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  • When you create art while traveling or out in nature what supplies do you bring?

The supplies I would bring are pencils, micron pens, eraser, sketch book or loose cardstock, paint brush, small water colour set or twinkling H2O’s. You also need a tiny container for water – sometimes I bring a small cannister that used to house film.

  •  How do you show others in your community how to begin their creative journey?

I try showing others about being creative simply by living a very creative life – through my colourful home (The Magic Cottage), by the way I dress (sometimes), through my art and eccentric lifestyle.

Also I do so by blogging about the creative life and giving people advice and encouragement to follow their bliss in whatever way it shows up.

  • How do you get inspired when you feel blocked or unmotivated?

I’m not often uninspired – living in a magic cottage which is full of colour and glitter and art not to mention jam packed full of art books and paper arts magazines is inspiring. But on those rare days when I do feel blocked or unmotivated I go for a walk to my nearby park and commune with nature. Sometimes its a good idea to get away from your studio. You end up coming back refreshed and energized. At least I usually do!

  • What do you think about art journaling?

I LOVE art journaling. It’s saved my life!

  • Is there one thing that repeatedly sparks your creativity and refreshes you?

Great question! Living in a creative environment sparks my creativity. I don’t limit my creativity or inspiration to an inspiration board (which I think is an awesome idea by the way). I am fed by the juicy colours and art work and serendipitous magical moments which occur in my home or outside in the yard. For example sometimes in the morning when the sun streams in the front window and hits my disco ball on the floor it shoots magical sparkly lights all over the place – that sparks me! Being out in the garden amongst my flowers and garden art also refreshes me and rejuices my spirit!

  • Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration all over the place – like I mentioned about, my home is a huge inspiration for me – like one LIFE SIZE inspiration board. I also find inspiration from nature, going for walks and taking time to literally smell the roses, look for frogs and hug trees. Reading magazines (in my niche) and art books inspires me as well. Surfing the net and checking all of the fabulous art out there on blogs and on flickr is a constant source of inspiration.

  • What is your Muse?

What is my muse? Well it’s my grown kids, nature, Mr. G, my friends….lots of things. Sometimes I think it’s just my higher self speaking to me – I ask it questions about what I should do next and sort of feel guided as to what to work on.

  • How do you quash self-doubt about yourself?

I am often plagued with self-doubt. I work through it by creating Gremlin art journal pages like the one above, making ugly paintings which I don’t show to anyone and also I use EFT (emotional freedom technique) as well as affirmations.

  • Why do you feel the need to help out your community by doing what you love?

I feel a compulsion to help empower and inspire women and teens in my community REAL and virtual……it’s an innate desire to help others embrace their creativity. I guess it’s sort of like I get juiced by watching or sensing the lights coming on. It’s difficult to explain.

  • If you’re feeling depressed what art activity helps you get back on track?

What I do mostly when i’m depressed is begin to doodle and see where that takes me. Often the doodle lets me know what’s going on. Sometimes my mood shifts and I am in the flow with the doodle…….it will then most likely be transformed into an art journal page. It’s so theraputic and i’m so incredibly excited about how it’s accessible to absolutely EVERYONE!

  • What is your advice on setting up a very small (but inspiring) magic space?

 I think you can create a magic space wherever you are!  Just know what you love…….what are your favourite colours?  What are you drawn to as you pass by store windows?  Which artists studios make you gasp?  I think the keys lie there……..are you into screaming colours or shabby chic?  Don’t try to be someone you aren’t.  Surround yourself with colours and styles of things you love.  Start with paint – paint is very cheap when you think about the impact it can make on a room.  Don’t be afraid of colour – you can always paint over it.  Designate a space where you’ll be creating – it could even be in the corner of your bedroom.  Find a surface to create on – a desk, an old door you prop onto saw horses.  You can cover the table with a table cloth or create a fabric skirt.  Do you collect anything?  Begin adding your collection to your magic space, add a candle or two, make a small altar to your creativity. The most important thing of all is your intention. Maybe even before you begin your space it might be a good idea to start a small scrapbook of images from magazines, furniture, fabric and doo dads that make you go WOW!!!!! Start slowly and let your intuition guide you!

  • When did you start creating art?

I always created art but i suppose my first real memory was when i was in grade 3 or 4 and i was drawing Twiggy – a famous model at the time. The kids in my class all noticed i had some talent and since i was so shy it helped with my sense of who i was.  That began my love affair with art.

