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Women Doing Business from the Heart



Happy Wednesday everyone!  I’d like to introduce you to my talented friend Shireen Bawnlavery. She’s created a Portal for Women doing business from the heart. If you’d like to read about my humble beginnings – how our family came from Morocco (there’s a bit of drama and intrigue involved!) you might enjoy reading my story here. In case you’re wondering about the Triangular building it’s the Europe Hotel in Vancouver!



Where we come from and what happens to us along the way helps to shape who we are and who we become.  Since I come from an exotic place it’s not surprising that some of that has found it’s way into my life and art. Also the feeling of not belonging helped shape how I approach my inspirational illustrations and how I  share my art stories and teachings. Art truly does heal. Read all about it here!

While you are on Shireen’s website please check out the other stories of fabulous women doing business from the heart!

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!  There is so much to be grateful for isn’t there?  I am so grateful to those of you who stop by and read my blog, check out my Facebook page and Pinterest boards. When you do this it’s like leaving footprints on my heart! xo

With love and Gratitude,

Violette xo

Lighted Path Coaching Interview

I”m so excited to share with you this video interview with Susan Stott Miller on Lighted Path Coaching. 


Susan has such an easy manner about her – she made it easy to be the first her guest on her show!  Check out the interview here. In the interview I talk about how my intuition guided me to create the 60 in 60 cartoons.

Thank you so much Susan for taking the time to interview me. It was fun!

Love, Violette xo

Blog Hop exposure

Good morning everyone!  It’s a holiday here in B.C. but i promised that i would post in response to an invite to a bloghop by my friend Wendy of Late Start Studio (please check out her blog) – she’s incredibly prolific creatively speaking even though she has a full time job! I simply don’t know how she does it!

My apologies for not following up by asking 3 friends (artists) who have influenced me to continue the bloghop – life got in the way – i ended up babysitting for my daughter whose entire household was sick and then got behind on all of my other work related duties. I do however post at the bottom of this blogpost 3 people who greatly influenced me.

Here are the questions we are asked and my answers:

What am I working on?

PicMonkey Collage2_1

Right now I am working on a series called 60 cartoons in 60 days – #60in60 (i counted back from my birthday 60 days and began my challenge then).  I am turning 60 on June 15th and began to freak out about ageing and not having accomplished as much as i had hoped in my life. So what I’ve been doing lately is reframing when a negative thought hits my brain. I turn a perceived negative into a positive.  You may know that the brain has plasticity and you can train yourself to think more positively changing your neural pathways – it’s work and is all about constantly monitoring your thoughts.



So each of the cartoons is meant to be uplifting helping me focus on the positive or help me to be more mindful like this cartoon:


and this cartoon………


How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well since beginning the 60 in 60 challenge I have differently veered off the path that others in my genre are on – I am known for my mixed media and art journaling work – my book Journal Bliss is all about art journaling – it’s a journey I began about 12 years ago. 


But lately when I’ve asked myself what is it that i really love to do?  I keep returning to I love to draw uplifting cartoons – i call them uptoons! Because THEY ARE uplifting Smile


I don’t believe many folks in the mixed media world are creating cartoons in the same fashion that i am. When i was working on my book Journal Bliss I noticed that the editors of my book wanted me to illustrate the book as well as create art journal pages. Here is a sample of one of the pages….


And i was puzzled – why are they getting me to do this which was a ton more work when other artists creating mixed media work were not? Then it hit me – “That’s what makes me unique!” so why not share that uniqueness in my book?


Why do I write/create what I do?

I cannot NOT create – it’s like breathing – if i did not breathe i would die. So naturally i draw/create. I’ve also noticed that my work is motivated quite a bit by the desire to inspire.  My art has morphed and changed with the advent of the internet.  Before i created with the hopes that i could get my art into Art Galleries and cafes.  Now that is not my motivation at all. 

I’ve had a website for over 12 years (guess you could call me an early adopter or pioneer in the field of art on the net)…..makes me laugh when i think of that since that’s hardly any time at all.  Over 11 years ago I frequented a messageboard created by Sark – my biggest inspiration.


Magic Cottage

I started sharing stories of my life on Sark’s messageboard. I posted pictures of my art on my website so the folks could see what i created but so they could also follow me on my adventures with my Glittergirl Van and view photos of my Magic Cottage. My son ended up creating a blog for me so i could post answers to most frequently asked questions as well as post a constant stream of art.  The art I created morphed into more uplifting, whimsical works meant to inspire the people who were visiting my blog. I became much more prolific artistically speaking because of the desire to inspire.


How does your writing/creating process work?

