Visiting family!




Hola!  Just a very quick post to let you know my little sister Linda is coming for a visit today from N.Carolina.  It will be my Mom’s 80th birthday so she’s flying in to help us celebrate Mom’s milestone.  This picture was taken about 22 or more years ago – my sister Linda, yours truly and my Mom…….she must have been close to my age in this photo!

Hopefully my creative sister Linda and I will be doing some crafting while she’s here if we can fit it in…’s going to be a jam packed vacation. So i won’t be around too much for the next ten days however if we do some fun crafting i’ll be sure to post photos here and on Facebook!

See you soon!

Love, Violette xo

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    New Art Journal page and on being a carrot


    Hola my friends!

    I hope you had a lovely weekend.  I was very fortunate to have attended the Just for the Joy retreat on Saturday in gorgeous St. Mary’s Church in Vancouver.  The all day retreat focused on bringing more joy into your life with sound, dancing (Nia), creativity – Soul Collage and great good for you food!



    Here’s a photo of the singing bowls which put us in a meditative state! The Just for the Joy retreats happen a few times a year. I’m thrilled to be an instructor in the February workshop. I’ll be teaching a bit about getting your mojo going and finding your dreams. The retreats are a lovely mix of creativity, sound, dancing and nourishing food – what more could you ask for?

    Me as a Carrot


    me as a bored carrot


    I’ll never understand Facebook.  The other day my sister-in-law put up a post on Facebook stating:

    ” I know nobody will see my status but sometimes, when I am bored, I go into the garden, I cover myself in earth and I pretend I am a carrot.”

    So i liked it but wondered what it meant.  Next thing you know she said that i had to post that as my status.  So i innocently did thinking it was late at nite and no one was going to see it anyway.  But wouldn’t you know it that was the post that got the most “likes” and engagement than any other post i have made (i believe).  Go figure. So a few folks posted that they wanted to see an illustration of me being a carrot so i created a quick little sketch you see above!  When i really want folks to see what i post like the other day i posted an art journal jam video which really had meaning to me and i had hardly ANY engagement? What???

    Gypsy Psychic Cartoon



    Yesterday I decided to draw a face – when I started I had no idea if it was going to be a man or woman.  I just very slowly and happily created a face.  As this gypsy woman cartoon emerged I asked her who she was. She said she was a gypsy so that necessitated the drawing of a colourful scarf. Then basically she told me she was a gypsy psychic with a crystal ball. I asked her what the message was and she said “I predict you’ll be as happy as you decide to be.”  Guess i needed to hear that yesterday :).


    Has this happened to you before when you drew? I’m sure it has and if you are quiet and listen to that quiet voice within you’ll hear the message too! I’d love it if you posted the times that has happened in your life in the comment section!

    Love, Violette xo

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      LIFE BOOK 2015 – Join us for an Art Journaling Adventure



      Click here to view more details!

      REGISTRATION OPENS October 6th 2014!
      Class Begins: January 1st 2015 

      If you would like to win a spot in Life Book 2015 please go to the “Life Book 2015 Blog Giveaway” post and leave me a message in the comments  letting me know why you’d like to win.

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        August Postcard winner!


        Thank you to all who entered my postcard contest……..sorry I was disorganized this time – I’m away on holidays and did not get the chance to send the contest to my newsletter subscribers – my apologies. I’ll rectify that later.


        This is where we are staying. Desolation Resort  – Okeover Inlet on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC.

        IMG_6147 (2)

        The winner of this contest is Paula Kamman! Congratulations!  Please e-mail me your snail mail address.


        Thank you,

        Love Violette


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          Contest draw on Tuesday!


          I won’t be able to draw 3 contest winner names until tomorrow morning Tuesday at 8 am PST. I am babysitting my little grandson all day! So please come back tomorrow to see who won.


          Here is a photo of me at my 60th Birthday party thrown by good friends Barb and Lionel in front of the lovely banner they made for me!


          My friend Robbie put on a little puppet show – he sang the song “its not easy being green” by Kermit only he changed the words to reflect turning 60. It was so cute!

          That’s it for now – see you Tuesday morning!

          Love, Violette xo

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            No blog today


            just giving you the heads up i won’t be blogging today. I am babysitting my sick grandson and helping out my sick daughter and son-in-law who is recovering from surgery.


            See you on Monday.


            Love Violette

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