Art Journal page repurposing


I liked the art journal page i created yesterday so I decided to print it off and glue it to the front of a new composition book (those inexpensive books for taking notes? Click on the link for more ideas on how to cover these books). I love repurposing pages that are favourites. When i have an inspiring cover on a blank book I’m more likely to use it – how about you?


I glued the page to the book with mod podge.  I dropped a puddle of mod podge onto the cover and scraped it on with a discarded credit card for even coverage.  Then i carefully placed my printed journal page on top smoothing it out making sure there were no bubbles. 


I added some fine glitter to a couple of spots – dabbed some mod podge on first to adhere the glitter. You need fine glitter for this step otherwise the tape on the next step will poof out.  Next i used strips of clear packing tape over top to make the cover more durable. For that funky look i adore so much i decided to add a checked decorative duct tape to the spine. Voila!  I have a colourful and inspiring notebook to store ideas and notes in! Smile

Here’s a little idea you might want to pay attention to – give your glued cover some time to dry (probably at least 2 hours) before adding the packing tape to it.  In my haste to have this book ready to photograph for you this morning I put the tape on before the glue was dried – check out the discoloration on the woman’s neck.  I poked a couple of pinholes in the area and hope the glue will dry.

Free Mixed Media Workshops

If you are looking for a bit of art inspiration and instruction you might want to sign up for Strathmore’s Online Workshop Series. You can sign up for Traci Bautista’s or Cathy Johnson’s class – both excellent classes.  I know that the Summer is a slow time for many people – it’s the perfect time to hone your skills and learn a few tricks to add to your artsy toolkit.

That’s it for today – I’ll be babysitting my wee grandson Cillian this afternoon!  See you tomorrow!

Love, Violette xo

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  1. Kym
    July 12, 2012 at 11:04 am (8 years ago)

    So cute and clever. The duct tape was a great idea too. Thanks for the inspiration! Have fun babysitting!!


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