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Magic cottage weekend renos


I trust you all had a wonderful weekend? Mr. G and i have been busy revamping the laundry room.  It was pretty scary looking and was jam packed with stuff including two large cabinets which took up lots of space. This old cabinet below became a black hole which held stuff for 18 years.  It was so jam packed with stuff I had forgotten about them.


Here’s the ancient wooden cupboard.  Yesterday i put it on the side of the road to see if there would be any takers……so far none. I also have it up on a few FB pages (free and garage sale sites).It’s pretty big and super heavy.  I don’t like to see things going to the dump if someone else could use the item. This piece would be great in a studio, garage or basement.


The laundry room’s “BEFORE” was too scary for me to post…’s the after.  We bought cabinets for the laundry room with cubbies from Target. There’s another unit on the opposite wall. Since this is a pretty old house (75 years old) there are not too many closets or built in storage spaces.


The cubbies are great because you can add a tag like i did here which designates what items live inside of them.  In my old cupboards i just jammed everything in. I even have a cubbie dedicated to art supplies so i can pull it out and bring it to the kitchen counter which is where i usually create my art.

We repainted the walls white to make the space look bigger and also retiled the floor so it looks fresh and clean. Tiling the floor is a bit hard on the knees but the end result is well worth it.

I’ve decided that i most likely should ban all horizontal surfaces in the house since i tend to pile things on any flat surface!  Ha!

Are you working on decluttering your space too? You’ll feel so much better when you do!

Love, Violette xo


Sanctuary revamp with me!

Here is the video of the Sanctuary revamp if you’d like to see the finished version!

Oh and by the way – it’s not the Flying Moroccan door it’s the Rocking Moroccan door!

Here’s the view i have from the window



In the video i show you the little altar in one corner of the room.  I also do a bit of smudging (with sage) in the video to clear the room of all negativity and residual energy that is no longer needed in that room.

Hope you enjoy it. I know the smudging scene is not very flattering as i propped the i-pad against the window so i was filmed from below! Yikes!

Happy weekend everyone!

Love, Violette xo

Cabinet revamp video –mock distress look

Good Morning everyone!

Cabinet revamp

I finally finished distressing the old cabinet and made it into a video – although i did not video tape it from the beginning of the project i do have photos which show my progress.  I started off by sanding the cabinet and then painting the first layer of green (from the bedroom paint job). The next layer was the turquoise blue from the bathroom revamp which i very loosely painted on.  I then added some florescent pink and orange here and there for a chippy paint look.  I use minwax stain/sealer to dull down the colours a bit if you can believe it! Check out my reaction when i first applied the dark walnut stain Smile.

Hope you enjoyed the video!

Love, Violette xo

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day and a Winner!

Happy Saint Patrick’s day everyone! I hope you have a fabulous day and that the luck of the Irish visits you today!  I don’t know about you but I don’t have a smidge of Irish in me – my kids Jessica and Ryan do from their father’s side Smile.


The winner of the March Contest giveaway is Skye!  Congratulations Skye.  Please contact me so you can give me your address!

Many thanks to everyone who entered my contest – and I want to let you know how much i appreciate you taking the time to talk about your moments of Grace. I read each entry and was so moved by all of them. Thank you so very much!

Cabinet Revamp


And now for something completely different! I decided that i want to revamp this old cabinet Mr. G and i bought at a garage sale 2 or 3 years ago.  It was a cream colour and was pretty beat up.  Mr. G sanded and base coated it with white and now it’s my job to do the paint job.


I’ll be creating a funky distressed look with a few different colours.  I fell in love with this little cabinet because of this knob if you can believe it?  Also i loved the decorative detailing at the top of the cabinet as well. The original cabinet had a piece of glass in it but I had Mr. G remove it. I plan on making a painting that will sit inside of the opening. 

If i tell myself that it’s basically a large journal page then maybe I won’t be so nervous about creating it Smile. I am not much of a painter and certainly don’t consider myself a fine artist.

So stay tuned!

See you on Wednesday!

Love, Violette xo


Good Karma and Messy art 4 and 5

The Messy art daily continues!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and that some of you are joining me in creating art every day for at least 15 minutes! Read all about it here. use this hashtag in your blogposts and facebook postings please #messyartdaily

This is day 4’s drawing.  I was watching a TV show about unusual homes and this emerged……


Micron pens and water colour pencil crayons.


After doing a meditation about expanding my energy outwards beyond the house, my country, the world and beyond i drew this quick little one (day 5) in 15 minutes (micron pen and highlighters)……….


As you can see it doesn’t have to be fantastic art or anything Smile.


After doing the meditation Mr. G and i started to clear junk out of the Casbah (shed) as it will be demolished next weekend.  We had 4 black Ikea chairs, two black stools and 4 coloured wooden stools. I put them on the side of the road with signs that said F – R – E – E!  I envisioned the right and perfect people coming to get the chairs/stools. I envisioned them thinking that they really needed some chairs that day and lo and behold they would come upon this little haul!


So 4 groups of people came by and picked up the chairs. Hooray!  One lady came by and got the Ikea chairs and was so thankful. I asked if she needed lamps too and she said no thank you. She noticed my Namaste sign on the door and asked about my spiritual beliefs.  Next thing you know she’s at my door with a large bowl of cherry tomatoes from her garden.  How wonderful is that?


And then a little later she comes by with a huge bunch of Kale from her garden and this book – the Bhagavad Gita – a spiritual book i have always wanted!  I didn’t know that giving away the chairs/stools would be such good karma!


This is the sign that sparked the conversation about spirituality.

Don’t you love it when magical things like this happen? 

Have you had some magical experiences like this before?  If so could you leave me a message in the comments section?

I’d love to read your stories.

Love, Violette  xo

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