Notes to Myself: Art inspiration


Hi all!  As my #60in60 challenge continues I have a few more images to add – you can read about the challenge i started around turning 60 in 60 days here.


Here is the first image I created. Before doing the drawing I ask myself what do i most need to hear today?  What will my 60 year old self like to focus on? Part of my challenge is living in the past too much or living fearfully in the future.  This little drawing reminds me to live in the NOW – like a book i once received written by Ram Das called Be Here Now.

I put the little spider in the cartoon as a toy spider leapt off of a sculpture on the wall while i was drawing. I assumed it wanted to be a part of the picture – that of course sent me on another sideways diversion searching for the symbolic meaning of spiders Smile. Interesting stuff!


When i woke up this morning I asked Spirit what is it I need to hear most today and this is what i got “feel the Fear and do it anyway”. Many of us including me are fearful of numerous things.  Some of my fears are of stepping forward, learning new technology, looking stupid, missing out, messing up and not living up to my purpose.

What are some of your fears and what tiny movement can you take to move towards your fears? Please let me know in the comments!

Love, Violette xo

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    Give your Creative Dreams Wings Blog Hop


    How do I give my creative dreams wings? Well it’s a long story – have you got an hour or two? Just kidding – I’ll give you the Coles note’s version AND a mind map to illustrate how some of it unfolded. My Creative Dreams are a work in progress – I like to think of my dreams as a journey. To be truthful I’m not one of those folks who map out the next 5, 10 or 20 years in a sitting and then pretty much manage to manifest them all! For me it’s been an organic process. I wanted to inspire women to embrace who they are through the vehicle of their creativity. The best way to do this was to share my journey with them.


    If you want to skip this long blog post then you could just check out this mind map for the pared down version of how i gave my creative dream wings.


    1. The Magic Cottage – What got the ball rolling in an exciting way is when I surrounded myself with my Tribe of people – I call them my Bohemian Tribe. These are friends from all walks of life who are funky, creative, spiritual and some of them are eccentric to boot! They believed in my vision and encouraged me along the way when I stumbled and was letting fear get the best of me. It all started with my magic cottage – I bought a plan white and baby blue cottage which I transformed with the help and encouragement of my Bohemian Tribe into a colourful oasis of joy, bliss and creativity! Painting the cottage just the way I liked it and listening to the inner voice that encouraged me to follow what I loved opened many doors. My home was featured on Weird Homes TV show along with a number of other shows. It was also featured in magazines and newspaper articles.


    2. Magazines – I had always wanted to see my artwork featured in magazines. I knew folks liked my whimsical and inspirational art but didn’t know how to get it featured in magazines. I was invited to feature work in Artella Magazine many years ago (after joining their online community) – that was the beginning! Then I was featured in Cloth Paper Scissors, Somerset Studios, Altered Couture, Scrapbooking and Beyond, Studios, Creative Homes and more! Most magazines have submission guidelines online that you can check out before sending your submissions in. Along the way I was nurtured and encouraged by an online community that formed on my blog’s forum called the GPSGlitter Power Sisters. They were so awesome, encouraging and supportive! I did eventually meet some of the GPS in Arizona – we created our own personal retreat.

    I began blogging 9 years ago and so that too was very instrumental in making many of my dreams a reality. Blogging was the thread that wove through all of these diverse dreams.


    3. Journal Bliss (my book) – one of my dreams from many, many years ago was to have my own book. After being featured in magazines I became more known and when I was asked to submit art for Kaleidoscope (a mixed media book) and also Living the Creative Life I jumped at the opportunity. Being featured in those books opened the door to pitching my own book idea and VOILA! A dream came true with the publication of Journal Bliss five years ago. I felt truly blessed to be able to encourage and inspire women to be more creative by art journaling their lives. What a rush!

