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REGISTRATION OPENS October 6th 2014!
Class Begins: January 1st 2015 

If you would like to win a spot in Life Book 2015 please go to the “Life Book 2015 Blog Giveaway” post and leave me a message in the comments  letting me know why you’d like to win.

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    Sketching Clothes: A Visual List


    Hooray! I’ve finished my Visual list – Sketching my Vacation Clothes!  I hope you like them – i had such fun doing creating these journal pages. I really encourage you to do the same if you are a visual thinker like me.  I don’t know about you but whenever i go away i always begin panicking never knowing what i should pack. I start throwing way too much into my tiny suitcase………here’s a photo of the suitcase i used.


    (the folk art paint is there for scale)

    When Mr. G wasn’t looking I jammed a bit of the overflow into a knapsack he had brought along Smile.

    Here are the clothes i rolled and jammed into the little suitcase (i didn’t draw a dress and a pair of jammie pants – the dress i never wore).





    Mr G and me in front of Lund Harbour. I totally see now that i forgot to add that little green tank to my visual list – it was pretty small when you rolled it up and took up hardly any room at all. Can you see the sarong on my list?


    Here I am standing in front of a display of sarongs…….one of which i ABSOLUTELY HAD to have Smile……as you can see.

    Violette shown here wearing an illustrated t-shirt and one pair of yoga shorts.

    I have a very important announcement to make on Monday……..I’m so excited……..but can’t reveal anything until then!

    Hope you have a magical weekend!

    Love, Violette xo

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      Sunshine Coast Holiday and Clothes sketching


      Well we are back from our lovely holiday on the Sunshine Coast.  It’s been difficult coming back to earth after such a perfect holiday in a quiet and pristine environment. If you have been following me on Facebook you’ll have seen some of our adventure photos!


      Here’s Mr. G and me on the Agate Pass cruising Desolation Sound. We got to celebrate Mr. G’s birthday on the Sunshine Coast!


      Here i am in my happy place – kayaking in Okeover Inlet.


      On one of the beaches in Okeover Inlet we came upon thousands of Sandollars.  I have never EVER seen so many sandollars in one spot before.


      Here’s a closer shot of my polka dotted kayak – it even has glitter on it – you just can’t see it from this angle.

      Here is a video of the cruise we took on Desolation Sound.  I created it for our friends Joanie and Ted of Beyond the Road Adventures. There were a family of folks originally from Colombia with visitors on the cruise so we had a very lively group on board! So fun! Thanks Joanie and Ted for a most memorable adventure!

      Drawing vacation clothing

      Before washing all of my vacation clothes and putting them away i decided to lay them out on the floor and draw them. Every year I’m in a quandary as to what to bring with me. So i thought i would draw and colour in my clothes and then do a little write up about what i wore and what i didn’t wear. Of course that is also determined by the weather – because we had such amazing warm weather i didn’t have to wear long pants or sweatshirts.


      I could then put the 4 lists I made of stuff to bring in a plastic sleeve along with my coloured vacation clothes drawing (I’ll have two pages when I’m done). This time i brought too many clothes and tended to wear my favourites over and over again! Doing this will make packing for vacation next summer so much easier!


      I’ll post the completed pages for your to see on Friday.

      See you all on Friday!

      Love, Violette xo

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        August Postcard winner!


        Thank you to all who entered my postcard contest……..sorry I was disorganized this time – I’m away on holidays and did not get the chance to send the contest to my newsletter subscribers – my apologies. I’ll rectify that later.


        This is where we are staying. Desolation Resort  – Okeover Inlet on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC.

        IMG_6147 (2)

        The winner of this contest is Paula Kamman! Congratulations!  Please e-mail me your snail mail address.


        Thank you,

        Love Violette


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          August Postcard Contest WINNER!


          Thank you so much to everyone who entered my contest – PAULA KAMMAN is the winner of the postcard contest.  Congratulations – please e-mail me your snail mail address.

          I missed having a contest in July so wanted to make sure i had a contest before going away on holidays – we’ll be gone for 2 weeks but don’t worry, the magic cottage will be in good hands.  My good friend is coming to housesit.


          So for this contest I’ll be giving away 4 sets of postcards – 10 different designs. That’s 40 inspirational postcards in all! The winner will be able to happily send out positive missives to 40 lucky friends or they could frame them and hang them up!


          These designs came from my 60 in 60 cartoons if you’ll recall!


          Don’t they look sweet hanging on this clothesline?

          So in order to enter the contest please leave me a message here – just answer the question:  What online or live creative classes are you enjoying now or if you’re not taking anything what are you doing to fill the creative well up right now?

          I’ll draw one lucky winner next Friday August 22 at 9 an PST.

          Good Luck!

          Just to let you know Mr. G and I will be gone for 2 weeks – going to my favourite place – the Sunshine Coast of B.C. to relax, kayak and play in the sun.  I’ll be posting photos periodically here and on Facebook!

          Love, Violette xo

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            Journal Page: work in progress


            Happy Wednesday everyone.

            Not too much to report today – I’m working on a journal page with these collage items………i am drawing a mermaid with possible wings and a unicorn – not sure how the page will come together. I’m sure it will reveal itself as i work on the page.


            It’s always a surprise to see what shows up! Just by doing things are revealed to you, phrases, ideas for images and thoughts which simply insist on showing up on the page.

            I have been greatly inspired as of late by Teesha Moore’s Artstronaughts Club.  Teesha is by far my favourite art journaler on the planet Smile.  So just viewing her videos is inspiring me to make a new page.

            I must say I’m very saddened by the passing of Robin Williams – he was an amazing comic, actor and human being.  The world has lost a bright and shining light.

            Well that’s it for today. I shall see you on Friday.  Just to let you know that Mr. G and i will be away for 2 weeks starting next Monday. We are going to the Sunshine Coast of B.C. to our favourite place – Desolation Sound Resort.  Yay!  So excited.

            Love, Violette xo

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