Summertime fun at the Magic Cottage


This weekend we are celebrating my daughter Jessica and son-in-law Nis’ birthday at the Magic Cottage. We are having a family reunion here with30 to 35 people in attendance so that should be tons of fun!

We’ll be pulling out the fishpond used on previous occasions as there will be 9 little ones here! Well two of them are not so little – they are teens.

I’m getting the backyard in ship shape, tending to the flowers and mowing the lawn today as well as cleaning lawn furniture.


Here’s a shot of the flowers – i got up on one of the garden chairs to take this shot.


This time of year is so wonderful – the garden is bursting with blackberries!  I love to make blackberry smoothies with the fruit from my backyard knowing full well that there are no pesticides or chemicals used to help them bloom. Ha!  Not that blackberries need any help to grow.  I really enjoy this shot of the blackberries hanging over the Glittergirl door don’t you?  Art and Nature! What a perfect match!

Hope you have a marvelous weekend!

Love, Violette xo

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