Interview tomorrow with Jennifer Lee!

Hello all!  Just came back from more dental work so I am late in posting. I’m so excited because tomorrow on my blog I’ll be posting an audio interview i had with Jennifer Lee!  I hope you’ll come by tomorrow (even if that’s not my normal day to post) and have a listen. Jennifer is so inspiring and will help you get your business on track with tips on getting your business going the Right Brain way!


Here is my Day 14 cartoon “The time is Now” – i got this idea while sitting in the parking lot the other day waiting for a dental appointment.  I glanced across the street at a car dealership which had a large sign that said “Buy Now” – but i didn’t notice the “buy” part – only the Now part. So i thought – yup – that’s it!  My next cartoon will have Now in it.


Day 15 cartoon “You are perfect just the way your are.” I’m not sure how this one came to be…….it’s usually on my mind anyway so decided to create a virtual hug via a cartoon!

See you tomorrow.

Love, Violette xo

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