Art Journal Jam and Snowy days at the Magic Cottage


Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you in good health and a happy mood!


We had another art journal jam yesterday and what fun we had! What a fabulous group of women we have attending!  Maybe next time we’ll have a guy join us – there was a young fellow who looked on with curiosity while we were creating so he said he might come along next month.  


Here are the ladies hard at PLAY! If you look closely you can see a couple of balls of yarn – one woman was crocheting and another one knitting.  One attendee – Debbie was unravelling a mess of yarn for Joanne who was knitting a cap for homeless folks in Vancouver.  Most people were working on Art Journal pages.  The art journal jams have evolved into an electric joyful atmosphere where creative community flourishes. It’s been so wonderful to watch friendships blossoming, sharing of ideas, swaps and kind acts occurring.

Snow at the magic cottage


We don’t usually get much snow in my neck of the woods – Surrey, B.C. so when we do get it – there’s lots of excitement!  Here’s a shot of the dragonfly laden down with snow.  I can tell that we will need to revamp him again this summer!


The Backyard – the Creative Juice sign and guardian crow covered in snow!


I thought this little birdhouse with a poof of snow on it looked like a Marie Antoinette birdhouse no?


I snapped this little selfie with my i-pad – can you say awkward? Since Mr. G wasn’t around to take my photo i did it myself holding the i-pad out at arms length Smile. I needed MUCH longer arms!


I had a car decal made to promote my business and help you get your business mojo backLooks pretty doesn’t it? It’s perforated with holes so you can see the pretty image and yet still see through the window – in theory that is. Unfortunately because of the angle of my back window I am unable to see through the window – well i can see but it’s like looking through fog.  So I am going to have to get it removed Sad smile. Hopefully we can come up with another solution!

I have been busy taking Mindy Lacefield’s online class called “Neat Stuff” – a fun mixed media class on capturing the stuff of our youth that made us happy. I’ll let you see what I come up with next week.

Love Violette xo

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    Blackboard for Inspirational messages


    Happy Wednesday everyone!

    You may have seen the video i created during the revamping of our bedroom? Well in the video you’ll see i left the painted blackboard section on the wall.  We decided to keep it and build a frame around it.


    Here it is all painted and ready for chalking inspiration!


    Mr. G sanded the part of the wall where the wood was going to sit and then applied a thick bead of Nail Glue or Liquid Nails.


    He had pre-cut some pieces of pine and painted them up before pressing then onto the nail glue.


    Because the boards were heavy Mr. G had to add a couple of nails to prop up the wood while the nail glue was drying.


    He added decorative corners for that “Je ne sais quoi” look Smile.  Notice there is a tiny nail propping up the decorative corner? Then he glued on all of the other pieces.


    Mr. G touched up the blackboard paint to make it all look pristine and new once more!


    Hooray it’s done! Now all i have to do is buy some liquid chalk to embellish and write the first inspirational quote.

    You can do the same thing in your home – you don’t have to make your own frame like we did (royal we!) – you can always buy a thrift store frame and put it over a painted blackboard patch on the wall!

    Did you get the chance to check out my solo retreat video i created the other day?

    Love, Violette xo

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      Bedroom Revamp Video: Magic Cottage


      Yay!  Finally – the Bedroom is finished!

      In this video Mr. G and I revamp the bedroom of many colours!  We were after a more relaxing look and i think we have achieved it. We used 3 different Behr paint greens to get the look.  It was a lot of work as we had to move everything into the living room and basically live in there for two nights but it was worth it.

      Thanks so much for watching!

      Love, Violette xo

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        Bedroom under Construction!


        Hola my friends! I trust you all had a wonderful weekend? Ours has been super busy with my grandson Cillian’s 2nd brithday – happy birthday my sweet little guy – and Mr. G and I have been repainting the bedroom!


        The bedroom hasn’t been painted in 12 or more years!  Each wall is a different colour – bright orange, cobalt blue, fuchsia, and chartreuse!  Needless to say we had to prime the walls first to be able to cover the existing bright paint.  I am going for a more subdued two tone green colour.  Above is a photo of the prep work – taping around things…..the blackboard paint on the wall which originally housed the clipboards – (click here to see the video) will now have a frame around it and be an area where I’ll post inspirational sayings in chalk. It will be great to lie in bed and be inspired just by gazing at the wall!


        Here’s a shot of the painted room – almost done – YAY! It’s been kind of challenging since the magic cottage is so tiny – in order to paint the bedroom we had to move all of the bedroom stuff in the living room along with the mattress which is sitting on top of the couch (where we’ve been sleeping).  Needless to say we can’t wait to get this room finished and get our bedroom and living room back!

        I took some video footage of the bedroom reno so it will be made into a video soon! Stay tuned!


        Happy Birthday Cillian!  Here’s a photo of my daughter Jessica, son-in-law Nis and Cillian with his special birthday cake! As you can see he’s all excited!


        Here’s they yummy cake (um……i had to rely on Mr. G’s opinion since it wasn’t gluten-free!) my son-in-law Nis made – isn’t it so pretty in different coloured layers? All in all it was a pretty fun birthday for Cillian and everyone who attended!

        See you all on Wednesday!

        Love, Violette xo

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          Art Journal Jam and other goodness!


          Good morning my Creative Friends! I hope you all had a lovely weekend.


          We had a few friends over on the weekend for a little Christmas Gathering. Our friends Irma and Paul gave us this little adorable Grinch Tree – isn’t it cute? 


          Here’s our little Christmas tree with a few presents around it! I love how magical things appear at night when they are all lit up – like a Christmas tree!


          We’ll be having our last Art Journal Jam of the year at the Good Day Sunshine Cafe! Please come out and join us tomorrow – bring your pens and journal and let’s make art and chat.  Please remember to buy a beverage – someone brought another beverage in a cup from another coffee shop they other day – that’s just not cool.  It’s important to support the coffee shop that is hosting our group for free. Thanks!

          Creative Goodness on the interwebs

          oracle deck cards

          My friend Kate Robertson was part of a group of artists who created this lovely Oracle Deck of Cards.  Do check out her blogpost on the excitement of receiving her cards in the mail. You can also order them from her! I love Oracle cards – I own several of them.

          My friend Dale Anne Potter is having a BIG DREAMS Journaling Retreat you may want to check out!

          Alisa Burke has done it again with a lovely little video of “crafting with your kids”.  Do check out her recycled robots and painted baubles craft ideas!  Alisa is brilliant! If you have kids or grandchildren you’re going to love these ideas!

          Well that’s it for today folks!  I’ll see you on Wednesday – that will be my last day of blogging until the New Year! I’ll be on Facebook however! If we’re not friends yet – please friend me on Facebook!

          Love, Violette xo



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            Holiday Magic


            Hello there!  I wanted to share a photo of the Magic Cottage all lit up!  We light the dragonfly all year round but the rest of the house and the archway is lit for the Christmas Season!


            A wee Holiday video…..

            I quickly took this video with my cell phone the other day to show you the magic cottage decorated for the holidays.  I thought the UFO on the hearth next to the Believe wreath as kind of funny!

            December Contest

            Don’t forget to sign up for my December Contest!  Deadline is this Friday at 8 am PST – enter here!  Good luck!

            Love, Violette xo

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