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Tree Art Journal Page: Day 2

The completed page

  •  I painted a scallop design and a tree with gesso. The stawberry was drawn on a scap piece of card with my micron pen


  •  Next I outlined the scallops and tree with micron pens and stabillo black pencil crayon. I also used Derwent Sketching pencil (light wash). I painted the tree trunk with acrylics and water color pencil crayons 


  • I glued down the text with a glue stick, painted the strawberry with twinkling H2O’s, cut it out and also glued it down.


  • Now came the fun part adding more acrylic paint to the tree to create leaves. I used some Walnut ink dabber to tone down the words and also to add an antique effect to the scallop. I added words to the tree with micron pens. I added a flourish to the side with my pens. With a bit of washed down paint I created a block below the strawberry so I could write my words and have them show up a wee bit better. Using the pen I added a few more embellishments. Did you notice I used the “jack” design in the lefthand corner? A few weeks ago I was staring at my bedding and noticed a pattern I liked and decided to use it in a journal page one day! Voila! I did!


If you are wondering about the thinking process behind “hang up your sunshine” here it is: Originally I thought I’d add small sunshines hanging all over the tree (to make the random phrase make sense). But then I thought hanging up your sunshine is a way to create your own happiness – pay attention to and hang up whatever makes you happy – the simple things. I just happen to like strawberries and a few of them were lying on the counter as I was about to make yogurt, granola and fruit for lunch. So the strawberry found it’s way there and also I have enjoyed hugging and touching one particular tree in the local park so this was a way to pay tribute to the tree.

I hope you have played along with me and if you did post a link to your journal page (whether its on your blog or on your flickr site) for us to see! Thanks! Xo

The Upstart Crow Art Journaling class

I am teaching a class tomorrow at the Upstart Crow called Journal Bliss – it’s all about Art Journaling step by step. There are still a few spaces left so check out the link if you are interested! Should be a fun class.

There is another great article up on the Meylah blog about taking shots of your artful products. I know that I have struggled with taking photos and making my art look as interesting as possible. Check it out! You might need some pointers for your etsy shop or just for taking more interesting photos to post on your blog.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Love, Violette xoxo

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