Contest draw on Tuesday!


I won’t be able to draw 3 contest winner names until tomorrow morning Tuesday at 8 am PST. I am babysitting my little grandson all day! So please come back tomorrow to see who won.


Here is a photo of me at my 60th Birthday party thrown by good friends Barb and Lionel in front of the lovely banner they made for me!


My friend Robbie put on a little puppet show – he sang the song “its not easy being green” by Kermit only he changed the words to reflect turning 60. It was so cute!

That’s it for now – see you Tuesday morning!

Love, Violette xo

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    No blog today


    just giving you the heads up i won’t be blogging today. I am babysitting my sick grandson and helping out my sick daughter and son-in-law who is recovering from surgery.


    See you on Monday.


    Love Violette

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      Monday – Vacation



      Just wanted to let you know that Mr. G. and I are away on a couple of days vacation on Vancouver Island visiting and being treated by some wonderful friends.




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        Test Post


        Just testing

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          YOU CAN DO IT!


          I found this adorable video that i wanted to share with you. Maybe you received some art supplies for Christmas and are afraid of using them or maybe the blank page is frightening you? Sadie has a wee bit of sage advice for you :). Enjoy!

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            Sparkly cottage and lovely centerpiece


            Magic cottage with no flash

            Magic cottage with flash……which looks better? My camera is just a point and shoot digital

            This is a centerpiece my daughter Jessica created for her table……isn’t it lovely?  She used a black pedestal plate, piled in assorted glittery xmas baubles, put a styrofoam ball in the center – inserted painted twigs and feathers and voila………a very festive decoration!

            No time to blog today……running out to meet my folks, shop, wrap, bake, go to the post office… know……fun last minute Christmas stuff…….remember to breathe……ah yes……..breathe!

            See you tomorrow!

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