    glittergirl and violette

    4. Glittergirl Van – One of the greatest joys of my life was having the opportunity to paint my van! It all happened organically when I heard that the cast of a TV show was going to be filming at an art car festival in Vancouver. They were on the lookout for Women Art car artists. I had e-mailed the folks to let them know I’d like to paint my van – I had also mentioned I’d appeared on the TV show Weird Homes. So they invited me to visit them on site and they interviewed me extensively. I told them what I had planned on doing. And then – I HAD TO DO IT!! Ack! They wanted me to photo document the process of painting the van which I did. Later, they pieced the photos and my interview together for a show on Women and Art cars. I had so many creative adventures with my van which I dubbed Glittergirl. It was painted with inspiring quotes, and joyful images not to mention glitter. Glittergirl sparked many transformative conversations. GG is now in art car heaven but her memory lives on through the door which graces my backyard garden!


    5. Violette TV – Another creative dream was to have my own TV show. About 15 years ago I had a story idea for a TV show called the Creative Spirit. I pitched a couple of networks my brilliant idea but was sadly rejected. I gave up on that idea for many years. Seven years ago I was surfing Youtube when I came across a video from Suzi Blu – I felt I had found a kindred spirit! I loved what she was doing and proceeded to ask her some questions. Suzi was very gracious – she kindly gave me a bit of advice and encouragement about cameras and editing programs. So off I trundled to buy a video camera and an editing program and created my own YouTube channel. Unbeknownst to me I HAD created my own TV show which I tentatively called Violette TV. I have created over 60 videos! Next I plan on starting the interview creative people in my own community. One never knows what will happen next until you step forward and take a chance.

    6. Creative Community – my next adventure is to create an online community so that’s what is in the works right now – I’m looking for a good platform to deliver videos, podcasts and ideas.

    So you see – giving your creative dreams wings is not always a linear process – it’s important to follow the breadcrumbs and let your dream unfold gradually. It really helps if you have guides or Sherpas along the way – speaking of which Andrea Schroeder is such a person.  She is hosting a blog hop in celebration of a special Give your Dreams Wings e-course :


    The Give Your Dream Wings Blog Hop is a peek inside the process of how inspiring people make the magic happen. We’ve got some of the internet’s most inspiring bloggers sharing how they give their dreams wings – what they do that supports, nurtures and encourages their tender dreams to come to life. Click here to find out about the free e-course and to read the other crazy inspiring posts in this Blog Hop.

    This is happening in celebration of the new e-course of the same name by Andrea Schroeder of the Creative Dream Incubator.  The Give Your Dream Wings e-course shows you how to nurture and grow YOUR dream, for free, in only 10 minutes a day.  You do not have to wait until you have more time or money!

    Love Violette xo

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      Angel wing surprise and magical signs


      Hooray!  It’s Friday!

      Guess what? I had been wanting a pair of Angel wing earrings or necklace but couldn’t find any that i liked.  Lo and Behold yesterday I go to the mailbox and find a package from my dear friend Pam – inside the parcel in a bed of white feathers i find these lovely angel wing earrings!


      Just the day before while on my walk i was asking spirit for a sign that I am not alone and that I am being guided.  One of the signs that i was hoping for was a feather or angel wings.  I kept looking on the ground for a bird’s feather but didn’t find any. I was pretty despondent as I felt all alone.  The thing about spirit is, (and i should know this after the numerous books I have read and the guidance from spiritual teachers) that you receive your signs or answers not necessarily right away.  You need to keep your eyes and ears open for everything and not expect your sign to come on your schedule.

      The sign might come as some words on the side of a truck that are relevant to you.  It might be a book that falls off a shelf in front of you. A simple toy trinket coming across your path just might be the ticket to let you know you are in fact guided by unseen hands. A friend as in the case of my angel wing earrings might be the messenger that comes at the perfect time!

      I have often received signs in the form of song lyrics.  How about you?  Do you receive signs and guidance from spirit?

      Totally Random

      So now this is totally random.  A Facebook friend – Morgaine Swann tagged me so i would play a game by posting my top 15 authors/poets who have influenced me. You weren’t supposed to think too much while coming up with the list – here is mine….

