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Landscaping your Life part 2


As you will recall on Friday I had landscapers over fixing up the front yard.  They removed the butt ugly cedar bush as well as the three pyramid cedars (which were dead on one side) – the only thing that remained was the yucca plant.  The Large rhododendron near the house ended up biting the big one as it fell over when the landscapers were putting the cloth down. Sad smile It simply fell over – the root ball was so small and the trunk was rotten on the inside. The gardeners marvelled at how it even had some buds on it. 


Mr. G and i were faced with an empty garden so had to go out to buy shrubs – they look so tiny compared to what they used to be however we are thrilled with how you can see the magic cottage much better when you come around the corner.  The yard looks tidier.  The magic cottage looks pretty juicy today as it’s raining. How lucky we are that the rain held off all weekend.  My muscles are so sore from all of the yardwork – but it’s a good kind of sore – we’re very happy with the results.

Last Friday I spoke about Landscaping as a metaphor for your life and how important it was to goal set.  You DO get a lot more accomplished when you goal set.  Brian Tracy talks about goal setting in the book “Goals” as well as in his book “Eat that Frog”. Jim Rohn talks about goal setting too in his books and audio CD’s. In the Success Principles, Jack Canfield talks about doing 5 things every day towards your goals (which is very do-able and less daunting when you look at a HUGE goal).

Whenever i am overwhelmed and don’t know what to focus on I go to my flipchart or whiteboard and create a mindmap about what i want to create.  Usually in the middle i have my main goal with radiating lines coming off of it.  At each of the spokes is either a step (an action step) or a mini goal that is a sub goal of my Main Goal.  If you don’t know what mindmapping is all about check out this great article by Moshe Mikanovsky .


Here is an old mindmap i created on my whiteboard.

Spring fling craft fair and swap

I went to check out Nicci’s Creative Finds Spring Fling craft fair and swap yesterday and picked up some stamps and fibres for my teens Dream Journal Workshops.  There were some wonderful finds there – lots of people were selling their no longer needed craft supplies at awesome prices. 

Teens Dream Journal DVD in New Zealand!

My friend Wendy of Late Start studio received her Teens Dream Journal DVD the other day and blogged about it! I’m so happy you like it Wendy and will be using it with your students as well as recommending the DVD to teachers in the near future! Stay tuned for a guest post from Wendy in the very near future – she’s an amazing educator and all around beautiful spirit.  I’m so happy to have met Wendy (online Smile).

Visual Bio – someone asked if they could see my visual Bio enlarged?  Here it is!


I’m so excited that tomorrow is the Time Machine Blast-off bonus Day!  If you order Creating Time from an online bookseller tomorrow you’ll receive over $125 worth of Artella Merchandise!  Stay tuned!


Reframing your Brilliance


On my 5 things to do today poster is package and mail off a bunch of DVD’s.  I am so thrilled to see the DVD’s flying out of the magic cottage to inspire teens all over! Here are a few of the things i package up to send with the DVD – note card, greeting card, purple juice pen (to promote my site, postcard, mailing label, an explanation about how to access the PDF file in the DVD and business card.  I have been forgetting to include some of the things so i wrote out a list to follow. How organized am i?

ADD Coaching

The other day i was on a coaching call with a coach who specialized in adults with ADD.   My issue was how do i develop systems to capture my ideas and to stay on track.  I tend to beat myself up for not following through on a number of things and having difficulty maintaining interest in projects that take a long time to complete – e.g.. projects that take many months.


The coach reframed the fact that i DO have systems – case in point the 5 Things to do today poster and this weekly calendar which i colour code (see above).  I might tire of the systems and forget about them for a while but when i need them again i “resparklize” them which i have done!  I can’t tell you how much better i felt just hearing that!  I didn’t need to beat myself up.  The coach also asked me about a time i DID get something major done and how did i manage to do it. I was very explicit about the system i had set up after i had a hissy fit and said i could not do it – it was too overwhelming. Basically i chunked down the huge project into manageable chunks and managed to get it down.  The project I’m talking about is writing and illustrating my book Journal Bliss.

So the coach reminded me of the time i WAS successful and then helped me break down what i did to achieve that success.  We all have an inner intelligence – we just need to pause a bit and get in touch with it.  

Then she said that i was a sprinter and not a runner.  That was powerful for me to hear – meaning i am good at short term projects but not so good at the long-term ones.  Why beat yourself up for what you’re not good at?  You can focus on what you ARE good at!  Life is so much more FUN and MAGICAL if you can do that.

