Monday – Vacation



Just wanted to let you know that Mr. G. and I are away on a couple of days vacation on Vancouver Island visiting and being treated by some wonderful friends.




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    Test Post


    Just testing

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      YOU CAN DO IT!


      I found this adorable video that i wanted to share with you. Maybe you received some art supplies for Christmas and are afraid of using them or maybe the blank page is frightening you? Sadie has a wee bit of sage advice for you :) . Enjoy!

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        Sparkly cottage and lovely centerpiece


        Magic cottage with no flash

        Magic cottage with flash……which looks better? My camera is just a point and shoot digital

        This is a centerpiece my daughter Jessica created for her table……isn’t it lovely?  She used a black pedestal plate, piled in assorted glittery xmas baubles, put a styrofoam ball in the center – inserted painted twigs and feathers and voila………a very festive decoration!

        No time to blog today……running out to meet my folks, shop, wrap, bake, go to the post office… know……fun last minute Christmas stuff…….remember to breathe……ah yes……..breathe!

        See you tomorrow!

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          Print ready art tutorial


          Skulleigh asked me how i get my art ready to send off (via e-mail) to my printer. Even though i’m not the greatest at technical writing and explanations i will give it a go….just for you Skulleigh and anyone else who may have been curious!

          First of all i scan in my image into my photoshop program at 300 dpi. Then i crop it to the size i want.  Now since i want to be able to have it fit in a 4 1/4 x 5 1/4 inch envelope i make my image 4 x 5 however the original is 8 x 10 so that it can be reduced  to a 4 x 5 size.  The reason for this is if you print it on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper you always have 1/8 of an inch which gets cut off all around the edges. So whenever i do anything (including my prints) i make them 8 x 10. Because i’m pretty dyslexic it took me a LONG time to wrap my head around it :)

          I created this word on a separate piece of paper, scanned it in and then with my magic wand tool and some fancy footwork (you’ll have to google this) i elimated the background and pulled it over onto the image of my angel and positioned it just so!

          Looking good but it’s still not a card is it?

          The next thing i did was clip a rose from a duplicate of the image so i could use it on the back of my card.  Then i opened a new page 5 x 8, dragged in my angel image and then added the tiny rose.  Under the rose i typed in my website address – flattened everything.  Now ordinarily i would put two up on a page but lately my printer has been printing cards on a larger sheet of paper so i just send this copy to them and have them arrange it on their page as best they can.  In the old days i used to receive the printed pages as is and then i would cut and score them myself.  I was terrible at cutting so now i have the printer cut and score the cards for me.

          This is where the fun starts…….now you get to glitter your cards and mail them to your friends and family – if you want you can embellish the envelopes like i did on yesterday’s post.

          Check out this wonderful  interview with Jennifer Lee at Louise Gale’s blog .  Jennifer Lee has a book coming out in mid- february called The Right Brain Business Plan: A Creative Visual Map for Success. I believe my business plan project will be appearing in Jennifer’s book.

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