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Art Journaling Grid Style


Happy Wednesday everyone!  I hope you are having a glorious day! It’s a beautiful day on the west coast – I can’t wait to get out for a bit of sunshine today.

Have you ever art journaled grid style before? I think it’s a wonderful way to art journal if you are stuck for ideas and don’t know what to do.


If you really want to get blown away with lots of Grid style ideas go visit this Pinterest boardYou will be in heaven for sure! There are many ways to art journal grid style – you could simply divide your paper into equal squares and use that as a base.  I decided on a random grid style – (see the above sketch) and then went for it.

You can add words, patterns, writing, images that speak to you – journaling this way is fun and non-threatening!


I was inspired by Pam Garrison`s grid which came in my Somerset Studios magazine – i believe it was an old magazine (can`t recall which issue). I love Pam`s whimsical and loose style – very inspiring.

I decided to do my own version with micron pens, copic markers and pencil crayons.  I spent two blissful hours meditatively drawing and colouring to my heart`s content.  The next time you feel blocked about what kind of journal page to create why not try a grid style art journal page. 

I am using some of the images in this grid as borders for my journal pages as well. All you have to do is either photo copy or print off colour copies of your page and voila – instant personal collage material!

See you on Friday!

Love, Violette xo


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    Cabinet revamp video –mock distress look


    Good Morning everyone!

    Cabinet revamp

    I finally finished distressing the old cabinet and made it into a video – although i did not video tape it from the beginning of the project i do have photos which show my progress.  I started off by sanding the cabinet and then painting the first layer of green (from the bedroom paint job). The next layer was the turquoise blue from the bathroom revamp which i very loosely painted on.  I then added some florescent pink and orange here and there for a chippy paint look.  I use minwax stain/sealer to dull down the colours a bit if you can believe it! Check out my reaction when i first applied the dark walnut stain Smile.

    Hope you enjoyed the video!

    Love, Violette xo

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      Angel wing surprise and magical signs


      Hooray!  It’s Friday!

      Guess what? I had been wanting a pair of Angel wing earrings or necklace but couldn’t find any that i liked.  Lo and Behold yesterday I go to the mailbox and find a package from my dear friend Pam – inside the parcel in a bed of white feathers i find these lovely angel wing earrings!


      Just the day before while on my walk i was asking spirit for a sign that I am not alone and that I am being guided.  One of the signs that i was hoping for was a feather or angel wings.  I kept looking on the ground for a bird’s feather but didn’t find any. I was pretty despondent as I felt all alone.  The thing about spirit is, (and i should know this after the numerous books I have read and the guidance from spiritual teachers) that you receive your signs or answers not necessarily right away.  You need to keep your eyes and ears open for everything and not expect your sign to come on your schedule.

      The sign might come as some words on the side of a truck that are relevant to you.  It might be a book that falls off a shelf in front of you. A simple toy trinket coming across your path just might be the ticket to let you know you are in fact guided by unseen hands. A friend as in the case of my angel wing earrings might be the messenger that comes at the perfect time!

      I have often received signs in the form of song lyrics.  How about you?  Do you receive signs and guidance from spirit?

      Totally Random

      So now this is totally random.  A Facebook friend – Morgaine Swann tagged me so i would play a game by posting my top 15 authors/poets who have influenced me. You weren’t supposed to think too much while coming up with the list – here is mine….

      Salinger, Eckart Tolle, Sark, Joseph Campbell, Jane Roberts, Jennifer Loudin, Hans Christen Anderson, Tolkein, Jim Rohn, Abraham Hicks, Krishnamurti, Julia Cameron, Paulo Ceulo, Martha Beck,Wayne Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

      Who are your favourite authors?

      I’m off to visit/babysit my grandson Cillian!

      I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

      Love, Violette xo

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        Art Journalers tell all at Art Journal Jam!


        I couldn’t resist this title!  After yesterday’s super fun art journal jam at the Good Day Sunshine Cafe I went grocery shopping and saw the title “Duck Dynasty women tell all” on a magazine.  I thought about how funny it would be to switch it around with Art Journalers tell all in the front!  Because whenever you get a group of creative women together they really DO tell all! Smile


        This was probably our biggest group ever – we had some young teens at the counter – their Mom’s (in front) brought them along! What a fun group of people – very open to sharing and exchanging ideas!


