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August Postcard winner!


Thank you to all who entered my postcard contest……..sorry I was disorganized this time – I’m away on holidays and did not get the chance to send the contest to my newsletter subscribers – my apologies. I’ll rectify that later.


This is where we are staying. Desolation Resort  – Okeover Inlet on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC.

IMG_6147 (2)

The winner of this contest is Paula Kamman! Congratulations!  Please e-mail me your snail mail address.


Thank you,

Love Violette


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    August Postcard Contest WINNER!


    Thank you so much to everyone who entered my contest – PAULA KAMMAN is the winner of the postcard contest.  Congratulations – please e-mail me your snail mail address.

    I missed having a contest in July so wanted to make sure i had a contest before going away on holidays – we’ll be gone for 2 weeks but don’t worry, the magic cottage will be in good hands.  My good friend is coming to housesit.


    So for this contest I’ll be giving away 4 sets of postcards – 10 different designs. That’s 40 inspirational postcards in all! The winner will be able to happily send out positive missives to 40 lucky friends or they could frame them and hang them up!


    These designs came from my 60 in 60 cartoons if you’ll recall!


    Don’t they look sweet hanging on this clothesline?

    So in order to enter the contest please leave me a message here – just answer the question:  What online or live creative classes are you enjoying now or if you’re not taking anything what are you doing to fill the creative well up right now?

    I’ll draw one lucky winner next Friday August 22 at 9 an PST.

    Good Luck!

    Just to let you know Mr. G and I will be gone for 2 weeks – going to my favourite place – the Sunshine Coast of B.C. to relax, kayak and play in the sun.  I’ll be posting photos periodically here and on Facebook!

    Love, Violette xo

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      Journal Page: work in progress


      Happy Wednesday everyone.

      Not too much to report today – I’m working on a journal page with these collage items………i am drawing a mermaid with possible wings and a unicorn – not sure how the page will come together. I’m sure it will reveal itself as i work on the page.


      It’s always a surprise to see what shows up! Just by doing things are revealed to you, phrases, ideas for images and thoughts which simply insist on showing up on the page.

      I have been greatly inspired as of late by Teesha Moore’s Artstronaughts Club.  Teesha is by far my favourite art journaler on the planet Smile.  So just viewing her videos is inspiring me to make a new page.

      I must say I’m very saddened by the passing of Robin Williams – he was an amazing comic, actor and human being.  The world has lost a bright and shining light.

      Well that’s it for today. I shall see you on Friday.  Just to let you know that Mr. G and i will be away for 2 weeks starting next Monday. We are going to the Sunshine Coast of B.C. to our favourite place – Desolation Sound Resort.  Yay!  So excited.

      Love, Violette xo

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        Birthday Reunion prep


        Yesterday we hosted a birthday party and Reunion for my daughter Jessica and son-in-law Nis as well as for my children’s extended family. Thankfully the weather Gods shone down on us and we had a beautiful day.  It would have been pretty much impossible to put almost 40 people inside had it rained!


        Whenever I put on a party I like to use a bit of creativity to make things a bit more magical. This sign out front guided the party goers way to the festivities!


        Because this was a special occasion I bought some gourmet candies for the party – gourmet jelly beans, liquorice allsorts, peanut brittle, jelly bears, jaw breakers (remember those?)….oh and just for fun i bought wax lips……which did not taste at all like i remember Smile.


        A fun birthday party (with kids) would not be the same without a fishpond no? We had 9 kids ranging from 2 to 15 so the prizes were quite varied.


        I made fruit infused water to quench everyone’s thirst.  I enjoy making fun little signs describing what’s what! The recipe consisted of blueberries, blackberries and mint from the garden and water!  Yum!


        I bought a bouquet of flowers from the flower lady down the street and separated them into smaller containers to put on the tables.


        Here are a couple of shots of the backyard before everyone arrived!



        The two birthday kids – my daughter Jessica and son-in-law Nis with their birthday cupcakes! There always has to be money inside Jessica’s cupcakes Smile.

        Happy Birthday Jessica and Nis!  Love you both lots!

        Love, Violette xo

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          Summertime fun at the Magic Cottage



          This weekend we are celebrating my daughter Jessica and son-in-law Nis’ birthday at the Magic Cottage. We are having a family reunion here with30 to 35 people in attendance so that should be tons of fun!

          We’ll be pulling out the fishpond used on previous occasions as there will be 9 little ones here! Well two of them are not so little – they are teens.

          I’m getting the backyard in ship shape, tending to the flowers and mowing the lawn today as well as cleaning lawn furniture.


          Here’s a shot of the flowers – i got up on one of the garden chairs to take this shot.


          This time of year is so wonderful – the garden is bursting with blackberries!  I love to make blackberry smoothies with the fruit from my backyard knowing full well that there are no pesticides or chemicals used to help them bloom. Ha!  Not that blackberries need any help to grow.  I really enjoy this shot of the blackberries hanging over the Glittergirl door don’t you?  Art and Nature! What a perfect match!

          Hope you have a marvelous weekend!

          Love, Violette xo

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            A bit of this and that, an art journal sketch


            Happy Wednesday everyone!

            My apologies for not blogging on Monday – it was a holiday here in B.C.

            I don’t have too much going on here right now.  My Mom fell down and hit her head so I ended up spending some time in the hospital with my Mom and Stepdad over the weekend.  My Mom has vertigo and lost her footing. Thankfully she didn’t have a stroke which the Doctor was concerned about. Also I’m so happy she didn’t break any bones as she has osteoporosis. You might recall she broke her arm about 3 months ago.


            Yesterday after visiting my Mom, Stepdad, daughter and grandson Cillian i went to Point Roberts, Washington to pick up a parcel.  I decided to go to the ocean for a 1/2 hour as a treat since i was so close by.  I always love dipping my toes in the water.  It feels so great on my feet and the negative ions from the water makes my spirit happy!


            Here’s a view of the water.  So serene! The rocks all around me were so pretty – i picked up a few to paint on at a later date.


            How lucky am i? My friend Tina Ferguson sent me this lovely crystal lamp as a birthday gift (that’s what i went to Point Roberts to pick up).  It looks so wonderful at night in the Sanctuary! Thank you Tina!


            Inspired by Teesha Moore and her Spirit Guide journal page I decided to try my hand at giving my guides a face too. I’m always afraid to do that since i feel I won’t get it right. Really? What does it matter if it’s not right? So this is the start of the page……just at the sketching stage. 


            Even though i don’t really draw animals since i’m not so great at it I decided to practise sketching a unicorn.  Be prepared to see a unicorn appear in one of my art journal pages!

            See you on Friday!

            Love, Violette xo

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