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Happy Friday my creative friends!

After all of that worrying about technology the 21 Secrets LIVE spreecast went off without a hitch!  I was worried that i would have too much time on the 1 1/2 hour spreecast and not enough art work to share……as it turned out I had to quickly glue down some of the elements at the end of the show as we were swiftly running out of time!


This is what i came up with – Random art journal piece!  I ended up adding the words and shading later on as there wasn’t enough time to get to the details. 


I wanted to show how you you could add dimension to characters by using pencil crayons.


I don’t know about you but i have difficulty talking and drawing at the same time so i had to have some rough sketches done up ahead of time to ink in while Connie was interviewing me.

A workshop and help for Aspiring Authors!

Connie is a brilliant teacher and facilitator – i just wanted to give you the heads up about her newest class – Painting the Feminine

Marney Makridakis has done it again – she’s partnered with Marc Allen to help aspiring authors – Do you have a book inside you? Check out this free video about writing a book proposal, by two creative publishing leaders – take a look here! Just to let you know that i am affiliate of Marney’s programs so will receive a fee if you decide to buy this program. I only recommend programs that I believe in.

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Love, Violette ox

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    Art Journaling Grid Style


    Happy Wednesday everyone!  I hope you are having a glorious day! It’s a beautiful day on the west coast – I can’t wait to get out for a bit of sunshine today.

    Have you ever art journaled grid style before? I think it’s a wonderful way to art journal if you are stuck for ideas and don’t know what to do.


    If you really want to get blown away with lots of Grid style ideas go visit this Pinterest boardYou will be in heaven for sure! There are many ways to art journal grid style – you could simply divide your paper into equal squares and use that as a base.  I decided on a random grid style – (see the above sketch) and then went for it.

    You can add words, patterns, writing, images that speak to you – journaling this way is fun and non-threatening!


    I was inspired by Pam Garrison`s grid which came in my Somerset Studios magazine – i believe it was an old magazine (can`t recall which issue). I love Pam`s whimsical and loose style – very inspiring.

    I decided to do my own version with micron pens, copic markers and pencil crayons.  I spent two blissful hours meditatively drawing and colouring to my heart`s content.  The next time you feel blocked about what kind of journal page to create why not try a grid style art journal page. 

    I am using some of the images in this grid as borders for my journal pages as well. All you have to do is either photo copy or print off colour copies of your page and voila – instant personal collage material!

    See you on Friday!

    Love, Violette xo


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      Art Journalers tell all at Art Journal Jam!


      I couldn’t resist this title!  After yesterday’s super fun art journal jam at the Good Day Sunshine Cafe I went grocery shopping and saw the title “Duck Dynasty women tell all” on a magazine.  I thought about how funny it would be to switch it around with Art Journalers tell all in the front!  Because whenever you get a group of creative women together they really DO tell all! Smile


      This was probably our biggest group ever – we had some young teens at the counter – their Mom’s (in front) brought them along! What a fun group of people – very open to sharing and exchanging ideas!


      Susan working on one of her lovely journal page spreads


      JoAnn Foss’ gorgeous mixed media journal spread.  JoAnn sometimes teaches at Clipperstreet Scrapbook company


      Joanne Swiss’ tiny Strathmore sketchbook and her portable water colour set.


      Here Joanne and Satira ham it up during the Jam!


      I love how Satira’s super creative mind works – she just cropped a niche out of her art journal, embellished around the square and placed her sandwich underneath exclaiming “I’m creating a vignette!”.


      The table at the Jam.  The project on the right is mine – one of the journalers Jo-Ann brought along her “gelatos” so i could try them out to see if i wanted to buy some!  I love this group!journaljam_Jfpage1

      Jo-Ann Foss’ richly textured art journal spread.


      Joanne Swiss kept promising to bring along Suzi Blu’s mixed media piece she scored and finally did!  She also brought along Suzi’s book “Mixed Media Girls” (i have it and it’s great!). It was such fun to see Suzi’s creation up close – lots of lovely layers and textures!  Thanks Joanne!

      One of the art journalers Lynette – brought along some gorgeous photos she had taken of her Madonna statues in various locations. She wanted to show me them as she knew I’m a big fan of “Mary”. So sweet of her.

      Well that’s it for today – lots of photos of a fun event.  If you don’t have a group of artists you can connect with in your town why don’t you create your own Art Journal Jam like i did? You’ll meet some wonderful people!

