Mother’s Day/Birthday celebration!


I thought i would share a few of the photos my Stepdad Reinhard (Ron) took of the Mother’s Day/birthday Celebration yesterday.  We were blessed with a gorgeous day, lots of relatives and a sparkling Magic cottage garden. Here’s the Fishpond i fixed up for Sam’s first fishpond experience.

glittergirl door

My glittergirl van still lives on in the garden – well the door at least Smile.


Here’s a picture of my Mom with her two daughters (the other daughter Linda is in N.Carolina). My big sister doesn’t like being on my blog so i often put a smiley face over her to obscure her face Smile.


My daughter-in-law Kathryn is ready to have baby number 2 any day now!  Doesn’t she look awesome?  Little Sam has found a very comfy perch to sit on – hopefully baby brother won’t mind too much?


This was Sam’s first encounter with a fishpond!  His daddy, my son Ryan, taught him to say “Here fishy fishy” before he cast his line over the fishpond.


Lucky Sam – he was the happy recipient of several lovely prizes (mostly from his Auntie Jessy) . What a fun game this “fishpond” is!


Baby Cillian checking out the festivities from his blanket. He’s thinking “Next year it will be my turn to catch a fish!” He’s such an alert little guy!


My daughter Jessica, Cillian and son-in-law Nis.


Some of the party goers enjoying yummy food.


Bernie, Jessica and Ryan’s Dad with baby Cillian


Bernie and lovely partner Nathalie feeding Cillian. Bernie is a yoga instructor – can you tell by the way he’s sitting?


My Mom chatting with Mr. G as he has a rest on the newly painted swing.


Here we are having a fun swing together!  And of course the paparazzi was in full swing for this fun photo opportunity.

All in all we had a pretty magical day! I hope you Mothers out there were able to celebrate in your own special way too!

Thank you for letting me share a bit of our family celebration with you!


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  1. Wendy @ the Late Start Studio
    May 14, 2012 at 5:59 pm (8 years ago)

    It looks like you all had a wonderful day together Violette . . . and I hope the swing was too freshly painted!! 😉


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