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Craft Fair Goodness – Creative Finds

Good Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

My friend Nicci hosted her annunal Creative Finds Craft Fair this weekend and so I made my yearly trek to check out the wonderful creative fare!  I was not disappointed!  We found so many awesome items to stock up on for Christmas and “just because”…….:). Great job Nicci of hosting another successful fair!


Here’s Cynthia and her husband Norm manning their colourful booth! Cynthia was selling handmade fabric baskets, magnets, greeting cards and more!


I was smitten with the greeting cards and magnets so bought a few of them! The messages were so sweet, uplifting and positive!


This is my old neighbour Chloe who used to live down the street……I can’t believe how mature she is!!  I remember her as a tiny girl coming over to do art in the backyard studio!  She was selling some lovely hand dyed silk bracelets called “knot tangled”……….so of course we had to buy two of them!

Isn’t Chloe darling?  Her bracelets and soldered necklaces are too!Chloe-Not-Tangled


Nicci’s Mom Lorraine manning Nicci’s booth while she’s off running in a number of different directions! It’s a family affair at Nicci’s place – everyone gets into the act including son Duran and husband Marco.


Loralie’s booth of simply gorgeous handmade journals! Her talent blows me away! You can see some of her journals at Lost Arts Cafe


My friend and art journaler Lynette with her stunning photo prints and greeting cards!  I bought a few cards to send to a dear elderly friend who lives far away – I know she’ll appreciate Lynette’s images featuring local sites.  Check out her photos at Imagination Lane.

I am busy packaging up my inspiration cards to mail – i e-mailed most of the folks who were put on the list……..if you didn’t get an e-mail and would like a deck please go here for more info and to order your deck!

See you on Wednesday!

Love, Violette xo

Inspiration cards and moo cards!


Happy Friday everyone!  I just received my square moo cards and really love them!  They’re the 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ size business cards but can be used for anything.  On the other side i have a spot  where I can write a note to the buyer…….


And speaking of which……..


I got my page up and ready for those of you who would like to own a deck of my inspiration cards!  Inspiration card deck page is now open!  Get your deck here! As you know i only bought a limited amount so once they are gone I won’t be ordering anymore. I still have not e-mailed the folks that are on my list – I’ll be doing that later today.


I’ll be adding a bookmark with every deck of cards too!  I love how this illustration came out.  So fun!

stickers_manifestoI also created some stickers from my Creative Manifesto illustration. A couple of the stickers will go on the hard mailer envelopes!

Well that’s about all the excitement I can take for today :).  If you live overseas (apart from Canada and the U.S.) please e-mail me about a deck of cards – i posted that i won’t do international orders since the postage is so costly but if you really want a deck the postage is 20.00 – almost the cost of the deck itself! Sorry about that folks :(.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Love, Violette xo



Folk art – back to my roots


This is an art journal piece i created a little while ago called good vibes – read about it below.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Have you had the chance yet to read my book review of the fabulous creative book called Hop, Skip, Jump by Marney Makridakis yet?  If not you can hop on over and check it out. I do highly recommend the book – it’s great if you like to learn things in bite size chunks (like i do!). Like i mention in the book review – Marney is full of amazing ideas that she generously shares in her latest book!

In a bit of a funk

I have been in a bit of a funky lately and have been having trouble getting out of it.  Not too much excites me these days.  I must say though i had lots of fun pulling out my felt pens to experiment with the ideas in Marney’s book.  That’s pretty telling isn’t it – if you get happy or engaged doing something creative?

While in my funk i listlessly surfed pinterest to see if anything peaked my interest.  Lately I have been excited about folk art and visionary art.  I used to call myself a Visionary or folk artist years ago.  In fact my website was  So because of my recent interest I decided to make a piece of folkart. I enlisted Mr. G to cut out a couple of shapes from wood which i will turn into wall plaques or dolls. We’ll see how it goes.  I’ll post my progress for you!

Good Vibes


I forgot to post this art journal page on my blog. I had posted it on Facebook but forgot to post here. So here it is – I call it “good vibes” because basically that’s what i needed to get, “good vibes” :). I feel we are surrounded by helpers in the unseen world. When we feel all alone sometimes it’s good to pray or meditate to make the connection again.



I just love how my art speaks to me and saves me over and over again. Having this creative outlet makes me feel incredibly grateful.

Do you have a creative practice that saves you?  What might it be?  Please comment below – i’d love to hear what saves you too!

Hope you are having a great week!

Love, Violette xo

Works in progress


I am sorry but i made a mistake about posting a book review for Marney Makridakis’ new book Hop, Skip, Jump today.  I was going to post it today but will now post it on Monday – that is when the fun begins on the 75 Blogs that matter most. I am so thrilled to have my blog chosen as one that matters most!


So in the meantime I’m posting a WIP Works in Progress. I’m creating this illustration which will become a whimsical bookmark that I’ll include with the Inspiration card deck that will be mailed out. If you are interested in having your name put on the list for when the cards come in please shoot me an e-mail 

bookmark_loved_detailI won’t be ordering any more cards as the cost to me has been prohibitive – what with the exchange rate – the Canadian dollar is not worth as much as the American dollar, and the huge customs charge.  It was a good idea and i’m thrilled to see my cards in a deck but as i say I won’t be ordering any more.  Also shipping from Canada is pretty expensive. In order to only charge 6 dollars shipping i have to split each deck in two and package it that way (more time consuming). Anyway live and learn i guess.

Have you ever been excited about seeing your art in a certain format only to find that it cost too much and just wasn’t cost effective?  Let me know about your experience in the comments section!

See you on Friday!

Love, Violette xo



60 in 60 inspiration cards are here!


I’m so excited to give you a peek at my 60 in 60 inspiration cards!  Hooray!  They are here! I just ordered two decks first of all to see if i liked them before ordering 50 of them – it’s quite the outlay of money so wanted to be sure first. The quality is quite nice, there’s a lovely sheen to them and they shuffle nicely.  Thank you so very much to all of you out there for encouraging me to make them into a deck of cards. I would not have had the courage to do it without you!


This is what the backsides look like – I used some of my fav iconic imagery – flying hearts and spirals. It will probably take me at least a couple of weeks to receive the new order so in the meantime if you are interested in buying a deck of inspiration cards please e-mail me and put in the subject line: Inspiration cards. I’ll add you to the list and then contact you as soon as they come in.  There are 60 cards in the deck – if you’ve been following me for a while you will recognize many of the images I created for when i turned 60. Here is a grouping of some of the cartoons:



I fondly call the cartoons “uptoons” as they are meant to uplift you!


Here’s one of the cards in a holder on the fridge – i like to post images for inspiration and these square cards are perfect for that.

On Monday I’ll be having a Blog giveaway – this month is the 10th year i have been blogging.  So I’ll be giving away one set of Inspiration cards – so please stay tuned!

I will see you tomorrow – i have another fun project to share with you!

Love, Violette xo 







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