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How to Choose an Online Class



Tamara Willowing has a new Class out soon which I’m sure is going to be AWESOME!  Tam is wonderful – very giving, kind and talented.

Are you overwhelmed as to how to begin to choose an online class? I know I often am since today we are inundated with an array of wonderful classes to pick from. First of all I think it’s important to sit down and write out what you are in fact looking for. Are you looking for creative business workshops? Are you looking for techniques? Are you searching for inspiration more than technique to get your creative mojo back? Is finding a creative community on the list of your desires – that’s why you want to join a particular workshop? When you establish what your top needs are then you can fine tune your search. You might want to learn how to create a book from start to finish – then you might sign up for Mary Ann Moss’ very popular “Remains of the Day” or my “Bohemian Bliss” class (both totally different classes). You might like to learn photography techniques so you would search for photography online classes. Ask your blog readers for recommendations (that’s if you have a blog of course!). You can do the same on twitter and facebook – it’s a great way to receive targeted feedback.


Know yourself and what your needs are

Are you into whimsy or serious type art? Are you a visual learner? It’s important to know your learning style – do you prefer reading the lessons as you would on an online blog or PDF file or are you a visual learner and need to view videos in order to understand the project and ideas? I’m a bit of a combo learner so I really appreciate videos, PDF files and also the occasional audio clip thrown in for fun! If you are community minded and want feedback then make sure you sign up for a class that has a site (like where you can post your progress and receive feedback from the instructor and your peers.

Are you very specific about what you want to learn? There is even a class on How to Paint an Owl! It looks like such a fun class!

Sharon Tomlinson has a DVD you can buy on how to paint faces! She also has online classes!  I am often asked about how to paint faces. I do show a bit of face painting in my Bohemian Bliss class.


Mary Ann Moss’ Remains of the Day

I’m part of the 21 Secrets Art Journaling Playground. I believe taking a class like this where you have the incredible opportunity to sample 21 different artist’s workshops is a great way to find a teacher your resonate with. Many of the 21 Secrets instructors have online classes.

A great way to sample whether or not the artist resonates with you is to watch their promo videos – many online classes have a promo video where you can sample the class and see what the instructor is like before committing to purchasing.

Traci Bautista has many classes to choose from including a Creative Business type class called Discovering YOU (i took this class and really enjoyed it)

Leonie Allan (goddess Leonie) Creative Business.  Leonie has such a heartfelt way (and whimsical too!) of imparting her secrets and help move you closer to your dreams.

ARTrepreneur : the art of turning creative dreams into reality– April Bowles Creative Business (lots and lots of goodies here!)

Kelly Rae Roberts Flying Lessons: Tips and tricks to help your creative business soar. Not actually a class anymore but a downloadable e-book with lots of links and helpful ideas.

Sharon Tomlinson – painting faces

Tamara Laporte – digital, faces, collaging and more….

Mary Ann Moss – Remains of the Day

Suzi Blu La Petit Academy fun and wacky – lots of great techniques.  Suzi was one of the first people to create online classes – many folks followed after her.

Pam Carriker – great artist and  teacher – had a series of workshops with Strathmore.  Now she has an Art Journaling DVD out with Interweave.

Paula Phillips (aka Journal Artista) has a DVD coming out with Interweave as well – even though that’s not an online class it’s sort of like it only you can keep the lessons forever and watch them over and over. Paula also has a live stream weekly of  art journaling demos– she is very generous with her expertise! I love Paula!

Alisa Burke – fabulous artist – very versatile– offers a number of different classes

Crafty Chica – Even the effervescent Crafty Chica – Kathy has an online class Called “Kamikaze PR for Indie Artists” Doesn’t it sound like fun?

Brave Girls Club “Soul Restoration Workshop Creating the life you want to live.

This is by no means a comprehensive list at all – if you search the Scrapbooking sites I’m sure you will come up with many more online classes……oh one more i heard about was Claudine Hellmuth’s Composition for Collage online workshop.

Taking an online class from one of your favourite artists will also help you decide if you would like to take a LIVE class with them at one of the Art Retreats. We resonate with different people – be sure to sign up with someone who speaks to you on different levels.

