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Backyard fix-ups


The Deck is sorely in need of power washing


The Magic Cottage doesn’t look so magical right now does it?


All of the pots and garden chairs, tables etc. had to be moved to the lawn


This kind of reminds me of when i begin working on an art project – during the beginning phase i think it looks pretty butt ugly and i can’t imagine it ever looking pretty or complete.  But it does if you simply keep the faith and keep working on it.

It’s a holiday here in Canada today so i won’t blog much because we are still working in the garden.  I’ll post after pictures tomorrow!

Ciao for now!


Happy Valentines Day!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!  I hope you are sharing it with someone you  love today! I am so enjoying the fun comments you have been leaving – everyone’s Valentines memories are so sweet.

There are fun contests afoot for you to enter – don’t forget to enter my contest (closes tomorrow morning) here!  Also Suzana of Creative Therapies has a lovely giveaway too!  Thanks Suzana for posting my contest.  Over at Dirty Footprints Studio Connie is having a great big giveaway called Art Journal Love Day I’m offering some goodies as giveaways along with quite a few wonderful artists!  Yay! You have to make a Journal Page based on LOVE and post it on your blog.  Check out Dirty Footprints Studio for more info.


My sister Linda is gone back home to N. Carolina…….but she’s definitely left her mark while she was here.  I’ve mentioned that she is a Designer right?  So on Friday when i casually mentioned that I’d like to declutter the living room she got down and dirty knowing that if she did not take IMMEDIATE action that i would back out.  I had in mind getting rid of a few tchotchkes but as it turned out i ended up getting some Ikea bookshelves to replace the old tattered makeshift shelves and new cushions for the couch. The Mannequin was totally revamped – no longer is she sporting the disco sequin top and Christmas tchotchkes galore.  I made Noel a tutu with strips of tulle for that “pouf factor” – apparently my Mom told me i didn’t have enough Pouf factor so i might add some more.


Noel with a t-shirt i bought from the thrift store – it says “I’ll grow on you”.  I loved this t-shirt so much – i actually wanted to wear it but I’m not a size 4 (perhaps in an alternate Universe?).

Manny Quinn too

When we removed the numerous tchotchkes and strings and strings of lights the dust bunnies had a heyday and so did my dust allergies Smile My Mom and sisters wanted me to get rid of the mannequin (Noel) however i insisted that she stay and said “She wants to be in the window!”. Noel will soon be sporting a long brown wig – I’m going for the Hippie/fairy vibe more than the disco queen vibe.  It’s important to remember that we all have different taste and are not all like Martha Smile!



The couch used to be on this wall


The mirror (well the broken mirror – i created a mosaic with it) and the small table are dumpster finds that were revamped. 


New Ikea bookshelves – the cubby holes keep everything tidy – the books don’t flop around like they used to. Each cubby hole is for a different category – Spiritual, psychology, business, art and creativity, random Smile (weird stuff goes there), fiction has only one cubby hole, woodworking and kayaking etc. I believe that books speak volumes about their owner don’t you?


I’m really liking it!  Check out my “cast” lamp – created with the cast which i had to wear when i broke my wrist this summer.


Notice the 6 Mary’s on the mantle? I’ll be creating a long skinny painting for over the fireplace. Check out the disco ball – it found a home on the ceiling.


There is going to be a swag of colourful fabric over the Living room window.

You would not believe how many boxes of STUFF we had to pack up – there was so much stuff in the living room it was unbelievable!  It feels much lighter now – better feng shui I’m guessing. 

How about you?  Do you need to declutter any part of your life?

A Snowy Day


I woke up to a few inches of snow – invigorating!


Snow piled up on tables!


I thought this looked kind of cute – like a snow village!


Love love love the crow with snow on top!

There are lots of strange weather happenings in the world these days – snow happening in areas that don’t normally get snow, freak tsunamis……..and what about the birds falling from the sky?”  Chicken Little would say “the sky is falling”.  I keep checking on the birds who frequent the backyard to see if they are okay.  I’ve been giving them birdseed since it’s difficult for them to find food in the snow.

My friend Natski lives in Australia – which as you know is suffering from severe flooding right now.  It must be horrific for the folks living there with the food shortages, damage to properties and loss of life.  Nat asked me if there are any artists who read my blog who’d like to donate money to help out – the best place is the Australian Red Cross .  So if you’d like to donate to help out our Aussie friends would appreciate it.

Yesterday i was inspired by this video – looking forward to the interviews with inspiring Spiritual Creatives.

I have been busy working on a client project that is due in a couple of days so can’t show you much of what I’ve been up to. 

Ciao for now! xo

There’s something about Mary again!


Here are pics of some of the goodies i received for Christmas.  My daughter gave me 7 Marys – that’s right – 7 Mary’s!  She said i can use them in shrines and altars since i definitely love Mary!


This is the wooden coatrack that Mr. G and i made for Sammy (our grandson) – it’s about 2 feet wide.  We had such fun creating it!

I don’t know if you have noticed yet but we have a store page up where you can find original art, prints, magnets, bookmarks, online classes etc. to buy!  I’m so excited about this new development!  I have Tina Ferguson and her husband Mark Ferguson of  WordPress Design shop to thank for all their hard work and kindness.  They have an infinite amount of patience and have boosted my creativity to new levels. Thank you Mark – thank you Tina! I strongly recommend Mark Ferguson’s WordPress Design shop if you are looking for website and blog enhancements to give your site that extra zip!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We had a lovely time with family and a few friends!  It was more fun this year too because we were able to spend time with Sammy and Leium (Mr. G’s grandson).

Yesterday i excitedly woke up to snow… rushed outside with my camera to snap a few photos before the fluffy magical stuff disappeared.


The Dragonfly looked like it was being highlighted by magical sparkles




It looks extra cute with the lights on don’t you think?


the archway Mr. G made has an array of sparkly lights.

One more thing……….I’m so excited! Creativity Portal has an i-phone ap.  Now you can be inspired while you are on the go! How cool is that?

See you soon! xo

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