      Salinger, Eckart Tolle, Sark, Joseph Campbell, Jane Roberts, Jennifer Loudin, Hans Christen Anderson, Tolkein, Jim Rohn, Abraham Hicks, Krishnamurti, Julia Cameron, Paulo Ceulo, Martha Beck,Wayne Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

      Who are your favourite authors?

      I’m off to visit/babysit my grandson Cillian!

      I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

      Love, Violette xo

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        Show your Work


        I really enjoyed reading Austin Kleon’s latest book “Show your Work” 10 Ways to share your creativity and get discovered.


        It’s a quick read with sound advice on getting your work out there. While you’re on Austin’s site you can check out the cute trailer for “Show your Work” 


        Here’s a diagram from the book about whether or not you should share something on Social Media – or on any platform for that matter. In another diagram Austin tells us not to show photos of our latte’s, our food, kittens or sunsets Smile. He tells us to show our work and our process with the world!

        Austin also shares that it’s okay to teach what you know!  So many of us are afraid of someone stealing our ideas or techniques if we show them our process – not so according to Austin – it only enhances your art. So go ahead – show your work Smile.

        Grace Happens


        I must tell you I am moved and blown away by the wonderful expressions of grace that are showing up in the comments section on my blog.  I created the Grace Happens tote bag as a contest giveaway along with a pendant and asked for everyone’s moments of grace as a way to enter the contest. From messages of grace about healing, self-care, encounters in nature and connection to loved ones and Spirit/God they have all touched me on a deep level. Thank you so much for taking the time to post them.

        If you haven’t already entered you still have time – enter here! 

        Happy Weekend!

        Love, Violette xo

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          March Contest Giveaway – Contest Closed!


          Contest Closed!  Thanks so much to everyone who entered!  The winner is Skye!  Congrats Skye!

          Hooray!  I’m having a March Contest Giveaway! One lucky winner will win this “Grace Happens” tote bag I designed……..


          The tote bag is very roomy and has a pouch on the inside for your cell phone and pens. There’s also a pouch on the outside for a water bottle.  This would be perfect to bring along on an Artist’s Date. Just add your art journal, some pens and a few healthy snacks along with your water bottle and you’ll be good to go!


          Surely Serendipity and Grace will follow you while you carry this baby around!



          Not only will the winner receive the Grace happens tote but also one of my soldered pendants – you have a choice of three designs!

          I’ll be drawing a lucky winner in one weeks time – Monday March 17th (Lucky Saint Patty’s day) at 8 am PST.

          In order to enter the contest please let me know in the comments section here the last time you experienced a moment of Grace!  Thanks so much and good luck!

          Love, Violette xo

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            How to get your Creative Juice back if you’re blocked


            Do you ever feel stuck and don’t know what to create? Do you feel blocked?  I get that feeling quite a bit and when i do this is what i turn to the most!


            I don my favourite pair of shoes or boots and go for a walk – rain or shine! It’s amazing what a bit of fresh air will do to your spirits!


            I’m lucky enough to live near the ocean – so a visit to the beach is in order.  If you live near a body of water go there for a quick pick me up! If not it’s always a good idea to walk where you’ll see “green” or life of some sort. 


            Sometimes i put on my crocs and walk to the nearest park…..


            where i visit my favourite tree and often hug it too!  Did you know that trees hug back too?  They give off lovely energy and help ground you!


            Here i am at Mount Shasta about 9 years ago hugging a tree.


            Spending even 20 or 30 minutes of time out in nature is enough to help you get your Creative juice back! The next time you feel blocked – give it a try.  You might want to bring along your camera or i-phone to snap a few photos that you can later use for inspiration for your art! A leaf, rock or small shell picked up on your walk can inspire a piece of art later that day.

            Let me know what gets your Creative juice back when you feel blocked!

            Love, Violette xo


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