I hope this helps you a bit in your search for an appropriate online class.  Have fun and learn something new today without having to get out of your jammies!  Yay! 

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Becoming Brave Art Journal Page



This is my art journal page for Erin Kenepp’s 21 Secrets Class called “Becoming Brave”. As you can probably tell this is not my normal Journal Page but i thought it would be fun to explore other ways of journaling.  Erin’s wonderfully soulful journal pages have recently appeared in Somerset Studios and Somerset Memories.  You can view Erin’s Becoming Brave pages here. Erin says it’s “okay not to be perfect” and it’s okay to be afraid. Erin is an art therapist and has found art journaling very therapeutic for herself and her clients.

The images i used here were pretty random – a photo of my little sister and me that i love, a foot from a magazine (because i like going barefoot) and the words “knock your socks off” – that can be taken two ways – literally to knock your socks off and figuratively “become brave and knock your socks off”.  For me the image evokes a certain feeling in me– my sister was much more outgoing than me.  The photo shows i believe that i was quite quiet and shy but that i loved my little sister a lot.  The “becoming brave” words are like a message to the little children to become brave as they grow up!

The sequins and gemstone were hints of a future life full of glitter and joy!


More Art Journaling Goodness!




I continue to be amazed and thoroughly humbled by the incredible art journal pages and the willingness to explore all aspects of the personality happening over at the 21 Secrets Art Journaling Playground!  Here i am specifically speaking about my workshop Me and My Shadow.  These amazing pages were created by my student Sigrun.  I love how she has explored her shadow in this journal spread.  Don’t you just adore the black wings and the soulful expression on the woman?  I’m not sure if you can see but Sigrun really loves Runes so she incorporated runes in the design of the woman’s top – that gives this spread even more meaning. Inside the pocket on the right-hand side Sigrun has slipped in secret notes. If you are interested in joining in on the fun you still have until the end of May to sign up!

For those of you reading this blog who have already joined the workshop – I’ll be hosting a live chat along with the talented Tammy Garcia (her class is called Urban Layer Cake – how yummy is that?) this Wednesday at 4 pm PST, 7 pm EST so please come and join me and ask us any burning questions you may have!  It’s sure to be a fun session!

The Women and Words Conference

I had such an amazing time at the Women and Word’s Conference on Friday and Saturday. As you know i had been preparing for my workshop “Flying your Freak flag: A Guide to Getting Published and Creating a Buzz”. My workshop went well – i was nervous as all getup but you know what happens when you talk about something you are passionate about you get on a high and things seem to JUST FLOW!  The flipchart idea was really good and maybe even better than a PowerPoint presentation as it allowed me to be a bit more interactive – brainstorming with the participants. The enthusiastic attendees made this such a positive experience!

I took numerous workshops on branding, article writing, marketing, image consulting, social media, getting published, creating an audio book etc.  I took away many nuggets – one of them being that Social Media is here to stay and you better get used to it and learn how to properly navigate it.  So many of us, me included, have difficulty wrapping our heads around it – it’s a new paradigm that is here to stay – unless of course the grid goes down and then we’ll have other more pressing matters to occupy our time Smile. I bought Angela Crocker’s  book  The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Creating a Social Network and it’s really good!  Angela was presenting a workshop with the Book Broads on “Flog your Blog: How to Turn your Blog into a Book”.

The Smiling Mask: Understanding and acceptance for postpartum difficulties

A big shout out to the women over at the Smiling Mask for winning a National Award from the Family Resource Programs of Canada for their outstanding work in the area of mental health promotion through the Smiling Mask Project! I have a soft spot in my heart for this as i suffered from Postpartum depression many years ago.  The women of the Smiling Mask are helping to demystify postpartum difficulties by bringing help and hope to the sufferers and their families. Congratulations ladies!

Well i think I’ve talked your ear off enough.  I’ll see you tomorrow!


Happy Earth Day and Good Friday!


This is the image i created for a Girl’s Conference I’m participating in at the end of May – i thought it was appropriate for Earth Day.  Let’s Love the Earth and of course Love ourselves!!!