Having a deadline certainly helps! This 60 day challenge is helping me stay honest and real. If indeed drawing makes me happy why don’t i find time every day to draw?  Life gets in the way or I babysit my grandkids (whom i adore) or I am doing gardening in our large backyard. Or I’m spending more time marketing, taking webinars and classes than doing what i truly love to do. I’m more apt to create if i have a deadline.  So i sit down at the kitchen counter and things begin to flow – quite literally like Mihaly Cikszentmihalyi speaks about in the book “Flow”. Sometimes I begin to panic that i will never ever have another cartoon or drawing inside of me. After the panic subsides I put pen to paper and it flows.  I get a phrase or an inner prompt to begin with a heart or a flower and then I’m off and running! YAY!

When my nephew had a tragic accident I wondered what I could bring him every week to spark his spirit a bit.  A series of inspiring mixed media pieces unfolded which ultimately became a calendar for Brush Dance – one of the paintings “Bliss” is in the above photo.

I could ramble on and on but I’ve already taken up enough of your time.  So I will end this to let you know 3 people who greatly inspired me:

Sark – she has been my biggest inspiration – from the moment i ready her book Inspiration Sandwich about 25 years ago I felt I was given permission to be myself!

Marney Makridakis of Artellaland inspired me. My art was published in her zine and also her yahoo group connected me with numerous creative spirits. She’s such a generous spirit.

Leonie Dawson is also a big inspiration to me – i first met Leonie on the Sark Messageboard and recognized a kindred spirit in her. It’s been so thrilling to watch her fabulous artistic/business career unfold.

See you all on Wednesday!

Love Violette xo

Animation and Made in Magazine feature!

Hello Creatives! 

Sometimes it’s easier to explain things with a video rather than words. So i decided to create a video explaining that i love to give mojo sessions!  I hope you like it!  I had fun watching my art come to life with animation!

There’s more excitement over at Casa Violette! I’m so thrilled to be a part of Made In Digital magazine!

made in_pic

My feature is on page 70!  Please take a look! The Digital magazine is free so you can feast your eyes on inspirational stories from creatives around the world! 

Cynthia – the creator of the magazine did a wonderful job of putting all of these photos and interviews into one lovely package!  Thank you so much Cynthia for having me in your magazine!

Love, Violette xo

Book Review: Choices and Illusions by Eldon Taylor

Today is a special post as I’m featuring Eldon Taylor’s new book Choices and IllusionsEvery now and then a Publisher sends me a book to review if they feel it’s a fit for me and my readers.  Even though Choices and Illusions is not a book about art it is of value to any of us who want to create the life we want and deserve! And who wouldn’t want that?


I read the book and really enjoyed it – especially the parts about our beliefs and how so many of them have guided our lives in the wrong direction.  Choices and Illusions is like a guide to achieving your dreams.

The book Choices and Illusions comes with a subliminal CD which i listened to almost every day.  I felt uplifted and empowered after listening to the CD which is layered with affirmations.

Here’s a Q and A with Eldon Taylor: 

1. There are so many self-help books in the market, what makes this one different?

It is a well known fact that while most people can read an inspirational book, or attend a motivational seminar, however excited they are about what they have learned and however determined they are to implement the changes to improve their lives, that the vast majority of them will not. For the past 30 years, I have researched the mind, consciousness, self-image, decision making and so forth. I have learned much about the real reasons for our resistance to change and I have discovered a few solutions. Even if you never buy another self help product, this book will fundamentally change you. It basically turns the old models of success upside down and shows you not only what true success is, but how you can achieve it for yourself, right now.

2. Choices and Illusions is an interesting title. What does it mean?

It will probably surprise you to know that most of the choices you make each and every day really are not your own. They are choices that have been given to you through your upbringing, from your parents, friends, schools and so on. You may have dreams and aspirations, but you can never achieve them while your subconscious mind has conflicting desires. It is only by taking charge of our own choices, by reversing the negative programming that most of us receive, that we can ever truly find ourselves. And when it comes to negative programming, they say that for every positive input we receive, we also receive 90 bits of negative. On top of that, this negative input is much more powerful than the positive. When it really comes down to it, when we truly know who we are, then many choices just become a mute point.

3. Who do you think will benefit the most from your book, the veteran of self-help or the total beginner?

Quite honestly everyone will gain from reading this book. The knowledge you gain will empower you to reach your goals, whatever your background. I have seen these techniques work with people from all walks of life, from business executives to young house wives, from olympic athletes to prison inmates, from young children to those in their golden years. If all you want to do is lose some weight, this book will show you how. If you want to do better in relationships, find you perfect partner, be successful in business, have better health, age more gracefully, be better at sports, or even get closer to God, Choices and Illusions will show you how to do it because it really does reach the very core of the problems all of us face.

