Evolution of a Stuffed bunny


This is the bunny sketch i started out with in order to make the stuffed critter for my grandson. As you can see i gave up on the bunny having limbs – it was more of a time factor than anything Winking smile


Like i mentioned before – it all started with a painted eye and then the bunny evolved from there


Before sewing up the top of the bunny’s head i inserted a crayon inside for good “creative juju” so that Sammy embraces creativity in whichever way it shows up for him! Smile


Bunny with his carrot – the backside is made from the green checked fabric.  I clipped out the words “one kind act” from an old t-shirt and stitched it on. The carrot is sewn from an old t-shirt, stuffed and painted with acrylics.  The carrot foliage is made from a piece of dyed baby wipe which i simply couldn’t throw out (the colour was far too beautiful don’t you think?).


I embroidered the eye and mouth but really started getting bored with it so the stiches became longer and longer. You might recognize the fabric scraps from when i created my quilted Gypsy Boho Fanny pack a while back?

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into the evolution of a bunny!

To Niche or not to Niche – that is the question!

Every now and then i fall into a panic and think – oh my gosh i am ALL OVER THE PLACE creatively – i am known for my art journaling and yet here i am giving talks on creativity, teaching young tweens art and self-esteem, making stuffed animals, art journaling, quilting (badly i might add), making purses, decorations, sketching and doodling!  Will i get lost in the fray of all of the creative folks out there if i don’t find my niche?

The way i see it art journaling is where it all began for me. It’s my baby – journaling is a way of fleshing out ideas, thoughts, mind mapping, a place for feelings to reside and more!  I believe it’s okay to branch off in different directions as long as there is a common thread connecting everything together.

What are your thoughts on this?  I’d like to know!


Happy Earth Day and Good Friday!


This is the image i created for a Girl’s Conference I’m participating in at the end of May – i thought it was appropriate for Earth Day.  Let’s Love the Earth and of course Love ourselves!!!


We are having tons of fun over at the 21 Secrets Art Journaling Playground!  I am amazed by the beautiful and soulful pieces of art everyone is creating.  Leith graciously gave me permission to post her two art journal pages – society page and the shadow page.  Aren’t they amazing?  Thank you Leith.  I met Leith a number of years ago at the Seattle Art Car blowout when we both were in the art car parade.  That’s when my van Glittergirl was still around. Leith was such a sweet person – her car was pretty nifty too if i recall.  I was so excited when i saw that Leith signed up for 21 Secrets – you can still sign up – it’s not too late!


Today I’m working on a stuffy bunny for my grandson Sammy.  He will be having first Easter Egg hunt tomorrow (that’s when everyone is able to get together).  I started off sketching and then painted an eyeball, cut it out and THEN made a paper pattern.  There is often no rhyme or reason to how i begin a project – except for the part the sketching an idea part – it might begin on a scrap piece of paper or even a napkin.  Yesterday i had the idea of painting an eyeball – strange eh? That turquoise/greenish piece of fabric that you see is a baby wipe that was used in a project and ended up getting dyed a pretty colour.  I’m thinking of using it for the foliage on a stuffed carrot – we shall see.

Well I’m off – I hope you all have a Happy Easter (if you celebrate)!  I’ll see you on Monday!


Thursday thinks


Fuchsia toes after the pedicure – there is a topcoat of micro-glitter – you just can’t see it.


A sketch i did while listening to a teleseminar – i might make it into a journal page – it’s about hearing a “think” – you know how you ask someone what they are thinking about and they say “nothing” but you know darn well they are thinking about something?  That’s what this is about Smile 

Nice toes

The pedicure with my Mom yesterday went well – 70 minutes of pampering and spending quality time with my Mom. A pedicure is nothing i would do for a treat for myself though.  Afterwards i thought “Wow – i could have bought 4 books for the cost of the pedicure!”  For me a treat is a book Smile not a massage, a pedicure or a facial.  I’m not what you’d call a girly girl.

