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Decorating kid’s rooms


Do you remember i mentioned i was painting my grandson’s rooms in their new home?  Well here are a few pictures of the completed rooms.Samsroom

This is Sam’s room – he’s almost 3 years old.  We decided on something simple like rolling hills, blue sky, clouds and a sun.  This makes it easy to change things up with decals. There are so many fun decals out there for kid’s rooms. You can even create your own with Spoonflower. 


Lot’s of room to grow in eh?


When Sam was born Mr. G cut out some letters and i painted them so they could be put on Sam’s bedroom door.  Baby Toby has some letters too but i still need to paint them.


This is Toby’s room – because of the white chair rail i didn’t think it would look attractive if there were green hills above or below the rail so we just separated the colours like this.  There were a few elves involved in the creation of these two rooms. Because we were in a hurry to complete them before the move in day (just a few days later) we had to quickly mobilize the forces.  My son Ryan, daughter-in-law Kat, her brother Brian, Mr. G and me were all involved in completing these colourful rooms. Now all they have to do is add decals and change them up as the boys tastes in trains, planes and automobiles change Smile.

Mr. G is building two wooden toy chests which I’ll be painting this week to match the rooms – a Christmas gift to the boys.

I normally blog on Monday, Wednesday and Friday however yesterday we had some electrical work done in the office so I was unable to blog. That’s why I’m blogging today in case you’re wondering.


We don’t get a heck of a lot of snow up here in the Pacific Northwest but when we do there is always a bit of excitement!  I took a snapshot of the poor totem pole covered in snow.  So far no one has claimed they want it Smile.  It’s still up for grabs!

See you tomorrow.

Love, Violette xox

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    “Decorating kid’s rooms”

    1. On December 18th, 2012 at 3:27 pm Suzana Says:

      The kids’ rooms look fantastic, Violette!

      PS. Thanks for the spoonflower link too.

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