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Heather Plett–21 Secrets


Heather Plett



Heather_sophia rises

Sophia Rises

Heather_tree of hope

Tree of Hope

Today I’m featuring Heather Plett one of the teachers of the 21 Secrets Art Journaling Playground.

I’m happy to be teaching alongside Heather.  If you would like to learn more about her please check out Heather’s site or her Sophia Leadership blog (check out her video when she paints the Tree of Hope).  I can’t believe that Heather has only been painting for 2 years.  Isn’t her art amazing?  I especially enjoy “Sophia Rises” and the power it evokes – the Wise Women reaching up to the Sky. Heather is offering a free e-book called Sophia Rises if you sign up for the Sophia Circle.  Heather documents her authentic journey on her about page – i don’t have the space to get into it here however let me tell you it’s incredibly inspiring. Heather’s journey will encourage you to reclaim your authentic self by bravely stepping forward into who you truly are inside.  Heather believes that it is through “feminine wisdom (intuition, creativity, spirituality and holistic thinking)” that we can transform leadership models.  Her mission is “to help other emerging leaders – whether at the kitchen table or boardroom table – to be strong enough to stand with me in challenging the status quo”.  Now that’s a powerful mission statement!

Heather calls herself a “midwife for your stories, wisdom and courage” – she helps you (or your organization) share your stories and trust your wisdom and learn to trust your courage.  Heather is a multi-talented woman – Facilitator – Story Coach – Communicator and artist!

Body Art Journaling is Heather’s offering at 21 Secrets in this fun workshop you get messy with paint – lots of self-discovery in this class!

Heather – I’m looking forward to getting to know you better!

Yesterday’s Contest

You can still enter my contest – just post a message on yesterday’s blogpost .  I forgot to mention that i will draw a winner on Monday morning April 11th at 9 am PST!  Good Luck!


21 Secrets and hello Natasha!


The lovely Natasha – a fellow teacher at 21 Secrets and her artwork…..




21 Secrets officially opens today YAY!!!!!!! 

You can just feel the wonderful energy on the site.  All of the teachers are abuzz with excitement.  If you want to learn more and would like to join us for the art journaling extravaganza please click on the above link.  I woke up this morning to a kajillion messages from 21 Secrets in my inbox………YIKES….i forgot to turn off some of the settings so i would not receive EVERYTHING.  Over 300 people are registered for this event so you can imagine how many messages came pouring in!  Ha!

Creative Nacho’s – Natasha

One of the many positive benefits about being a teacher at 21 Secrets is that I get to explore the artwork and teachings of so many talented women.  Some I already know and some I am having the pleasure of getting to know.  Today I’m so thrilled to be sharing a bit with you about Natasha (check out her lovely blog – Creative Nachos) – how fun is that name??  I’m loving it! This is what Natasha says about herself:

I am a child with a bucket of words mixing and matching, the laughter over a pint, colorful sidewalk chalk drawings, an umbrella in the rain, a midnight heart-to-heart, the moment right after a breaking wave, a mini-Tasmanian Devil, a Nacho chip topped with yummy wonderfulness, a tightrope-walking juggler, the popcorn-chocolate combo at the movies, music notes hanging in the air, the chocolate shell on a candy bar, love dangling from a shirt sleeve, flickering firefly light, an unruly child at prayer service, a Mama bear, a medic hoping to fix the broken parts, a horse cloud shape, the concrete and the blowing grass all-in-one, a pistachio among peanuts. Creativenachos is my playground. Won’t you come and play?

I don’t know about you but after reading her bio i seriously wanted to come and play with her at Creative Nachos!  One of the things i find so special about Natasha is her way with words – they literally jump off the page.  Her words tell a story and as you can see with the above journal pages she weaves gorgeous stories that draw you into her beautiful world.  Soon Natasha will be offering her own class called “Oh the stories you’ll tell” where i’m sure she’ll be spilling her secrets!  And speaking of secrets – Natasha’s class at 21 Secrets is called “Improvisation Station”.

Natasha will be showing you how to tap into your intuition and simply play with no agenda! I don’t know about you but i could seriously use a couple of hours of play with no plan!

Thanks Natasha for being so true to YOU!

I received a few lovely Visual Journals from Strathmore – wonderful yummy pages of sturdy paper! Thank you Strathmore!  So on Monday I’m going to have a giveaway!  Hooray!  Also I’ll be showcasing the art and work of Heather Plett another 21 Secrets teacher. You can go to Heather’s site and sign up for her free e-book called Sophia Rises: Changing the world through feminine wisdom.  Our very own Connie Hozvicka the beautiful brains behind 21 Secrets is one of the contributors.

Well that’s it for today – I hope you all have a marvellous weekend.  I’ll be doing some work, visiting family and helping my friend in her campaign office – it’s election time here in Canada!


Good Karma all around!


The back of my i-pad and i-phone with my art “Follow your Bliss” on it! Doesn’t it look like a Mommy and baby to you?


Here is the front of the design! I’m so jazzed to see my art on these boring technical gadgets… makes me want to actually USE them rather than poke them with a stick Smile!