4. Tell us a little more about yourself. What are your qualifications and how did you learn of the techniques you teach?

I have the usual qualifications, doctorates in both psychology and metaphysics, but more importantly, I am a pragmatist. I am only interested in what works. My approach is very scientific and once I had put together the basic techniques for my programs, I needed proof that they worked. My programs have been researched by numerous independent universities and institutions around the world and been demonstrated effective. Researchers at Stanford have tested my program for alleviating exam anxiety and found positive results. At Colorado State University they looked at depression, at Bremen University in Germany they looked at weight loss and I could go on and on, but you can find all of these details in my book. I was actually a criminologist before I decided to focus my efforts on personal empowerment. My reasons for beginning my exploration in this area was because I was administering lie detection tests and I needed a way to reduce anxiety in the innocent person who was just afraid of the test itself, and heightening anxiety in the criminal. However, once I saw the true potential behind these techniques, I decided to bring it to a much larger audience.

5. What is the “no-don’t syndrome” and the “subtraction game.”

We are all brought up hearing the ‘no-don’ts’ – no, don’t do this or no, you can’t do that. We hear it from our parents, our peers, those in authority and those we care about. All of these ‘no-don’t’ teach us limitations to what we can do or be. This is a real problem because unless you believe you are capable of achieving a goal, then the likelihood is great that you will not achieve it.

The ‘subtraction game’ is basically a coping mechanism we have for the limited beliefs we have about ourselves. If we do not think highly of ourselves, then by thinking less of others, we can feel better because we are not at the bottom of the pile. So if I am not good at something, I will feel better when I focus on how much worse most other people are.

6. You talk a lot about forgiveness in Choices and Illusions. Why do you think this is so important?

It really comes down to self responsibility. When you are blaming someone else, or even if you are blaming yourself, then you are holding on to the past. It is only by forgiving and letting go that you can move on. It is only by accepting full responsibility for everything in your life that you can find a way to fix it. After all, if your problems are someone else’s fault, there is nothing you can do about it. I actually discovered the significance of this with my work in the prison system. The criminal always has an excuse. He basically believes that if you and I had been in his situation, then we would have turned out the same. The fact is, this is simply not true. Self responsibility and forgiveness go hand in hand.

7. What do you think is the most important teaching in Choices and Illusions?

Most people believe that self-help and self-improvement is about rags to riches, failure to success, and so forth, when indeed it is the beginning of a journey into self- discovery. True success is when you can put your head on your pillow at night and feel good about who you are and what you have achieved. Inside every human being is an eternal truth and a life purpose. Using our mind power is simply starting the engine on that journey of self-discovery and highest self-actualization.

8. One of the chapters in Choices and Illusions is, Mind is not a Local Event. What does that mean?

Precisely that. Most people think of the mind as somehow only being directly connected to the organ brain but its powers extend way beyond the physical. Work has been done that showed group meditation for peace resulted in a drop in crime rates, that there is evidence for life after death, that psychic phenomena are real, and there are a number of scientists today who are gathering even more evidence. This becomes important in self help because when you fine tune the power of your own mind, so many more things are possible. Whole new worlds open up for you. Choices and Illusions is not supposed to be the be all and end all, it is merely a starting point of a wonderful journey. What this book does do though, is empower you to truly help yourself. It frees you from the old ties and enables you to truly live freely, experiencing the life that you truly want.

9. If you could sum up one factor that prevents people from being successful, what would that be?

Most people hold beliefs that are mutually exclusive. For example, Money is the source of all evil and I want to be rich; Thank God it’s Friday and I want a successful career. When you inner beliefs are not in line with your stated goals, then success cannot follow. Self sabotaging methods will come into play. The classical example is the opera singer who loses her voice, or the runner who sprains an ankle. I have given seminars around the world and my standard question is, who wants to make a million dollars this year. Most people put up their hands. Then I instruct them to say to themselves, “I will make a million dollars this year.” It only takes a few seconds before you see people smiling or even laughing. The common thoughts that go through people’s minds are things like, “Yeah, and pigs will fly,” or “I don’t think I would make a good bank robber.” Another example is the person who wants to be successful in their career but is terrified of public speaking. This fear of public speaking is eventually going to kick in and they will not perform their best when put to the test that could mean the big career promotion.

10. You also state that ‘it is never too late.’ Do you really believe that?

Yes, most definitely. There was a time in my life that I was definitely not the nicest person. Most people around me in those days would be surprised at what I am teaching today. There was a time in my life that I thought it was too late for me. But my life has changed. Today I see my work as having a much greater value. I know for a fact that everyone can experience a life that brings them a sense of satisfaction and it only takes a few small changes.

To view the Trailer video go here.

Eldon Taylor

Eldon Taylor is a New York Times best-selling author and is considered to be an expert in the field of subconscious learning. He has made a lifelong study of the human mind and has earned doctoral degrees in psychology and metaphysics. He is a Fellow with the American Psychotherapy Association (APA) and a nondenominational minister. Eldon has served as an expert witness in court cases involving hypnosis and subliminal communication.

Eldon was a practicing criminalist for over ten years specializing in lie detection and forensic hypnosis. Today he is president and director of Progressive Awareness Research, Inc. Since 1984 his books, audio programs, lectures, radio and television appearances have approached personal empowerment from the cornerstone perspective of forgiveness, gratitude, self-responsibility and service.


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