he wrote it he revealed that he didn’t have a clear picture of the songs meaning – he goes with his gut instinct.  A line literally “comes” to him rather than trying to think of  it consciously. It sort of sounds like the way i create an art journal page! [...]

    7. On April 19th, 2011 at 7:38 pm admin Says:

      Bettyann – i am so sorry to hear of your Mom’s accident! I’m holding you and your Mom in my thoughts – sending you prayers.

      Love, Violette

    8. On April 19th, 2011 at 7:43 pm admin Says:

      Hi Ethel, I’m glad you like my journal spread. I usually don’t worry about putting down personal information and having others read it. I’m like an open book much of the time – if it can help someone then i like to share it. You can always hide writing in pockets or paint over the personal info so you just get the energy down. I’m not sure what you would do about worrying about when you’re gone and others seeing your pages – i figure you’ll be gone so it won’t matter unless of course it’s something like a deep dark secret that you don’t want anyone to know about – you can always make a page around it then burn it. Like i said though – my life is an open book so i’m not worried……everyone is different though :)

      Yes – I’m proud of my nephew and what he has been able to do despite his accident – much credit goes to his Dad who has helped him out in so many ways.

      Love, violette

    9. On April 19th, 2011 at 7:48 pm admin Says:

      Hello Ali, I’m happy that this post was perfect for you today! Visiting Auschwitz must have been a profound experience…..i can only imagine. I admire you being open to the wonders of Krakow and noticing the small acts of human kindness……like you said when you notice these beautiful small blessings the goodness of the human spirit will be affirmed.
      Ha ha ha……i love how you’ve been saving the bottle for the label – we are two peas in a pod! I’m glad you enjoyed my process. I forgot to mention that Mr. G was only a few feet away from me at the time building a small addition to the deck……..he was totally unaware of my process since i didn’t verbalize it……he would have been amused.
      Hope you are enjoying your trip!

      Love, violette

    10. On April 19th, 2011 at 7:49 pm admin Says:

      Hi Jean, I’m glad you like the spread! Thanks! Oh i’m inspired by birds too Jean and would like to put more of them in my pages…….thanks for the reminder.
      It’s so cool that you added borders to your page and simply by doing this little act it made the process easier!

      Love, Violette

    11. On April 19th, 2011 at 7:50 pm admin Says:

      Thank you Julie – Adam’s Dad is an amazing guy!

      Love, violette

    12. On April 24th, 2011 at 2:11 am Jessica W. Says:

      Violette, What an outstanding post. I adored your journal spread and your process to create it! I also loved that you fish crap out of the garbage to use in your art! You share so much of yourself with us and for that I am thankful. What a great uplifting story about Adam! I love hearing how people overcome adversity as I am very familier with it myself. Hugs to you and a Happy Easter! xox

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