I mentioned before that i ordered my art on skins for these gadgets from Skinit? Well you can do the same with your art as well or you could also choose a skin from some of the numerous artsy designs available. When you WEAR your art, carry your ART and work on your art and you are out in the world it becomes a talking point where you can say “Yes……I’m an artist and I made this!”  You could then hand out your card if the person is interested. It becomes the start of a conversation where you can talk about your passion and share it with others which in turn gives them permission to talk about their passion!  How cool is that?  Good Karma all around! Smile


I’m pretty excited because “21 Secrets” starts tomorrow YAY!!!!!!!  If you would like to sign up please use this link  You get 21 classes all for under 60 dollars.  I’ve been taking some of the classes and I’m totally blown away by the fabulous offerings and how different everyone approaches teaching.  It’s such a great experience to be in the same company with so many wonderful Creative Spirits!

Tomorrow I will be highlighting the work of two of my fellow teachers! I’m pretty excited to share some of their art and what I simply LOVE about them and what makes them unique. 

Last nite we had our closing campfire at the wishBIG ecamp – it was so wonderful being a part of the virtual campfire.  We closed by sharing a story created by the virtual tribes of campers.  I was so impressed by the story (cobbled together by Mindy) and how it touched what is deep in the hearts of so many of us that i’m sure it will end up somewhere in my journal – I will share it with you then!

More good Karma – today at 12 noon *(wherever you live) Dr. Emoto (best selling author of the book “Messages from Water”  is asking you to please send a prayer of love and gratitude to water at the nuclear plants in Fukushima Japan. Dr. Emoto discovered that “water can turn positive when it receives pure vibration of human prayer no matter how far away it is”.  Here is what Dr. Emoto asks:

Please say the following phrase:

"The water of Fukushima Nuclear Plant,
we are sorry to make you suffer.
Please forgive us. We thank you, and we love you."
Please say it aloud or in your mind. Repeat it three times as you put your
hands together in a prayer position. Please offer your sincere prayer.

Thank you very much from my heart.

With love and gratitude,
Masaru Emoto


A Gratitude Walk

A couple of days ago on a dreary day while being overwhelmed with too much work i decided to take a gratitude walk in the neighbourhood…….this is what i found to be grateful for………


Crocuses joyfully popping up everywhere! Don’t they make your heart sing?


My Tree that i hug and touch lovingly every time i go for a walk. I even introduce people to it “Tree – Barb. Barb – tree".  tee hee!


The duck pond and the ducks swimming about. I can’t wait to see the baby ducklings this spring!


This lovely tree with a stairway of fungus!


the pathway that is always flooded and muddy making it difficult to pass through without getting muddy runners or boots!  Some kind soul put bricks on the side of the path so that we could bypass over the gunk!  How sweet is that?


A back alley – for some reason i LOVE back alleys. They remind me of my childhood when i spent many happy hours playing with my friends around the “burn barrel” making pretend soup, playing skip rope and imagining all kinds of fabulous scenarios! Of course back then the back alleys were made of gravel not paved like this one.

My walk taught me that you can ALWAYS find something to be grateful for even on wet dreary days!

Podcast with Tina tonite!

And speaking of gratitude I’m grateful that Tina Ferguson asked me back on her show The Queen of Dreams Podcast – The show is on at 6 pm PST – we’ll be talking about Dreams, Magic and Rituals.  You never know though what might come up!  You can come and chat in the chatroom while we are on and you can ask questions if you like!

And more gratitude……..things are getting pretty exciting at the 21 Secrets Headquarters………all of the instructors are getting jazzed about sharing their classes with the participants.

21 Secrets: art journaling playground

By clicking the link above–you will be taken to the official 21 SECRETS web page on Dirty Footprints Studio–where if you purchase registration–I will joyfully receive an affiliate fee for your kindness!  Thank you in advance for your purchase and for spreading the word–I look forward to seeing you in the playground this April 1st!!

Don’t forget to enter to win my contest for a place in the wishBIG ecamp class!  Leave a message here to be entered in the draw okay? If you are interested in signing up for this super duper virtual retreat find out more info here . It is sure to be a fun camp with smores, postcards, classes and camp t-shirts!

See you tomorrow!


21 Secrets is on Sale NOW! Yay!

21 SECRETS Spring Button

Hooray……FINALLY 21 Secrets is on Sale TODAY! The fun starts April 1st!

You get 21 Workshops for one low price – you really can’t beat it since you have access to 21 Diverse artists bringing their magic to you in videos, PDF files and a live chat. How wonderful is that?  I know that i have worked hard to create my 4 videos and downloadable PDF file so that you can continue to be inspired long after the the workshop is over. You’ll be able to have access to me by asking questions about the workshop, your process and share your discoveries in the NING site! I can’t wait to see what you come up with while Uncovering your SHADOW!  Working on my Shadow through my Journals has truly saved me in many ways. I hope that you will encounter the same cathartic release and ultimately JOY in documenting your shadow side through art journaling!

Here is the scoop:

– If you would like to join me and 20 other Creatives in this

Art Journal Playground

could you please use this link to sign up and view more details ?

By clicking the link above–you will be taken to the official 21 SECRETS web page on Dirty Footprints Studio–where if you purchase registration–I will joyfully receive an affiliate fee for your kindness!  Thank you in advance for your purchase and for spreading the word–I look forward to seeing you in the playground this April 1st!!


A sneak peek of one of my projects for Me and My Shadow


Another Sneak peek!  Are you curious now?  I hope so!

See you in the Playground!


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