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Violette’s Youtube Videos

I have so many videos (close to 50) that i thought I would make it easier for you to find what you are looking for by curating them for you.  The most popular video of all was the Weird Homes TV show video from about 11 or so years ago.

Art Journaling videos

Visual Journaling Step by Step 1, 2, 3

Supplies for Visual Journaling and Collaging

Visual Journaling Tutorial Part 1

Visual Journaling Tutorial Part 2

Art Journaling: Journal Prompt – fruit or vegetable

fruit or vegetable

Homelessness Visual Journal Page


Creative Ideas

Creative Ideas: The Idea Factory

Mixed Media

Going to Pluto Collage Tutorial

Mixed Media Graffiti Purse

Ladies Christmas Craft Night – Making a Crow Ornament

Art Tool Caddy Part 1

Art Tool Caddy Part 2

Dragonfly Revamp – Papier Mache


Violette’s  Studio Tour

Magic Cottage: a tour

Well there you have it!  I hope this makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for.  You will find lots more videos at my youtube channel.

Just wanted to let you know i won’t be blogging tomorrow as I have a booth at the B.C. Homeschooling Convention tomorrow and Saturday.  I’ll be showcasing my Teens’ Dream Journal DVD and also promoting my workshops.  If you know of anyone who homeschools their kids please let them know about the Convention!

Have an awesome weekend my friends!

Love, Violette xo

Studio clean up, a bit of this and that


The studio clean-up continues ……


I have trouble doing things like this on my own – i can’t maintain a level of enthusiasm by myself.  It helps if i have someone with me cheering me on.  I tend to welcome any distraction like the other day my Mom and Stepdad dropped by and we went out for lunch – rather than return to cleaning i got onto other chores.  The biggest problem is that i have amassed a ton of supplies with no room for everything – i do need to purge but don’t have the time right now.  I am babysitting my grandbaby Cillian this afternoon.

The supplies i use for my workshops don’t have a home so they will simply have to be piled up in a corner during the Art Party on Saturday. Smile

If you haven’t entered the May Contest giveaway go here.

Over at Creativity Portal they have a 20 Question Interview you can take part in – it’s all about your creative life.

Chris Dunmire has a review of Pattie Mosca’s Permission Slips book and how it has helped some of her clients and friends.  While you are over at Creativity Portal check out Pattie’s interview here.

Thank you for all of the great ideas on future videos. Judging from your comments i can tell that many of you would like to see videos of me drawing faces!  In the meantime i thought you would enjoy this video of Tam – (Willowing) creating a face in 20 minutes. It’s a lovely painterly face.  Tam demonstrates that it truly doesn’t take long to add a bit of creativity to your life! Enjoy! Do check out Willowing’s gorgeous May Calendar.


Workshop Giveaway!

wishBIG button

You’ve probably heard me mention that I’m one of the Workshop presenters for the wishBIG ecamp right? Well the big day starts on March 21st!  There’s 10 online creative living workshops from a group of wonderful artists.  My class is called “Soul Food for Dreams”.  You can find out more here. In celebration of the upcoming camp I’ll be giving away one free workshop to a lucky camper.  If you would like to be entered in a draw to win one free pass to the wishBIG ecamp then please leave me a message in the comment section – my question to you is “where do you feel most blocked in your creative world”?  I’ll be drawing a name by 12 midnite PST on March 20th. Good luck to you! 


I’ve been trying to draw happier faces lately – for some reason most of my faces are sad or pensive – try as i might i could not draw a happy face.  I think it’s in part that I’ve felt overwhelmed and tired from lack of sleep.  It’s as if the pencil had a mind of it’s own. Funny isn’t it?


Many thanks to Suzana from Creative Gypsy Studios for the lovely rose quartz “love”  bracelet!  I love it!  Thank you thank you! I will wear it proudly – it will be a reminder to be kind and gentle to myself!


I was happily surprised yesterday to find in my inbox the Cloth Paper Scissors Newsletter and there at the bottom of the page was my “Creative Juice Sign”!  The article encouraged the reader to :

Spruce up your studio’s exterior with an artful makeover. Create a fun directional sign to guide guests to your studio. Make your studio smile and you can be sure that guests and passersby will be smiling, too.

You can view a video about the Crow sign and my studio here.

Tina Ferguson writes a lovely blogpost about what to do after a natural disaster – specifically the tragedy in Japan.  I know i have felt powerless and almost immobilized lately by what has occurred. You can pray, meditate or donate money to a variety of charities to aid Japan.

See you tomorrow.


It’s Art Studio Clean-up time!


Ewwwwwwwwww………….how did my studio become this messy?  It’s the gremlins i tell ya!  Not I Smile




Put like items with like items……everything has it’s place!

You may have seen my studio video a while ago – things were looking pretty good back then eh?

I need to get my studio all spiffy because of the Art Party tonite! YAY!

Birthday Art Party!

My friend Happy Tiler organized a Birthday Art Party for a dear friend of hers.  What a great idea?  The girls will be bringing along wine (don’t worry – the party is this evening!) and munchies to consume while they create small canvases!  I’m not sure how much creating is going to happen but at least the girls will have fun being creative and visiting while feting their dear friend.  I think sometimes simply going out for dinner to celebrate a friends birthday gets rather old.  If your friend is creative why not have an art party, include beverages and munchies, tunes.

Some of the ladies might be working on a piece like this:


Several years ago i wrote an article for Creativity Portal on throwing an Art Party called Art Party Fun!  You might get some ideas on what to do for your art party.

Thanks to everyone on Facebook and here who left me comments on what they would like to see on this blog and also their responses to my “branding” questions”.  I appreciate the helpful answers!  I’ve passed them along. Sometimes it is difficult to see yourself objectively.  Lately I have been focusing on my flaws so it’s good to read some of the good things that you see.  I’m thinking of printing off some of the answers and incorporating them into a book – sort of like a baby board book (like my Right Brained Business Plan). Speaking of which….i have to sign off so i can tune in to the video summit about to start in a few minutes! 

Have an amazing weekend! xo


Art Studio Open house video

Yesterday i decided to shoot a video to make you feel as if you were at my Open Studio event. I hope you like it!

The above photo was taken by my friend Sandra . Thank you Sandra! Sandra is one of the former members of our Creative Group called Eleven
We still see each other and occassionaly get together for tea, share creative stories and make art. If you check out Sandra’s blog you’ll see that she’s the one who turned me onto the tiny quilted Teesha Moore pillows!

Meylah has an adorable Gift Wrapping Leaf Garland tutorial up on their blog. Check it out!

Thank you to Sacred Motherhood for posting my article on “A Journal for Moms-to-be or Moms”!

Talk to you tomorrow!

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