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Christmas tree display!


This will be a quick post.  Here’s the little Christmas tree I’m decorating for a Women’s Luncheon I’ll have a display table at tomorrow. I did a little photo shoot in the backyard……..those little cards are smaller versions of my Inspiration Cards!  I’ll be selling my Inspiration cards, postcards and greeting cards.  The event is at the Pacific Inn in White Rock – and it’s for the Valley Women’s Network at 11:30 am. I hope to see some of you there.  I am no longer selling my inspiration cards online so if you want a set you’ll have to buy them in person :).  I only have a couple dozen left! Thank you to all of you who bought a set from my store!

See you on Friday!

Love, Violette xo

Sketching Unicorns and me!



Happy Monday everyone! I hope my American friends had a good Thanksgiving Holiday – you might be still celebrating too!

I have to go to the doctors for a bunch of issues and rather than go to see the Doctor for one issue at a time I decided that many of them might be related and the best way for me to demonstrate that would be to do a quick drawing of my symptoms (i left a few out which i will add later). I think if you go into the Doctor’s office and have less than 5 minutes to talk about your problems it’s good to be prepared.

I was not aiming for a pretty drawing or anything – just something which could be self-explanatory.  You could probably do something like this in your art journal and make it much more elaborate on a mixed media background to document where you are now and then another page “where you are later”.


Over the weekend I was feeling rather listless and unmotivated.  A little voice told me to draw a Unicorn so I decided to go for it.  I felt a bit guilty since there was no rhyme or reason for it and i could have spent that time cleaning up.


In any case i had fun – I think i’ll incorporate it into a future journal page.


Lifebook 2015!

Lifebook 2015 starts in one months time!  If you’d like to sign up to get access to many of your favourite teachers and transformative projects check this out!  I’m really happy to be one of the teachers this year around!

See you later!

Love, Violette xo

P.S. I can’t believe we are already into December!


Craft Fair Goodness – Creative Finds

Good Monday everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

My friend Nicci hosted her annunal Creative Finds Craft Fair this weekend and so I made my yearly trek to check out the wonderful creative fare!  I was not disappointed!  We found so many awesome items to stock up on for Christmas and “just because”…….:). Great job Nicci of hosting another successful fair!


Here’s Cynthia and her husband Norm manning their colourful booth! Cynthia was selling handmade fabric baskets, magnets, greeting cards and more!


I was smitten with the greeting cards and magnets so bought a few of them! The messages were so sweet, uplifting and positive!


This is my old neighbour Chloe who used to live down the street……I can’t believe how mature she is!!  I remember her as a tiny girl coming over to do art in the backyard studio!  She was selling some lovely hand dyed silk bracelets called “knot tangled”……….so of course we had to buy two of them!

Isn’t Chloe darling?  Her bracelets and soldered necklaces are too!Chloe-Not-Tangled


Nicci’s Mom Lorraine manning Nicci’s booth while she’s off running in a number of different directions! It’s a family affair at Nicci’s place – everyone gets into the act including son Duran and husband Marco.


Loralie’s booth of simply gorgeous handmade journals! Her talent blows me away! You can see some of her journals at Lost Arts Cafe


My friend and art journaler Lynette with her stunning photo prints and greeting cards!  I bought a few cards to send to a dear elderly friend who lives far away – I know she’ll appreciate Lynette’s images featuring local sites.  Check out her photos at Imagination Lane.

I am busy packaging up my inspiration cards to mail – i e-mailed most of the folks who were put on the list……..if you didn’t get an e-mail and would like a deck please go here for more info and to order your deck!

See you on Wednesday!

Love, Violette xo

Inspiration cards and moo cards!


Happy Friday everyone!  I just received my square moo cards and really love them!  They’re the 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ size business cards but can be used for anything.  On the other side i have a spot  where I can write a note to the buyer…….


And speaking of which……..


I got my page up and ready for those of you who would like to own a deck of my inspiration cards!  Inspiration card deck page is now open!  Get your deck here! As you know i only bought a limited amount so once they are gone I won’t be ordering anymore. I still have not e-mailed the folks that are on my list – I’ll be doing that later today.


I’ll be adding a bookmark with every deck of cards too!  I love how this illustration came out.  So fun!

stickers_manifestoI also created some stickers from my Creative Manifesto illustration. A couple of the stickers will go on the hard mailer envelopes!

Well that’s about all the excitement I can take for today :).  If you live overseas (apart from Canada and the U.S.) please e-mail me about a deck of cards – i posted that i won’t do international orders since the postage is so costly but if you really want a deck the postage is 20.00 – almost the cost of the deck itself! Sorry about that folks :(.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Love, Violette xo



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