        Susan working on one of her lovely journal page spreads


        JoAnn Foss’ gorgeous mixed media journal spread.  JoAnn sometimes teaches at Clipperstreet Scrapbook company


        Joanne Swiss’ tiny Strathmore sketchbook and her portable water colour set.


        Here Joanne and Satira ham it up during the Jam!


        I love how Satira’s super creative mind works – she just cropped a niche out of her art journal, embellished around the square and placed her sandwich underneath exclaiming “I’m creating a vignette!”.


        The table at the Jam.  The project on the right is mine – one of the journalers Jo-Ann brought along her “gelatos” so i could try them out to see if i wanted to buy some!  I love this group!journaljam_Jfpage1

        Jo-Ann Foss’ richly textured art journal spread.


        Joanne Swiss kept promising to bring along Suzi Blu’s mixed media piece she scored and finally did!  She also brought along Suzi’s book “Mixed Media Girls” (i have it and it’s great!). It was such fun to see Suzi’s creation up close – lots of lovely layers and textures!  Thanks Joanne!

        One of the art journalers Lynette – brought along some gorgeous photos she had taken of her Madonna statues in various locations. She wanted to show me them as she knew I’m a big fan of “Mary”. So sweet of her.

        Well that’s it for today – lots of photos of a fun event.  If you don’t have a group of artists you can connect with in your town why don’t you create your own Art Journal Jam like i did? You’ll meet some wonderful people!

        Love, Violette xo

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          Blogging ideas?


          Happy Monday everyone!

          I was wondering if you could help me out a bit.  I have had a website for over 13 years and have been blogging for 9 1/2 years and sometimes it’s difficult to come up with things to blog about. So if you could give me some ideas about what you would enjoy seeing in a blogpost i would appreciate it.


          As you know i can be pretty random – my posts can be about art journaling, the art journaling community, how to tutorials, revamping old furniture, nurturing your spirit etc.  Most everything has a common thread to it – even making crafts with my grandkids. It’s all about being creative in every day life.

          The above image is of the cabinet I’m revamping – it’s still not completed – i plan on shooting a short video of the process and then posting it here and on my youtube channel.

          So if you could leave your ideas in the comment section below i would really appreciate it!

          Thank you so much.

          Love, Violette xo

          P.S. just a reminder about our Art Journal Jam tomorrow at the Good Day Sunshine cafe at 3:30 pm!  Hope to see some of you there!


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            Yes Live Concert and Happy Spring!


            Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed the first day of Spring!

            I was so thrilled last night to attend a Yes Concert with Mr. G last night!  I’m a fan from way back – 40 years ago!  In case you have not heard of them Yes is a fabulous Progressive Rock band that have been playing for 45 years!


            Here I am at the concert last night waiting for the band to appear…….so excited!  The evening was pure magic and brought me back to my late teens.  If i closed my eyes it felt like i was listening to the vocals of Jon Anderson. The new singer is Jon Davison – sounds so much like Jon Anderson it isn’t funny.  You can imagine how difficult it must be to hit those high notes when you are close to 70 so it’s wonderful that the new singer can keep the sound alive with his fabulous voice. He has such a lovely spirit too! Bonus! Yes is on tour now so if they come to your city i would highly recommend catching a live concert.

            It’s Spring – Hooray!


            In honour of spring i decided to take a new photo for my Facebook banner……for some strange reason i keep taking photos of the magic cottage.  The neighbours must think I’m loopy – there i was carting out my revamped skateboard table onto the front lawn to put the pansies on for a photo shoot.

            It was a drizzly day when i shot this photo so the colours came out juicy and saturated!

            Upcoming Art Journal Jam!


            I wanted to give you the heads up about our next art journal jam happening on Tuesday at 3:30 pm at the Good Day Sunshine Cafe in South Surrey.  Come out with your art supplies, grab a cup of java or a hot chocolate and art journal with us.

            Enjoy your weekend!

            Love, Violette xo

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