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Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend!

Mr. G and i went to Harrison Hotsprings to celebrate his grandson Leium’s 7th birthday with his son. They were camping at a lovely Provincial campground.  But since Mr. G has a bad back and has difficulty climbing out of a tent we decided to stay at a small local motel. It was cloudy and rained part of the time but we still managed to have fun taking advantage of a local pool fed by the Hot springs.


I brought along some drawing supplies – pad of paper, pens and pencils. While sitting on the edge of the bed in our motel room i began to draw some faces…..just because.  I think drawing brings back happy memories of camping with my family and teaching my little sister Linda how to draw cartoons. Back then I was teaching her in our large 9 x 12 canvas tent which we loved! Our inspiration back then was mostly Archie Comic books.



I didn’t know where i was going with the faces but after a bit I received an image in my head of multiple faces on a page together. Last night while watching TV I continued on with my face project.

This morning while cutting the faces out and gluing them to a grey background they began speaking to me and telling stories. So i wrote down what the people were thinking. Of course my inner critic began chiming in telling me some of the sayings were stupid. I persisted however and ended up putting down what the faces were telling me. Smile

Pathfinder Motel


Here is yours truly at the front of the motel with a giant elk statue that caught my attention.


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a fully functioning telephone booth by the Motel sign. I had to wade my way through spider webs to get to the phone though Smile.

Well that’s it for today.  Hope you are having a lovely day!

Love, Violette xo

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    Happy 4th of July to my American friends!


    Happy 4th of July to my American friends. I hope you are having fun celebrating your country’s independence!


    Here’s another shot of the magic cottage – i never seem to get tired of taking photos of it at different times of the year!  I love the Shasta daisies which just began to bloom a few days ago so i ducked down to take this shot.


    You’ve probably seen this photo taken last winter during a snowy day (it’s a selfie).  I thought the cottage looked pretty especially with the dragonfly all laden with snow!

    A Testimonial!

    It’s been five years since my book Journal Bliss has been out and I’m so thrilled that folks are still using it to learn more about art journaling for themselves or to inspire teens.  I love this testimonial from Kathy Clark (no relations Smile):

    I love Violette’s whimsical and creative style, perfect to teach art journaling to young girls. I bought this book in 2010, when I was just starting to make art journals. Since then I’ve collected dozens of other books and journals, and I also have amassed a large supply of art supplies. I find Violette’s book very helpful in teaching art journaling to young teenage girls, and the accompanying DVD is a gem!
    With a trip to the art supply store becoming more and more expensive, I find her supply list easy on any budget. Look around at what you have already and get started journaling.

    Thanks so much Kathy! Just to let you know the DVD that Kathy mentions is the Teens Dream Journal DVD (it doesn’t come with the book – Kathy bought it separately from me and had forgotten.) I still have a few copies of the Teens Dream journal if you are interested in buying one.

    Well I’m off to tie dye some t-shirts with my little grandson – should be fun! I have been wanting to do this for some time now!

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Love, Violette xo

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      Anatomy of an Art Journal page


      A belated Happy Canada Day to all of my Canadian Friends! Yesterday we celebrated Canada Day in a quiet way.  We invited my Mom and Stepdad over for lunch in the backyard.


      Here is Mr. G giving my Mom a wee bit of wine.


      Yours truly with Mom and Ron – of course i had to wear my Dr. Seuss-ish Canada Hat to celebrate.

      Anatomy of an art journal page


      After my folks left I pulled out some sketches i had made this past weekend and proceeded to put together an art journal page in the backyard – it was such a glorious day!


      I really enjoyed drawing and painting in the backyard while listening to the birds.


      On Sunday Mr. G and i were at a function (I’ll tell you about it later) where we had to be available for 10 hours. so needless to say we had tons of sitting down and waiting time. During this time i decided to sketch some elements for a possible journal page – all of the images you see (with the exception of the kale) were created during this period in pencil on a separate sheet of cardstock. Yesterday I cut the elements out, coloured them and adhered them to a painted background.


      You might be thinking that this is an unusual journal page. I wanted to explain to myself the events of a rather unfortunate incident which culminated in me having a “pity party”.  I won’t get into specifics here (will do so on a later blogpost) but the entire mess happened because i don’t like having the “money talk” with people. So because of my lack of clarity and guts I get to work things out on a journal page. Lucky me!


      After said incident I received a moment of clarity which made me laugh out loud (first the pity party though)!  All kinds of visuals and images were coming to me. I decided to draw them so that doing so could help me move forward but also to have a visual reminder of what happens when you avoid the uncomfortable conversations that need to occur.


      The Cosmic 2 x 4 comes out and whacks you on the side of the head when you refuse to work on your stuff!  This is a lesson I have learned in the past repeatedly.  The money lesson and the lesson of being worthy enough are ones I believe I’m finally getting Smile. Thankfully!

      The reason why the journal page is in individual elements is because i kept hearing, “will work for kale”, Done, Baked, confused around the edges etc.  It came to me that there was a sequence which could be best illustrated by arrows going from one thing to the next. The cosmic 2×4 came at the last minute as i kept hearing “you forgot the cosmic 2×4”. As you can see it’s a bit of an intuitive process.

      Supplies used:  micron pens, pencil, acrylics, watercolour pencils, copic markers and Stabillo pencil.

      See you on Friday!

      Love, Violette xo

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        Flowers and root canals


        Hello all!  I forgot i was getting a root canal this morning so had forgotten to blog. I’m still a bit sore and frozen so am not up to much blogging so i leave you with a flower – a peony that came in a lovely arrangement from the flower lady down the street.peonie1

        Isn’t it beautiful?

        This weekend is the Canada Day Celebration Weekend – everyone gets a day off so i won’t be blogging on Monday but i will see you on Wednesday or I’ll see you on Facebook.

        Have a lovely weekend.

        Love, Violette xo

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          Last Art Journal Jam of the Season!


          We had our last Art Journal Jam for the season yesterday at the Good Day Sunshine cafe.  There were about 11 of us gathered around sharing projects, trading secrets and sketching.


          In the above photo: right – Autumn, Mom Skye, Debbie Humphrey, JoAnn Foss, Susan Wade, Nicci (pink hair), Satira, Lynette, Suzanne and Sharon.

          It’s lots of fun connecting with other creative spirits.  I’ve hosted the art journal jam for two years and am passing along the baton to my good friend Nicci who has graciously accepted the role! I will still be going to the occasional jam unless I am working that day.

          Publishing my book of Cartoons

          I’m trying to figure out now how to get my little book of cartoons published – should i have a local printer publish it or go through Create Space or  Has anyone had any experience publishing a full colour book themselves?  If you have I’d love to hear about it!

          Thank you!

          Love, Violette xo

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            June Birthday Contest winners! Yay!


            Thank you so much to everyone who entered my birthday contest giveaway!  I appreciate you entering and am also really thankful for all of your ideas for getting my cartoons out there!


            thank you to my lovely assistant pink troll for helping choose three lucky winners! And the winners are…………


            Karen of Whimsika – t-shirt

            Brandy Gerber – art journal and print

            Kathy Kreidler – art journal and print

            Please e-mail me with your snail mail addresses and also to let me know (for the blank art journal winners) which cover and which print you would like!

            Thanks again to all who entered – there were 202 entries!  Pretty cool eh?

            Love, Violette xo

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