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A Facelift for the Magic Cottage

The magic cottage is getting a facelift!  Hooray!!!  It was a bit difficult getting work done yesterday with the banging all day – guess i could have gone to the coffee shop for a few hours however i needed internet access and i don’t have a laptop!

We had to park the Glittergirl Van on the grass to get it out of the way of the roofers – i hope the neighbours don’t mind.  By the way i REALLY am going to sell the Glittergirl van so if you are interested please make me an offer.  I’m putting it up on Craigslist today and this is what the ad will say:

Whimsical art car –  van – 1992 Plymouth Voyager for sale.  Glittergirl has  seen many exciting adventures – appeared on TV, in newspapers and art car parades. She is hand painted on all sides with art and inspirational sayings which have delighted numerous people in Canada and the U.S.  This well loved van needs some mechanical attention, tender loving care and a new home.  It’s with sadness that I must sell my van.  Would you provide a good home for her?

All offers will be considered.

What do you think?

Evolution of an Idea

Check out Alisa Burke’s post on the evolution of an idea.  She takes you from inspiration – seeing peacocks at the zoo to sketching it out in her sketch book and then painting the fabric and creating a wonderful fanciful purse.  Alisa does an amazing job of  demonstrating how we can find inspiration everywhere!  Alisa……you’re the best!

What can you create today from ordinary moments of glittering inspiration?

You will most likely AMAZE yourself!

Fun with Leium


Just to let you all know it’s a holiday here in Canada.  Mr. G and i are babysitting his little grandson Leium so needless to say we are busy busy busy……..he doesn’t like it when i’m on the computer and always insists i am around otherwise he wreaks havoc……like turning the printer on repeatedly so that it creates a test pattern and discovering interesting things at the magic cottage which are not meant for babies/toddlers. We had fun visiting my little nearby park, riding a trike and hugging my favourite tree.  Leium was very open to it all not questioning how silly it might seem to adults! 

Anyways i shall be back tomorrow in fine form…….hopefully with a video to upload!

Love, Violette xo

What Kind of Juice do YOU make?

What kind of Juice do you make?

A couple of weeks ago I attended a Women’s Networking event. I’m not very found of networking but thought I should get myself “out there” more in my community rather than always on the net. So I attend this event in a mansion, didn’t know a soul and felt very out of place. Women were milling about talking to each other often moving in groups. Most of the women attended with colleagues or friends. I decided to timidly approach a few women who were standing alone – I quickly looked at their nametags and asked them what they did. I asked for their cards and hoped that they would ask for mine. Most people didn’t really seem interested but a few people asked me about what I did after glancing at my nametag. It said “Violette Clark, Creative Juice”. A few women asked me “What kind of juice do you make?” I was taken aback wondering where the heck they came up with that question and then I remembered my nametag. I had to laugh and then said “Oh no…i don’t make juice…..i’m an artist! I teach people how to be more creative!” There really wasn’t much interest there so I moved on.

The other day I was visiting my friend Giggles and when I relayed the story she laughed hysterically and said I should have said “I make Bliss juice” or something to that effect. But alas….when i’m put on the spot i’m often not very quick with my responses. My friend’s comment however made me think about how important it is to be clear about what you do and what your message to the world is. Obviously I don’t have my elevator speech down pat……back to the drawing board!

The Success Principles

Recently i’ve been listening to Jack Canfield’s audio book “The Success Principles”. Jack talks about how you have to be specific about your goals – are they measurable and specific? How can you get anything if you don’t specifically know what you want? One thing coaches have asked me in the past which at times exasperated me was “If you did know what you wanted what would it be?”. Even though that sounds silly it makes sense – a small part of you truly does know what you want but might be afraid to ask for it. Another way to think of it is “If you suddenly received a million dollars and could do anything you wanted to do with your time what would you do?” This often reveals to you what you have dreamt about for so long and can set you on the path of fulfilling your dreams one small step at a time.

What kind of Juice do you make or will you make when you give yourself permission to REACH FOR YOUR DREAMS?

Art Journal Prompt: I'm happiest when……

I wrote this journal prompt the other day on twitter/facebook and decided to do a quick journal page on it.  It took about 45 minutes to create.  It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece or anything.  As you can see i first painted the background (cardstock) with white, pink and turquoise.  I splattered on a few water droplets and then tamped it off with a paper towel. Then with my micron pens and a sharpie i wrote the words and doodled some designs.  When i took a photograph of the piece it was not totally dry as i also used some gel pens and a soufle pen to colour in some of the elements on the page.  The page is just 5 x 7 – i’m going to add it to a mini – journal that i’m creating.  I got the idea from Lisa Sonora Beam’s mini journals she fashions from discarded greeting cards (as covers).  You can use any scrap paper you have for the inside pages.  I’ll be using cardstock, graph paper, brown paper (from a bag) etc.  I’m thinking this will be my “Happy book”…….and everything in it will be related to all things that make me happy!  Why not give it a whirl?

You can still enter to win my contest on friday’s post by leaving a few comments re: my FAQ query!  Thanks for playing!

The Healing Properties of Arts and Crafts

The other day while visiting my Mom who is convalescing i brought her a book on Scrabooking for Babies….it’s called Oh Baby!  Now my Mom was feeling listless, in pain and had no appetite.  It was tough to see her like this. She wouldn’t eat, her eyes were downcast.  I pulled out the book and gave it to her.  It’s amazing how much it perked her up!  Her passion is Scrapbooking.  So for 1/2 an hour we looked through different page spreads she could create when she got the use of her arm again.  She’s pretty excited about her little great grandson Sam (my grandbaby) so this was the perfect thing to give her something to look forward to.  I also offered to be her hands while she directed me as to which papers to use and what to cut out etc.  My Mom’s temporary rallying around was a true testament to the healing powers of Crafting!

The Male Version of a Quilting Bee!

Yours truly in checking out her kayak.  There was about a 1/2″ leeway on either side of my hips……..note to self: don’t gain any more weight or else!!!!!!

Mr. G and his friend Mr. M were working on their kayaks the other day and it looked so cute to see them there sewing that it reminded me of the quilting bees that many women (and some men) attend. I guess I thought it was a male version of a quilting bee. I was eavesdropping a bit to the conversation thinking I might pick up a bit of juicy gossip but noooooooo……….they were mostly talking “kayak talk”, skins, and combings, and hatches etc. So I stopped listening after 2 minutes! The green thread you see here is weed eater nylon which works quite well for creating piping. They are creating a double-piping seam using artificial sinew. This creates a strong, durable water-tight seam. It’s something I should know about but being averse to sewing and such I have never done it before.

Lisa Sonora Beam has some wonderful ideas of how to transform an existing book into a Visual Journal on her blog. She is the author of the book the Creative Entrepreneur: Make your Business Ideas Real. It’s an amazing book for Creatives who don’t like the ordinary business plan or who can’t relate to it. Lisa shows you how to fashion your own business plan in a right-brained kind of way. Great stuff!

Mom update: I’ll be picking up my Mom from the hospital and bringing her home today – i’ll make dinner for her and Ron too. Hopefully she’ll become more mobile and get on the road to recovery. Thanks again for all of your kind words of love and support.

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