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An artsy Christmas!


Good morning everyone!  I apologize for not blogging on Friday. I have been suffering from insomnia and if i have to get out the door for anything in the morning it’s difficult for me to blog and get my act together.

Mr. G and I finally decorated the house for Christmas yesterday.  Here’s our little tree all decorated! I did pick some greens from the garden to put in a basket along with some pine cones to add a Christmasy smell to the house.

 Christmas Comfort and Joy wooden sign


Mr. G and i also spent a few hours creating this sign in the midst of decorating.  It’s a wooden sign with the words “comfort and joy” handpainted on it. Mr. G drilled some holes and fixed some small Christmas lights to the back.


I antiqued the edges with stain and smeared some glitter on it!  I shot some video of how we made the sign and will post the tutorial in a couple of days.

Christmas Shadow box Craft


On Friday I visited my little grandsons. I had planned out a Christmas Shadow box craft.  Armed with some dollar-store ornaments and boxes I visited their home on craft day!


Oh what fun we had. Here’s Toby (2 1/2) pulling funny faces next to his Shadow box. He was very proud of it. He had fun painting his background and making snow dots with the end of a pencil. My daughter-in-law put the shadowboxes on a shelf to create a cute Holiday display.


Here is Sam with his cute Shadowbox Snowman.He chose two baubles for his creation.


Tomorrow is our Art Journal Jam Christmas gathering here at the Magic Cottage. If you are not on Facebook and don’t get the updates you can e-mail me. If you like we are doing a gift exchange so bring a wrapped gift – an appropriate artsy gift might be a set of ATC’s , a print or two of your work, a set of cards of your art, an ornament you made etc.

Well that’s it for today.  I’ll be posting the video on Wednesday morning.

Love, Violette xo

Good Vibes wooden sign


When my sister Linda was here we decided to clear most of the clutter off of my fridge – since I live in a tiny house when there is too much visual clutter you feel hemmed in.  Of course i did not like a blank white fridge – the fridge has always been a source of inspiration – a blank slate to fill with inspiring messages or art. So as i was perusing Etsy with my sister i came across some license plate signs which i thought were very cool but a little outside my budget.  My sister suggested i create my own but make it with wood instead.  Linda emerged from Mr. G’s garage with a lovely grouping of tiny pieces of wood. She announced that these would be perfect for what i was looking for. Little did she know that Mr. G had been saving them as shims for his woodworking projects :).

He let me have the shims which i then spray painted the same colours as the funky animal jar lids.  Mr. G found a piece of wood for the backing which was perfect so he painted it black with some of my chalkboard paint.


The black background really makes the colours pop no?


The wood pieces were glued to the backing with wood glue.  Then the letters were painted with a white Sharpie paint pen and outlined with Copic markers. This sign takes up almost the entire front of the fridge so i won’t be able to miss the sign “Good Vibes” – it will remind me to get back on track :). In case you are wondering how to adhere it to the fridge you can use industrial strength Velcro.  If you hang it on the wall you can add a hanger to it.!  Voila!  You have a fab sign to reset your vibes and remind you of what you want to be surrounded by.



Today I’m off to visit my 3 little grandson’s and create a Halloween craft. This is the demo pumpkin.  Should be a fun time!

I hope you all have a most amazing weekend!  On Monday i’ll be having a Blog anniversary giveaway!  I’ll be giving away a set of Inspiration cards.

Love, Violette xo

Easter Crafting fun!

On Friday I had fun crafting with my grandson Sam. Since it’s almost Easter I thought he might like to dye Easter Eggs and then decorate them!


First Sam doodled on the eggs with a magic crayon.  Then we created dye baths for each colour.  This was Sam’s favourite part of all – dumping the eggs in the dye baths and watching the eggs magically change colour!


Don’t you just love these juicy colours? 


Sam – the expert dipper Smile.


Here I’m trying to show Sam how to cut out some ears.  He needed a bit of help from meme.  Cutting is tricky!


The kid’s glue wasn’t super thick so we had a bit of googly eye slippage.  All in all though i think these eggs look kind of cute!


As a bonus craft Sam quickly made a rabbit paper bag puppet.


Baby Toby wasn’t much interested in Easter crafts but boy oh boy – was his brother’s cute feet ever fascinating! I am sure in a 1/2 a year or so Toby will be as excited about crafts as Sam is! I can’t wait!

I hope you have enjoyed this little journey into Easter Crafting with my grandson.  I hope you have the opportunity to create crafts with toddlers – such FUN!

Video interview tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning I’m being interviewed on video over at Crafty Link by Martiel Beatty.  You must join the group in order to be able to access the interview.  It’s a fun place full of craft projects, classes, swaps and more!  I hope you’ll join me!  There is a giveaway too!

Love, Violette xo

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