Family Celebrations!

My grandson Cillian had his first birthday on Saturday – and we had a lovely celebration at my daughter and son-in-laws home…….


Cillian’s favourite food is Cheerios’ so my daughter had a small cheerio cake made up along with tiny gourmet cupcakes.  Isn’t the cake adorable? The day before his birthday Cillian was desperately searching for his nose/nostril – but to no avail.  Wouldn’t you know it – on his birthday he found it!  There are several pictures with his finger up his nose!


My daughter Jessica made sure the 3 little kids all got loot bags – Sam received a special ball that lights up when you whack it on the ground – Toby in the background with my son Ryan got a fun jingly rattle – that was a hit!


The Loot bags Smile


presents……….Cillian received lots of books and a few clothes as he already has tons of toys!


Cillian’s favourite colour is red so it was a red, black and white themed party! If you can see off to the side of the table there are numerous tiny picture frames?  Well the adults all received a small framed picture of Cillian dressed up in a spaceman outfit – cute!


Close-up shot of the cake!

Well that’s my excitement for today – the rest of the weekend was spent fixing up the kitchen and attempting to create more useable drawers in the already minuscule space.  I am on a mission to make life easier and more efficient for us!  Thankfully Mr. G is very amenable to that! Smile

See you on Wednesday!  Oh……if you know of any tweens/teens who would like to create Valentine’s cards – i am teaching Valentine Card making at the library this Wednesday!  You must register to come!  Hope to see you there! xo

Love, Violette xo

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