Crazy like a Fox: the Monster in me!


You may be wondering why I’m drawing a fox?  I rarely draw animals or monsters for that matter :).  My friend and fellow art journaler Joyelle Brandt created a book called Princess Monsters from A to Z.  She asked a few of her artist friends to come up with the Monster in them and write a bit about the character.  She wants to create a buzz around her book in a fun way!


 Here’s a little bit about the book:

For any girl who has ever felt like she does not fit in, artist/author Joyelle Brandt has written a fun and meaningful book about the beauty of our individuality. Princess Monsters from A to Z is a charming collection of lovable characters, from wrestling champion Elian, to troublemaker Mayzee, to the cat juggling Zibbo. This book is a must-read for parents and kids alike. Says Brandt of why she wrote the book:

“I always felt like an outsider growing up because I didn’t think I fit into the typical model of beauty. I want girls to read this book and see themselves in it, and know that there is so much more to be than just pretty.”

You can find the book here and check out Joyelle’s website here.


I can certainly relate to not feeling like i fit in growing up as well.

Instead of drawing a monster I kept getting the nagging feeling that i should be drawing a fox as the monster in me. I felt that sometimes people think i’m a bit crazy and eccentric…….doing odd things here and there.  But like the fox who seems crazy I can actually be quite clever – meaning there often is a method to my madness when initially there does not appear to be!

fox_sketchJoyelle asked the contributing artists to answer these questions about their monster ……here they are:

1. What is your monster’s name?  Felicity Fox

2. Hobbies/interests: likes moving in circles and hopping up and down. Likes to play marbles, draw, paint, interested in UFO’s (hence she is wearing a UFO hat).

3. Her biggest pet peeve?  When people pretend to be something they are not.

4.  Favourite food: olives of any description, artichokes, Moroccan Lentil soup, quinoa salad.

5.  Her personailty:  she’s definitely quirky, quick, jittery, creative and a mix between shy and outgoing – a bit of an enigma!

Thanks for checking out my imaginary Monster in me! And thanks Joyelle for inviting me to play!

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See you Friday!

Love, Violette xo


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