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Violette’s Promo book


Woo hoo!  I had a promo book created in Shutterfly a short while ago and I’m thrilled with the results!shutterfly_cover

This is the cover.


Inside pages……you can add art and photos!


I think this is a wonderful way to showcase your work for when you attend a networking event or any place that you’ll be meeting new people.  I am often asked “What do you do?” and i most often draw a blank.  Of course i do have an elevator speech which doesn’t really give a good idea of what i do in it’s entirety.  Having a slim book like this which shows my work and the publications i have been featured in, along with my brief bio is very helpful. I find it even difficult to describe what kind of art i do Smile. A picture tells a thousand words.


Here is a page that features some of the publications my work has been featured in – including my own book Journal Bliss. If you are a curious George (like me) you might want to check out those magazine publications that i posted to see my work – well don’t – because i can’t remember which issues my art has been featured in with the exception of “Create with me” Smile. I have a kajillion magazines and am not about to go through them all searching for my work. 

Shutterfly has a few different options in creating your books – you can create from scratch or choose premade templates which i did.  Having ADD (attention deficit disorder) too many choices paralyses me so it’s better to have fewer choices than too many. That’s why I’m glad I’m a vegetarian AND gluten free – when i go to restaurants I only have a few options!

If you are like me and you constantly forget what you’re about a little book like this is a touchstone to remind you of all of the amazing things you have indeed done and created!  Seriously – on my down days when i think i have not succeeded with anything i can turn to this book and be reminded of my accomplishments.  It’s like having a warm and fuzzy in book form Smile.

Because this book limits the amount of text you add you can’t really create a resume with lots of words.  I didn’t add all of the galleries my art has appeared in as that’s not important to me and it’s not the direction I’m going in so that was omitted.  I did mention my workshops, publications, showed journal pages, Teens Dream Journal DVD and mentioned my Creative Catalyst sessions.  Of course everything has juicy visuals to drive a message home! 

Consider gifting yourself one of these books (it’s not super expensive or anything) to showcase your work and what you have accomplished.  Document the things you are most proud of!  (by the way there are many companies that create these books – I just happened to stumble upon Shutterfly).

The next time someone asks you “what do you do?” – you can proudly give them your book and say “Here – this is just some of what i do and am passionate about!”

How is your Holiday shopping coming along?  I’m still not finished – can you believe it?  I hope you are enjoying the many holiday celebrations!

Love, Violette xo

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    “Violette’s Promo book”

    1. On December 19th, 2012 at 11:35 am melissa Says:

      Awesome! I love the inclusion of the painted hands photo. I couldn’t decide on what to do for a promo book (tooo many choices!) so I took one of my handmade journals and stuck a bunch of 5×7 prints in there.

      It is so much easier to answer that “what do you do” question now!

    2. On December 19th, 2012 at 4:14 pm Suzana Says:

      What a fantastic idea, Violette. I love your promo book – you’re right, a picture is worth a thousand words for helping to communicate ‘what you do’. Thanks for this great ‘creative spark’…

    3. On December 21st, 2012 at 10:02 am Wendy @ the Late Start Studio Says:

      What a great idea – it’s a CV with fourish! With so much wonderful art to choose from, it must have been a very affirming process Violette.

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