Art Journaling Workshop preparation


Happy Humpday everyone!

Today I’m busy getting ready for a workshop for the Surrey Teachers Wellness Event tomorrow. I’m looking for inspiration on “Music themed” journal pages to present. I only have about an hour – an hour and a half so I’m kind of limited to what i can do. We will mostly be using dry media with the exception of water colour pencil crayons.


I think this Event is a great way for teachers to practise self-care, to learn how to destress and have fun at the same time. Art Journaling is a great way to destress and as many of you already know is a path to self-discovery.


Because I have problems getting organized the only way to get everything done without becoming overwhelmed is to create a schedule like the one above.  I’ll be doing that as soon as i post this blogpost! I’m curious to know how you get organized when a project has many steps?  I could use all the help i can get!

Today is my lovely daughter-in-law Kathryn’s birthday! Happy Birthday Kathryn – we are so blessed to have you in our lives!

I hope you are having a productive day!

Love, Violette xo

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