Feeling Blah

I really don’t have much to say today – I’m feeling somewhat blah.  In part it’s because Mr. G kept me awake with the violent leg twitches and then i couldn’t go back to sleep. Also though i attended an All candidates political debate last night.  My friend Susan is running for political office for the NDP – she is very passionate about politics and making a difference in the world. I admire her tenacity and passion.  I’m totally NOT a political person but like to support my friend in any way i can.  The heckling and mood at the meeting kind of affected me.  People were heckling some of the candidates. Folks were shouting right behind me.  I felt like running out of there.  Being a super sensitive person stuff like that affects me.  Have you ever taken the HSP test (Highly Sensitive person’s test)?  Well i almost rate 100 percent.

So when i woke up feeling blah this morning i asked myself – “what caused me to feel like this?  What is happening in my life right now?  What can i do to feel better?” I have a busy day doing things i don’t feel like doing however I’m going to take some time out after blogging to journal my feelings and maybe create a couple of doodles.  Later today I’ll be attending my first Zumba class so that should get the passion back!

See you tomorrow – it’s Good Friday tomorrow.


Buying Whimsy and Glitter toes


Yesterday while at the Veggie Market i noticed one of the clerks had felt penned smiley faces on all of the onions.  I wish i had my camera to take a picture of the Outrageous Onions! They really made me happy – so happy in fact that i had to buy TWO onions instead of one!  How’s that for “Marketing Whimsy”?  The owners of the shop are not really funny at all but i think the clerk took it upon himself to leave his creative mark – kind of like Zorro did.  The last time he did that i made a point of saying how cute the display was to the owner. I’m sure there is a lesson in there for marketers Smile !


Today I’m going with my Mom to a spa to get a pedicure. My Mom and Stepdad are going away on a cruise in a few days and she wanted her toes to look all pretty.  She wanted me to get my toes done too – you know as a bonding thing.  I actually don’t enjoy anyone messing with my feet or toes however I figured i could do this for my Mom. Hopefully they will have glitter nail polish available which will make it all worthwhile!

Onions and feet…..onions and feet……….I’ll bet there is a journal page in all of this?

Check out this cute video on the Doodle RevolutionSunni Brown gives this hilarious 5 minute presentation on the value of doodling!

You can still sign up for the Women and Words conference happening in Vancouver next week – I am a presenter – I’ll be talking about “Flying your Freak flag: A Guide to getting published and creating a buzz!” I think the conference will be very inspiring for all of you interested in writing and getting published!

Well that’s it for today – tomorrow I will start on a stuffed bunny for my grandson Sammy – his Easter present as I can’t imagine him eating too much chocolate at 15 1/2 months old!


Take the Long Way Home: Supertramp inspiration


The Supertramp song “Take the Long Way Home” has been playing over and over in my head for some reason.  I think that when you get hung up on lyrics they often have a message for us. Roger Hodgson wrote the song and interestingly enough when he wrote it he revealed that he didn’t have a clear picture of the songs meaning – he goes with his gut instinct.  A line literally “comes” to him rather than trying to think of  it consciously. It sort of sounds like the way i create an art journal page!

Now part of the song deals with the shallowness of success and chasing that. That is taking the long way home.  Home is a place that resides inside – a place where you are at peace with yourself. Being popular, getting that book deal, being one of the cool kids in your industry, chasing that elusive something which really isn’t important anyways – because if you don’t have peace inside you don’t have anything!  Every now and then (and it happens a lot) I get all philosophical and wonder what’s it all about and if indeed i am following my bliss (listened to Joseph Campbell’s audio clips yesterday).  So i step back and look at everything – today is one of those days. 

Notice how i wrote – take – take – take – three times (on the piece of paper)…….that wasn’t even on purpose! I wonder what that means?

Well – i have to go now and contemplate my navel a bit more!

See you all tomorrow!


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