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Happy Friday my creative friends!

After all of that worrying about technology the 21 Secrets LIVE spreecast went off without a hitch!  I was worried that i would have too much time on the 1 1/2 hour spreecast and not enough art work to share……as it turned out I had to quickly glue down some of the elements at the end of the show as we were swiftly running out of time!


This is what i came up with – Random art journal piece!  I ended up adding the words and shading later on as there wasn’t enough time to get to the details. 


I wanted to show how you you could add dimension to characters by using pencil crayons.


I don’t know about you but i have difficulty talking and drawing at the same time so i had to have some rough sketches done up ahead of time to ink in while Connie was interviewing me.

A workshop and help for Aspiring Authors!

Connie is a brilliant teacher and facilitator – i just wanted to give you the heads up about her newest class – Painting the Feminine

Marney Makridakis has done it again – she’s partnered with Marc Allen to help aspiring authors – Do you have a book inside you? Check out this free video about writing a book proposal, by two creative publishing leaders – take a look here! Just to let you know that i am affiliate of Marney’s programs so will receive a fee if you decide to buy this program. I only recommend programs that I believe in.

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Love, Violette ox

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    21 Secrets LIVE spreecast today!


    Happy Wednesday everyone!


    Today is the 21 Secrets LIVE spreecast and I’m the guest artist for this week.  Hooray!spreecast

    One of my challenges is technology. The thing is everything is changing so quickly in the world that it’s hard to keep up.  I think it’s easier for young people to keep up but it certainly is not impossible for more mature people – *ahem to get the hang of things.

    So here i am in the above photo this morning with a goofy pair of headsets on trying to get the sound and lighting down right before the show this afternoon.  You see the window lets too much light in so I had to  put up a sarong on the window – too much light means washed out face.  I have a fear of messing up so hope all goes well.  I had Mr. G help me last night with the headset and he was having difficulty connecting the speakers and getting the sound right.  He was pretty frustrated which made me worried since he’s a techie guy Smile

    I think we got it right………..so fingers crossed! 

    I’m assembling all of my supplies and books so they can be accessed easily during the spreecast – I’m upstairs and my supplies are downstairs so it’s a bit of a schlepp if i forget something.

    Because I have difficulty talking and drawing I’ll be sketching out some ideas so i can ink them in on camera.

    There is so much stuff, ideas and life stories that i want to share – I’m sure I won’t get to all of them! 

    I thought I would share my story here to demonstrate that it’s good to “feel the fear and do it anyway” in life.  You stay stuck if you let things like technology or not knowing how to do something prevent you from accessing your dreams!

    See you later alligator!

    Love, Violette xo

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      Mojo Workshop Success!


      Our Get your Mojo Going workshop was a big success!  Thanks to all of the fabulous ladies who came out to play, colour, learn more about themselves and connect with other like minded spirits.


      Here’s Susan Keeping and yours truly at the front of the room doing some brainstorming on the flipchart.


      Susan and Violette


      We set out a resource table full of our favourite books that we recommend – i had way more I wanted to bring but they would have filled up my entire car! Just past the Book table are the supplies and then the magazines for the Dream board exercise.


      The ladies working on one of the exercises.


      We were so fortunate to have Lisa come out and volunteer to help us out. During the lulls of activity Lisa had fun participating. She said colouring was very relaxing.


      My friend Cathy Yeomans totally embraced all of the exercises – she plans on completing some of them with her husband! How fun is that?


      The workshop wouldn’t have been complete without some yummy food.  Susan (who is an awesome cook) took care of most of the food making veggie chilli, veggies and dip, homemade gluten free muffins, yogurt, fruit, nuts, coffee, tea and more. My contribution which you see here is the Quinoa salad.

      All in all it was a great workshop – the participants had fun, expanded their comfort zone and got excited about the possibilities of achieving their dreams! We packed so much into one day that I’m certain it could have been a two day workshop.

      Many thanks to my co-facilitator Susan Keeping for all of her hard work, to Lisa for helping us out – to our partners Graham and Robbie for helping with the set up and tear down of the workshop and also to the ladies who stayed behind to help us!  Phew!

      I was still recovering from a cold so was pretty exhausted by the end of the session. Thankfully Sunday was a nice quiet relaxing day spent absorbing all of the workshop goodness and just chilling!

      Have you recently attended an all day workshop and if so what did you enjoy about it the most?

      Hope you all had a fabulous weekend too!

