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A book, a green wig, quinoa and Creative Chaos!


What a wonderful surprise!  My friend Tina sent me her book “The Power of Love”.  Thank you Tina!  I can’t wait to read it.  And speaking of love – Tina and her husband Mark will be on the Queen of Dreams Radio sharing what they have learned about love. Don’t miss it!

noel's doo

Noel – my mannequin now has a Green Wig thanks to my sister Linda – it arrived in the mail yesterday!  No longer is she sporting gold curly ribbon hair.  Thank you Linda!


Last night i made myself a Quinoa salad – it was quick to make and nourishing!  You can find the recipe here.  I needed something i could munch on while shooting video for Me and my Shadow for the 21 Secrets workshop.


Creative Chaos abounds in the kitchen! This is where i was shooting video and taking photos last night – it’s quite the process.

I’m pretty exhausted from lack of sleep – (menopause) so this blog will be brief. Yesterday when i posted my video on YouTube i didn’t even notice that the text i wrote up for the video did not take – so there was a blank area where the text and link should have gone…..doh.  That’s sleep deprivation for you! I went in and changed it when someone left me a note letting me know.

Talk to you tomorrow Smile


Me and My Shadow Preview! Woo hoo!

Me and My Shadow 21 Secrets workshop Preview

This is my little intro video for the 21 Secrets workshopMe and My Shadow .  Sometimes i just can’t believe that i would dance on camera or ………gosh………sing for that matter!  Yikes!  Anyways i hope you are excited about the upcoming workshop.  I know i am! Soon i will have a link for you to use so you can sign up for this workshop……stay tuned!

That’s it for today……..lots of stuff to do.  See you tomorrow!


Me and My Shadow



I’m pretty excited to let you know that my 21 Secrets Workshop will be on embracing the shadow! It’s all about the masks we wear and how in order to become a fully joyful human being we need to embrace the shadow aspects of ourselves.  In my workshop we won’t be creating masks however we will be making some juicy Journal pages illustrating the two sides of ourselves – the shadow and the face we portray to the outside world! You’ll be guided to unearth the treasures that have lain dormant for way too long!

“The Cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” – Joseph Campbell

21 SECRETS Spring Button

Gretchen Miller (one of the fabulous participating artists) has created a fun trailer for the 21 Secrets art journal playground! Do check it out! Registration starts on March 14! Woo hoo!

I came across this site Craft Marketing tutor which I thought you might find interesting.  They have some great articles on all things Craft related. You can also be a guest blogger if that’s an area you are interested in!

Have you been watching Jennifer Lee’s video Summit?  Today Chris Guillebeau author of  The Art of Non-Conformity (great book by the way) is on talking about Corralling your Creative Cohorts……Chapter 6 of Jennifer’s book the Right Brain Business Plan. Leonie Goddess will be on this week too – I’m really looking forward to her interview! I met Leonie years ago on Sark’s messageboard!  She was such a creative spirit even back then that her joyful, exuberant spirit literally leapt off the page!

Well I’m off to create my own trailer for the 21 Secrets Workshop!  See you tomorrow!


21 Secrets coming soon!

21 Secrets

I’m so excited to announce that i am one of the Artists chosen to be a part of Dirty Footprints Studios 21 SECRETS wonderful workshop series.  Connie Hozvicka is the brains behind this Art journaling EXTRAVAGANZA!!! All of the artists assembled will be sharing their own unique approaches and ideas on art journaling with you!  How cool is that?  You can click on the link to find out more about all of the artists who are participating.  The Spring 21 SECRETS goes on sale Monday, March 14th and officially opens on Friday, April 1st.

You’ll be able to view videos and PDF’s featuring different techniques by some very innovative and heart-centered artists.  This should be fun! Thank you so much Connie for asking me to be a part of 21 SECRETS!

The Sketchbook Challenge

Have you been checking out the wonderful posts on the Sketchbook Challenge blog?  I hope you have – you’ll find lots of inspiration and ideas there to help you along on your creative journey.  It’s like a one stop shopping for ideas, tips and techniques from truly diverse artists.  Tomorrow we will be announcing the new  theme for the month of February.  Some time today Sue Bleiweiss will be announcing the winners of the January prizes – so stay tuned! 


New Inspirational Pendants!

I’m pretty excited because i just picked up my soldered pendants from Poppy of Groovyglass Girl. Poppy magically transformed my images into sparkling soldered pendants! Soon these pendants will be available for purchase on my store . You’ll find some images that i’ve used in my prints as well as a few other new ones!


Here’s the back view – you can be inspired while looking pretty!

Stay tuned – these pendants will be available for purchase really soon!


Happy little pillows!

I am totally in love with Teesha Moore’s little quilted pillows so decided to try my hand at creating a few.  I blogged before about Teesha’s wonderful 4 part tutorial.  She actually makes these fun little pillows into journal covers and purses.  They are fun to create, kind of in a meditative way but very time consuming.  You go through quite a bit of embroidery floss.  I’ve never been into quilting but think that maybe i could introduce myself into that world with these wee adorable quilted pillows!

Inspired by Robert Burridge

Right now i’m inspired by Robert Burridge – go to his home page and click on the video called “Magic Studio” and be inspired by this incredible painter who tells us all to “follow your bliss”.

“21 Secrets: an art journal playground” is being presented by Dirty Footprints studio. You’ll get 21 art journal classes – featuring some of your favourite art journalers I’ll bet!  Ihanna is one of the instructors (i love hannas art!). If you check out Hanna’s blog you can download and print some labels, tags and stickers to add to your journal pages!  Fun stuff!  Thank you Hanna for the links.

A happy belated birthday to my Mom Claudine!  I love you Mom!!!

Finding your Spine

Does your work have spine? It is the soul of your work – the catalyst that keeps you creating. Check out this wonderful blogpost at grrl + dog to find out more!

Thanks for the tweets about my Journal spot blogpost….i sure appreciate it! xo

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