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I met Wendy a few years ago on the internet and we have become friends – I’ve enjoyed Wendy’s positivity, input and sage advice over the years.  She’s a bright beacon of light way over in New Zealand.  I think you’ll enjoy Wendy’s inspiring post today!

When Violette first asked me to write a guest post I was really enthusiastic.  We had been talking on Skype for almost 2 hours and we had a lot to say to one another.  I thought it would be relatively easy but no!  That was at the end of March and it’s taken until now – almost 3 months!

When I have many choices I find it really hard to limit myself, to settle to one thing, and that’s something that hits me with the naked page . . . you know that big white thing you see when you turn a page or get a fresh piece of paper?  So why do so many of us feel that way?  Is it simply the inner critic saying, “you can’t do it” or “what have you got to offer” or “who cares what you can do?”    I think for me it’s about being real and being real means being vulnerable . . . putting myself out there for either praise or criticism.

When I am being authentic, my creative endeavours are representative of who I really am, I am standing up and saying, “this is who I am” to the world.  Sometimes I hid my work away, maybe showed it to a few trusted and encouraging friends, however when I started to show the world, there was a feeling of relief, of freedom. 

Ha!  I wrote that previous paragraph in the third person and then thought – what a coward, what a hypocrite!  Own how you feel!  Own what you think!  So I went back and changed it all and yes, I feel the relief and freedom of being real.

What has given me the courage to do this?  The example of others – Violette doesn’t pull punches about her dry times or down times – she’s real.   And then I developed a confidence in knowing that it is only my opinion of myself that really matters.  Yes it’s nice that my friends and family think my new blog, begun before I knew what I was doing, is great, however I live with me 24 hours a day so being happy with me is vital.

Look around you and you’ll see that the people you love best, the people you admire are all walking wounded – none of them lay down and gave up when life was tough, they got up and continued being creative in their own way.   I consider myself to be an ordinary, extraordinary woman – we all are!  So if I can do it, perfectionist (recovering), procrastinating, 63 year-old me, so can you! 

This morning I put up a big brave post nailing my colours to the mast, out there in the public domain.  I have had more viewings, more comments than on any other day!  What ever it is that you want to try . . .give it a go, it’s better than the alternative . . . regret.

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Love, Violette xo

2 Comments on Guest Post: Wendy Watson

  1. Wendy @ the Late Start Studio
    June 28, 2012 at 11:33 am (8 years ago)

    Oh wow – there in print on your blog! What a way to start my morning Violette! I was so excited I had to write an explanation of ‘nailing my colours to the mast’ – I got asked about it’s meaning and origin yesterday so I thought I better explain what it meant for me!

    Thank you for the honour of appearing on your blog! 😉

  2. Timaree
    July 2, 2012 at 11:05 am (8 years ago)

    Nice post. It’s hard for some people, women especially, to think of themselves before being concerned about everyone else. We need to though. I really like the “ordinary, extraordinary woman” statement. This is what we should all strive to be and also to encourage in others.


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