We are having tons of fun over at the 21 Secrets Art Journaling Playground!  I am amazed by the beautiful and soulful pieces of art everyone is creating.  Leith graciously gave me permission to post her two art journal pages – society page and the shadow page.  Aren’t they amazing?  Thank you Leith.  I met Leith a number of years ago at the Seattle Art Car blowout when we both were in the art car parade.  That’s when my van Glittergirl was still around. Leith was such a sweet person – her car was pretty nifty too if i recall.  I was so excited when i saw that Leith signed up for 21 Secrets – you can still sign up – it’s not too late!


Today I’m working on a stuffy bunny for my grandson Sammy.  He will be having first Easter Egg hunt tomorrow (that’s when everyone is able to get together).  I started off sketching and then painted an eyeball, cut it out and THEN made a paper pattern.  There is often no rhyme or reason to how i begin a project – except for the part the sketching an idea part – it might begin on a scrap piece of paper or even a napkin.  Yesterday i had the idea of painting an eyeball – strange eh? That turquoise/greenish piece of fabric that you see is a baby wipe that was used in a project and ended up getting dyed a pretty colour.  I’m thinking of using it for the foliage on a stuffed carrot – we shall see.

Well I’m off – I hope you all have a Happy Easter (if you celebrate)!  I’ll see you on Monday!


Artist’s Date

Before i begin to do a “show and tell” about my Artists Date I’ll like to congratulate Natasha of Finding Joy – she’s the winner of my April Giveaway!  Congratulations Natasha!  Please e-mail me and I’ll send off your goodies to you – all the way to New Zealand! 

A Great Big Thank you and much Gratitude to Jennifer Hutchins for the lovely interview she did today! Jennifer is one of the presenters of 21 Secrets Workshop.  We are having lots of fun over at the Art Journaling Playground!


On Friday i went on an artist’s date with two artist friends – Jenny and Kym (of Blissartworks).  We met up in Fairhaven – an awesome quaint village (part of Bellingham) Washington.  I live in B.C. and the girls live in Seattle Washington so we thought this area would be a nice place to meet up in the middle.  I met Kym and Jenny at Journalfest – they are the sweetest people you could ever hope to meet!


Kym and Jenny


We met at the Rustic Coffee bar


I was over an hour early since “google maps” told me it would take 1 1/2 hours to get there….NOT!  Anyways it gave me an opportunity to take pictures of signs and also begin drawing in my new Strathmore Journal. As you can see i had a blueberry/white chocolate scone – yummy!


After everyone grabbed a coffee and treat we settled down and had a good old fashioned “Show and tell”!  It was such fun to share what we have all been up to. You can see my little right brained business plan baby board book and also Kym’s Bliss Blossoms – she’s coated them in yummy encaustic – they reminded me of Peek frean cookies i used to love when i was a kid.  They had a thin coating of icing on them, similar to Kym’s Bliss Blossoms!


Jenny Shared a lovely journal she created after attending Juliana Cole’s retreat (i can’t recall the name of it).  They altered an existing book. The results were amazing – gorgeous textured pages, foldouts and all kinds of wonderful surprises!


Jenny holding up her Journal.


Kym shared her journal with Juicy entries – i really got a chuckle out of this page – Kym’s a pharmacist and one of her pet peeves is grumpy clients. So she was able to vent some of her frustrations onto the page!


After coffee we went window shopping (well we went inside too but were not allowed to take pictures).


We went into Village Books – a fabulous bookstore!  I bought Tracy Bunker’s book “The Art Journal Workshop”.  I am so excited to delve into it – it also has a DVD!  How cool is that?

Jenny was busy writing down ideas that we were brainstorming while walking and chatting.  She was also writing down the names of artists that we were inspired by – so many of the shops were art related shops! Never go without a notebook to capture your ideas and inspirations!


We all had a yummy crepe at one of the fine restaurants.


I was so excited to find the restaurant had Madeleine cookies!  They remind me of when i was 17 and my family visited relatives in France. Great memories!


the group of us! Thanks ladies – i had fun!



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