      Love, Violette xo

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        Workshop loot bags!


        Hola! Hope today is a good day for you!

        Yesterday I spent the day putting loot bags (kits) together for the mojo workshop (and by the way there are a couple of spots left if you want to join us!). 


        The kitchen looked like a bomb had hit while i glittered, laminated and cut bookmarks and magnets for each of the loot bags!


        I’m really happy with the “Dig your Magic” bookmark design i created a few years ago – i think the saying totally encapsulates what the workshop is all about – uncovering or unearthing the magic that lies within……..that thing that gives you juice, the thing which makes you uniquely YOU!


        The loot bags all in a row – don’t they look fun? Susan Keeping and myself have been working on this workshop for a long time – for me it’s been almost two months so it’s pretty exciting to finally see it all coming together!  Tomorrow is the big day!


        I picked up the workbooks from the Printers yesterday and was so thrilled with how they turned out! There’s a section at the back with some white and coloured blank pages so that the participants can add more collaging, writing and drawing to their books!

        Thanks for bearing with me with all of this workshop preparation!

        Wish us luck!

        I hope you have a lovely weekend!

        Love, Violette xo

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          Workshop Prep


          I know I must sound like a broken record but my life has pretty much been all about being sick and getting ready for the Mojo Workshop this Saturday.  Yesterday i was collating the Workbook by hand as I needed to insert some blank pages inside it as well as at the back.  The Printers are now coil binding it as we speak!


          Collating is pretty tedious work however I had good company – I was listening to Bonnie’s Thriving Artists Summit recordings. 

          We have a few spots left for the workshop if you are interested in joining us for a fun filled day! I must say I have not felt this excited in a long time!

          The Book “From the Gita to the Grail”

          Bernie's book

          I’m so excited to share with you my son and daughter’s Dad’s latest book – From the Gita to the Grail.  I haven’t read it yet – hope to in the next couple of weeks.  If you are interested in mythology you’ll probably love Bernie Clark’s book. Here is what Sarah Powers has to say about “From the Gita to the Grail”:

          "In his insightful new book, Bernie reminds us that we have a choice in how we live our lives; we can hold hold tight to our beliefs, allowing them to dictate our reality, or we can invite every story (or even encounter) to be a gateway into the poetic, multifaceted dimensions of truth, and the fluid nature of reality." ~ Sarah Powers, author of Insight Yoga and founder of the Insight Yoga Institute.

          See you on Friday!

          Love, Violette xo

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            3 Ways to Organize the content of your workshop


            As you know I’ve been a busy little bee getting ready for the Mojo workshop on January 25th (there are still a few spots left if you are interested in joining us!). Creating the support materials in the Workbook reminds me of putting together my book Journal Bliss but on a smaller scale.

            It’s easy to get overwhelmed when faced with a project of this size but I have found there are a few easy steps to take in order to not become frozen with fear.  Here are some ideas:


            1. Create a mind map outlining the pieces you would like to include in your workshop. You don’t have to include everything on your mind map but it’s a good place to begin.  If you don’t know much about mind mapping here is a good place to start. In a nutshell – your central idea or workshop name would be in the middle and you’d have radiating lines connecting all of the components to the general idea.


            2. Start assembling pages written or drawn which describe each item listed in your mind map.  Basically you are fleshing out the idea.  Each small piece is like a mini project.


            3.  Get a small binder (this one is a 1 inch binder) and add your workshop name to it.  I bought the Better Binder at Staples.  Assemble all of the pages and create a table of contents based on the order of what you’ll be teaching at the workshop. Another option is (if you are an artist or a creative) you could “Storyboard” your workshop – this is something i still might do just to get clear in a sequential way of how the workshop will play out.

            I hope these 3 ideas help you get going to organize the content of your workshop!

            Visiting the Grandkids


            On Friday I went to visit/babysit my grandsons. Poor little baby Toby had been quite sick and was away at the doctor’s so could not participate in crafting. Even though he’s 19 months old he loves making art.  Sam enjoyed the quiet time with his meme (me) and so did i.


            We both painted whatever our hearts desired. As you see above i painted some fruits and vegetables while educating Sam about paints and pigments, keeping your brushes clean, crayon wax resist etc.  We played for over one hour which is a record.  Sam is very much like his Dad and Gramps and was more interested in the Science behind the paints and their effects than actually making recognizable objects. Smile Our conversation was really fun!

            Well that’s it for today!  See you on Wednesday!

            Love, Violette xo

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