  • What drives your colour choice?

My colour choice is dictated by my whims and quirks…………but as you can see i usually gravitate towards bright juicy colours!  I come from Morocco and have Spanish roots so that should not be too much of a surprise. You can probably see a Latin or Moorish influence in some of my work and my home!

  • What do you do with your art journals?

I use art journals to combine words and art – so basically they simply house smaller pieces of art.  Art journals are usually very personal – all about ME and what is going on in my life and in my HEAD!  I use my art journal as my therapist too! Don’t tell anyone but sometimes it answers back!

  • List the supplies you use and some of your favourites.

My favourite supplies are: Micron pens, pencils, twinkling H2O’s, folkart paints, fluid acrylics, watercolour pencil crayons.  But i also use water soluble oil pastels, ultra fine glitter (art glitter), stickles glitter (glitterglue), gluegun, mod podge, gel pens.

  • Who has encouraged you the most over the years?

My kids Jessica and Ryan have encouraged me as well as their Dad (he’s been very kind and generous). Mr. G has been a great encourager… Bohemian Tribe (friends), Lawrence (an art mentor from the past).  My Mom and StepDad Ron have also encouraged me the last few years.  Some of my internet friends who i include in my bohemian tribe have been great supporters – we called each other GPS – Glitter Power Sisters.  I have been very blessed along the way!

  • List some of your favourite artists.

Sark was my favourite artist/author.  Picasso, Van Gogh (most of the Impressionists).  But in terms of living artists i would say Teesha Moore, Traci Bunkers, Dan Price, Danny Gregory, Rice Freeman Zachary, Sabrina Ward Harrison, Christine Miller, Keri Smith, Arthur Rackman, Kelli Perkins, Dan Eldon, Fred Babb, iHanna, Traci Bautista, Alissa Burke ……..i’m sure i’m missing some folks……..

  • What are your favourite books?

Most of the Sark books – especially the early ones and Succulent Wild Woman, The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women: a Portable Mentor, Brave on the Rocks by Sabrina Ward Harrison, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, “Excuse me your life is Waiting” book and workbook by Lynn Grabhorn, The Secret, Living the Creative Life by Rice Freeman Zachary, Journal Bliss: Creative Prompts to Unleash your Inner Eccentric by ME!!, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Seat of the Soul, The Law of Attraction by Abraham-Hicks….

  1. How did art journaling help you with depression?

Art Journaling is very theraputic – getting my thoughts and feelings down on paper using paint and whatever supplies called to me helped move me from a place of sadness and grief to a place of acceptance and joy.  Your journal book is like your silent therapist……….always accepting whatever you put down, always listening. Profound things begin to happen when you let go.

  • What do you do with your art projects – sell them, give them away?

I give some of my art away and sometimes sell a few things on etsy – mostly i have difficulty parting with my originals – especially original journal pages.

  • Do you put a lot of time and money into getting established?

Yes – i buy lots of books on art, business etc. plus i take online classes and listen to audio tapes.  It’s a constant thing to educate myself.  I bought a video camera so i could post youtube videos, bought cameras to showcase my art and life.  It’s not cheap getting yourself out there. Another expense is going to shows such as the Craft and Hobby Association – since i live in Canada it’s very expensive to fly down to LA and stay in hotels, attend the tradeshow etc.  It’s an investment in your Creative Life.  I’ve had a website for 10 years and have been blogging for over 5 years – it takes a lot of time and energy to blog and upgrade my skills.  It’s all worth it in the end though – i tried a number of different things such as house painting which did not call to my spirit! Plus i don’t think i was very good at it either!

  • Would you colour your hair an odd colour and if so what colour would you choose?

I’m not very brave when it comes to my hair. Just recently i had a few blond streaks put in it.  I think if i did choose a colour though it would most likely be magenta or purple! 

  • How do you deal with rejection?

I deal with rejection by drawing and painting like i did in this video and of course making videos about it.  I also use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to counteract the sad feelings.  Sometimes i use affirmations such as: I am happy that more and more people love and want my art!  Just use the opposite of what has just happened and affirm that rather than focusing on the rejection. Often when you’re rejected it’s not a personal affront – it might be that the magazine was inundated by shabby chic entries and was looking for something colourful – maybe in a months time your project would be accepted.