Being who you are!


Good morning everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Did you ever watched the movie the “Banger Sisters” before? It’s about two friends who used to be rock groupies. They lose contact and connect 20 years later only to find out that one of them is still wild and free while the other one has become conservative and “beige”.  Well even though my clarion call for the last 15 or 20 years has been to be true to yourself – be loud and proud and “fly your freak flag” I had been feeling rather “beige” lately.

A little voice inside of me told me to wear my coat of many colours (by KLA Originals) to the grocery store and to run errands.  You may recall Mr. G bought it for me a year ago during our summer vacation on Shushwap Lake.

coat-2Here’s me posing on the beach in the coat in the blistering sun!  The top photo is of me after coming back from running errands. I had not worn the coat for a long time, partly due to not wanting to attract attention but also because it’s challenging to get in and out of the car with masses of sweater-y coat :).

I ended up having a blast on my little trip. I felt more like me than i have in such a long long time! Most of the comments i received from passerbys were fun and positive – “colourful coat!”, “i love your coat!”, “Wow”, “are you trying to look like Dolly Parton?” etc.I enjoyed the looks I received, the smiles, the incredulous looks (what were you thinking?) and more!

I felt the juice coming back into my life during that short trip but I also felt that some of the women who were middle aged were wondering if they could pull this off.  One lady said that it took a special person to pull it off – I told her she could!  When you are true to yourself you give others permission to do the same!! How fun is that?

You see the coat of many colours is the Essence of me!


I think this illustration i created a while back illustrates what happened to me recently!

I’d like to hear your stories of how embracing who you are saved you!

Love, Violette xo



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