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Put your Quirk to work!



A few days ago i created this funky character while watching TV.  I’ve been creating these funny characters for probably over 25 years. They are so much fun!  I decided to print off a sheet of multiple quirky guys in varying sizes to use in my Journal Pages!


So here he is in the tiny book – the Dream Journal.  He has changed a bit hasn’t he?


I’ve probably mentioned this before but I think that what makes us quirky and different and unique is what is special about us.  It took me a very long time to figure this out. After many years i decided – (about 16 years ago) to put my “Quirk to Work” for me Smile……it didn’t happen all at once it was a gradual awakening of sorts.  I’m very very grateful that i decided to accept this part of myself rather than succumb to societal and media expectations of how someone my age is supposed to be or act. 

I know of a woman who has OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). Everything has to be neat, in order and sometimes even colour coded.  Even though this is an obsession she has put this quirk to work by becoming super efficient and organized in her extremely demanding career.  She gets more accomplished in one day than anyone i know. 

Quirky Doll maker

Supposing your quirk is that you LOVE making dolls – you don’t really want to sell them because that somehow takes all the fun out of it.  All of your relatives, friends and little people you know have received one of your adorable handmade dolls.  What to do what to do?  You could always partner with an organization who donates dolls to children in the hospital who are in need of a bit of comfort. Or you could also send your dolls to orphanages overseas where they would be treasured so much by well deserving children! 

What if your quirk is wearing different coloured patterned socks?  You could always start a company like the Little Miss matched Socks people did – they created a business out of that.  Cool eh?

So rather than feel down on yourself for your adorable weirdness why not reframe that into realizing that your quirk is what makes you SPECIAL and then do something about it!

Your Creative Spirit will thank you Smile.


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    “Put your Quirk to work!”

    1. On December 7th, 2011 at 5:18 am Suzana Says:

      A quick note to any ‘quirky dollmakers’ out there: please check out the Uthando Project which invites dollmakers from all over the world to hand and heART craft dolls for children in South Africa affected by poverty, war and the AIDS crisis. They will LOVE your Quirk! :)

    2. On December 9th, 2011 at 5:06 pm admin Says:

      thank you for the link Suzana – what a great idea – i love it. There are so many things we can do to help others with our talents aren’t there? I have seen the devastation in S.Africa when i was visiting almost 3 years ago.

      Love, violette

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