Is there a time when you beat yourself up for not being able to do something?  Can you reframe it to highlight your brilliance?  I’d like to hear about it!


Violette’s Visual Bio

Violette Visual Bio

My friend Tina created this Visual Bio for me for my newish website Purplejuice. Isn’t it fun?  It documents most of my art life – didn’t have room to put in there when i was a stay at home Mom creating cartoons and arts and crafts.

Violette Visual Bio1

As you can see i was pretty dramatic as a teen about having strict parents.  My European parents were not at all like the Canadian parents Smile.  Of course at the time we didn’t know that my Dad suffered from a mental illness – that set the tone for the atmosphere at home. I found solace in art.  I’d often be found drawing in my bedroom – at times sketching pictures of myself behind bars.  Art was like the silent listener – always there for me when i needed it. My identity was wrapped up in art.  It soothed me……it made me happy when i was down.

I wish that i had known about art journaling back then.  I know that if i did things would have been easier that’s for sure.  That’s why i created the Teens Dream Journal DVD.  The Journal is a place to keep your hopes and dreams in as well as the things you are good at.  As a teen I needed quite a bit of guidance and this would have been the perfect thing for me – like a GPS for feeling good about yourself!  It would have helped me feel better about who i was and get in touch with the beauty and magic that was already there!  I had incredibly low self-esteem back then.

I guess in a way the Dream Journal creation was like reaching back into my past and giving the young lost teen that i was what she needed.  I guess the saying “Your mess is your message” can be true Smile.  The mess of the past can be your message to the world. 

I love this quote by Mastin Kipp on The Daily Love:

Add value to other people’s lives and value will be added to your own. Being of service and taking the wounds of your life and turning them into lessons and sharing your experience with others will do more good to you and the planet than almost anything else.

I so agree with Mastin! Can you think of anyone you know of who has turned their mess into their message? I would love to hear about it!


I love……


I’m not feeling very chatty today so I’ll leave you with some images of things, places and people i am loving these days!

I Love………

Visiting with grandson’s Sam and Cillian on Sunday. Cillian is one month old and Sam is 2! This is the cousins first meeting – Sam is not sure what to think!


Looking at the beautiful pages the teens are creating during our Teen Workshops!


Watching Teens happily engaged in creating!


A house i fell in love with in Sechelt – don’t you just love the old bicycle?


The Coast of B.C. – i took this picture while coming home on the ferry from the Sunshine Coast.

Well that’s it – apart from drawing – I’m loving drawing too as always! See you tomorrow!


Art Journal Pages–gratitude and blossom



The Teens Workshop went very well yesterday.  I think everyone had fun and the girls actually wanted to keep working on their books when we finally signalled everyone to clean up. That’s a good sign isn’t it?  I demonstrated on a flipchart how to draw faces and encouraged the girls to try their own but most of the girls were either intimidated or were not into it. Thankfully i had created a few other pages like the above pages which were perhaps less daunting to make. 

There are so many ways you can art journal that it’s not funny Smile. The hands above are a photograph of my hands along with a hand painted border and some text.  I used a combination of computer generated text and magazine text for this page.  The cut out  hand is my hand traced onto cardstock and then backed onto a cracker box packaging.  I had fun doodling and drawing while watching TV!  I think the girls liked this page and enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t your basic rectangular page.

Amazing Art Journals

And speaking of art journals Ingrid Dijkers has some incredible Art Journals!  Oh my gosh – when i attended Journalfest over a year ago i was able to see one of Ingrid’s journals in person and it was quite a beautiful piece of work.  Rice Freeman Zachary interviews Ingrid on her podcast – why don’t you have a listen and be inspired?

And speaking of Rice Freeman Zachary – i absolutely ADORE her…….anyways i am excited to say that she is going to be teaching again after taking a 10 year long break – find out why here!

While you are over at Create Mixed Media you might want to check out the Desire to Inspire Force of Good Awards.


If you are still debating about using Pinterest – not sure if it will be good for your business etc. but want to know more you can check out this video – it’s pretty long but lets you know lots about how to navigate Pinterest. The video was created for Retailers and store owners however i think you might find some helpful ideas there if you are an artist as well.

In Celebration of March Craft Month!

In honour of Craft Month (did you know that March is Craft Month?) Create Mixed Media is giving away a free craft project every day – today you can get a tutorial by Michael Demeng!

Well that’s it for today – see you tomorrow! xo


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