A Snazzy Gift

The Magnolia tree is in bloom in the front yard. Isn’t it lovely?
Happy 80th Birthday Rita!!!

On the weekend Mr. G and I, my Mom and Stepdad Ron were invited to a friend’s 80th birthday party. We had known this friend for about 50 years – old family friend, we grew up with her children. It was wonderful to reconnect, listen and share stories of the funny things our friend did over the years and how she positively impacted the lives of many. Now my Mom left it up to me to come up with a gift.

When you reach the age of 80 what the heck do you need? You certainly don’t need more stuff to clutter your home. Our friend Rita’s hobby is gardening so i bought a green plastic bucket with handles and stuffed it with newspaper and proceeded to add gardening things such as 3 pots of flowers, small pots of herbs, a garden bird, “dream” rock, Toadstool ornament, two picks with signs on for the garden – tomato and parsley, a pinwheel, garden clippers and some gardening gloves (which i attached to serve as a bow).

The next time you have to buy a gift for someone who has everything consider what their hobby is and then put together a basket or bucket filled to the brim with the tools of their passion.

How’s your Myelin?
Do you get Robert Genn’s twice weekly newsletter? Well if you want some creative juice to fly into your inbox 2 times a week then you might want to subscribe. Of all the people i have ever met i think that Robert is the most interesting person with a mind that just doesn’t quit – it keeps spinning out profound and sometimes whimsical thoughts.

Take his newsletter from yesterday for example….the title was “how’s your myelin?”. It’s about the myelin sheath (a mass that surrounds the nerve fibers – kind of like electricians tape). You build your myelin by repetition – using your brain over and over again to perform certain tasks. Robert naturally talks about how repeating certain tasks such as creating numerous small paintings often will not only increase your myelin but you’ll find that your talent will shoot from “dial up to broadband”.

I think we always knew that in order to get better and proficient at something repetition and practise, practise, practise gets us there. There is no real magic formula. At least now we know that there is scientific evidence that doing so does increase the “electrician tape” of your nerve fibers. Even though i know this it’s good to hear it and to encourage myself to keep practising all the time!

Steampunk shout out!
If you are into making Steampunk art wether it be jewelry, artwork, home decoration, accessories etc. Rockport/Quarry books is looking for submissions from crafters, artisans and designers.

If you would like to get your work seen by thousands……..and to get your foot in the door to eventually garnering your own craft book you might want to consider submitting. It’s the incremental small steps that help get you there!

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  1. Kate Robertson
    April 14, 2010 at 4:28 am (10 years ago)


    Love the new look! You have been working really hard on this and it shows. That is also a great gift idea. As usual you are wonderful…



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