      Love, Violette xo

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        Art Journal inspiration!


        Hooray!  It’s hump day today!

        Yesterday the winner of my March Contest – Skye came over with her teenage daughter Autumn to pick up her winnings. She was interested in showing her daughter my art journals and journal pages so i put them out on my table for them to take a look!  In the green box i keep all of my loose pages which is the way I tend to like journaling best. We had tea, coffee and juice and a nice long visit.


        The Big green box used to hold tea and it’s the perfect container to house all of those loose pages of mine.  If there ever was a house fire i would take my green box, these journals and my computer hard drive…….oh – and a couple of photo albums too! What would you take?


        Looking for old journals and taking them out for Skye and Autumn to view brought back memories. The above image – Joy Boy – was created about 12 years ago.  The boy is jumping into the “net” – a real tulle net – he’s taking a risk and jumping.  Back then my pages were telling me what to do next. This page flips out of the book – on the backside of the page it says “The Abyss”.  I love this page.

        I can’t believe how far Art Journaling has come since then – back then i could only find things on Creative Journaling – no art journaling.

        I took the opportunity to give both Skye and Autumn lots of art journal prompts and technique ideas. Later Skye came back over and purchased my book Journal Bliss. Wasn’t that sweet?


        Skye took a photo of her swag and posted it on Facebook!

        People interested in mixed media and art journaling tend to be the nicest folks! And speaking of getting together with nice folks – next Tuesday March 25th at 3:30 pm is our Free Art Journal Jam at the Good Day Sunshine Cafe!  Everyone is welcome.  Just buy a beverage, bring your art journal and favourite pens and journal away with us!

        Love, Violette xo

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          Art Journal Jam coming up!


          Happy Friday everyone! Just wanted to give you all the heads up about our art journal jam this coming Tuesday at the Good Day Sunshine Cafe!  Everyone is welcome – just bring a sketchbook, your favourite pens, pencil crayons, felt pens and be prepared to laugh, share and have fun.



          Here is a sneak peek of a project I’m currently working on.  Can’t show it all to you just yet but will post detailed pictures on Monday!

          I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  I’m off to visit and create art with my little grandsons!  Yay!

          Love, Violette xo

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            Sunshine Coast Personal Retreat


            Happy Friday everyone!

            I had a lovely time during my personal mini retreat! I wrote, did some art journaling, meditated, ate great food, had a reading, communed with nature, went to art galleries, stayed at a heritage B and B and was alone with my thoughts!


            This is the Heritage House I stayed at – i was in the bedroom suite at the top of the house with the most amazing view of Gibson harbour! Christine and Bruce the owners of the B and B were incredibly gracious and welcoming!


            What a treat it was to have a relaxing bath in this claw foot bathtub!


            This is my view from the window! Stunning no?


            I went to a funky coffee shop called the Black Bean Roasting Company and spent a lovely two hours drinking my Soy Chai latte and having lunch while drawing this art journal page.


            Sunshine coast1

            Still not sure what to put in the blank space – it’s a bit stark so i might colour it in beige or? The writing is all done in a stream of consciousness manner.


            The Gumboot Restaurant in Robert’s Creek – they serve yummy food– lots of vegetarian and some gluten free options which is a treat for me!


            Here’s the Buddha Feast I had one evening!  Yum!


            At Roberts Creek the community paints a mandala every year – here’s the result!  I just love it! Just gazing at it next to the ocean brings a smile to my heart!


            Close-up shot


            It wouldn’t be Gibson if i didn’t take a shot of Molly’s Reach – the restaurant made famous by the show the Beachcombers.


            I got a real kick out of this – A statue of George Gibson the founder of Gibson


            Someone decked him all out for Valentine’s day!  Sweet eh?


            I visited the Gibons Public Art Gallery and took in a wonderful show by a husband and wife – Jacqueline O Rogers and Matthew Talbot-Kelly.  I was moved by the colourful abstract mixed media pieces by Jacqueline and entranced by Matthew’s 3-D animation! If you are in town be sure to have a look – you’ll be inspired for sure!

            All in all it was an amazing time away – i enjoyed being alone with my thoughts and being so close to nature. I highly recommend going away on a solo retreat if you can swing it.  Your soul will thank you for it!

            On Monday I’ll be posting a video that I’m in the process of creating about my retreat! Can’t wait to share it with you!

            Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you out there – love having you in my life!  Have a great weekend!

            Love, Violette xo

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