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Journal Jam fun!

Hola! Hope you are all doing well!

The Art Journal Jam went really well yesterday – we had over 20 people i think – we pretty much commandeered the cafe.  I was stuck in a corner so was unable to get out and take a picture but a few other ladies did so I’ll post them later.


I must say that this group of ladies – art journal ladies are the most giving and kind that i have ever met!  Everyone is so helpful and encouraging to newcomers – so generous too with their supplies and sharing their techniques.

Our local newspaper reporter – Alex Browne brought his wife and daughter too so that was a real treat!  At the beginning of the jam I was welcoming everyone and introducing folks that i didn’t get much time to draw – but i did get a start on a wee sketch which you see above. I have difficulty talking and drawing at the same time Smile.

Well that’s it for today – i am still recovering from the weekend and from being sick and lack of sleep so I’ll be taking it easy today!

See you on Friday!

Love, Violette xo

Free Christmas Gift tags!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Yesterday we had the Art Journal Jam at the Good Day Sunshine Cafe and had such a great time.  This time it was a smaller group – i think around 8 or 10 of us but we were just as loud as always Smile. Everyone worked on something different, sketching, collaging, gluing, chatting and sharing!  I worked on a little Santa drawing which you see here:


I made the drawing into gift tags for you! I attempted to create a Google Document so you can download it – not sure if this will work for you or not but click here to download

If it doesn’t work I’ll have Mr. G fix it later tonight okay?  I hope you enjoy the gift tags!


Don’t they look sweet once you cut them up?


I created some large actual size images to put on my little grandson’s presents! I’ve wrapped half of my presents but didn’t put any gift tags on them yet since i knew I’d be creating some new ones this year!

You can download the BIG santa gift tags here

An Organized New Year!


A couple of days ago i hired Debby of Streamlined Solutions to come and help me organize my office for a few hours.  She’s very kind, helpful and organized Smile.  Debby specializes in helping folks who are chronically disorganized, hoarders or people with ADD. Here’s Debby surrounded by many piles of things which had to be categorized. She didn’t seem daunted by anything i threw at her! I would definitely recommend her services.

What are you doing in the New Year? Organizing your craft room, taking new classes, going back to school or finding a job? I’d like to know!

I’ll be taking a break from blogging for two weeks and will be back on Friday January 3.  If you celebrate Christmas I wish you a wonderful time shared with family and good friends. May the New Year bring you many blessings.

I’ll see some of you on Facebook!

Thank you so much for spending some time here visiting my blog. I appreciate it!

Love, Violette xo

Art Journal Jam and other goodness!

Good morning my Creative Friends! I hope you all had a lovely weekend.


We had a few friends over on the weekend for a little Christmas Gathering. Our friends Irma and Paul gave us this little adorable Grinch Tree – isn’t it cute? 


Here’s our little Christmas tree with a few presents around it! I love how magical things appear at night when they are all lit up – like a Christmas tree!


We’ll be having our last Art Journal Jam of the year at the Good Day Sunshine Cafe! Please come out and join us tomorrow – bring your pens and journal and let’s make art and chat.  Please remember to buy a beverage – someone brought another beverage in a cup from another coffee shop they other day – that’s just not cool.  It’s important to support the coffee shop that is hosting our group for free. Thanks!

Creative Goodness on the interwebs

oracle deck cards

My friend Kate Robertson was part of a group of artists who created this lovely Oracle Deck of Cards.  Do check out her blogpost on the excitement of receiving her cards in the mail. You can also order them from her! I love Oracle cards – I own several of them.

My friend Dale Anne Potter is having a BIG DREAMS Journaling Retreat you may want to check out!

Alisa Burke has done it again with a lovely little video of “crafting with your kids”.  Do check out her recycled robots and painted baubles craft ideas!  Alisa is brilliant! If you have kids or grandchildren you’re going to love these ideas!

Well that’s it for today folks!  I’ll see you on Wednesday – that will be my last day of blogging until the New Year! I’ll be on Facebook however! If we’re not friends yet – please friend me on Facebook!

Love, Violette xo



Free Art Friday!

My friend Nicci told me about Free Art Friday where participating artist’s are to flood the streets with Art on Black Friday. Rather than be greedy and buy buy buy all of the sales on Black Friday the idea is to GIVE away art to whomever finds it on the streets!  I love that idea. Scott Wong came up with it!  If you click on Nicci’s name above you can see what she’s giving away. 


I started this little drawing at the Art Journal Jam on Tuesday. As you know i LOVE drawing quirky characters. This little person doesn’t look too happy does she?  But still she IS a bright and shining light!  I’m going to ask my daughter Jessica to drop this package off in Vancouver…..


I’ll be giving away this original drawing, a postcard and a laminated card about making lemonade out of lemons. You just never know – a person who needs a little boost might find this cellophaned package today.

I am guessing my American friends are still making merry and celebrating Thanksgiving Smile so you might not see this!  In any case have a wonderful weekend full of joy and celebration to you and everyone else who reads my blog.  I’m very thankful that you keep coming back to see what is going on in my little corner of the world.

Much Love,
Violette xo

November Art Journal Jam and Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow – another successful art journal jam at the Good Day Sunshine Cafe yesterday!


We had tons of folks attend as well as Nicci’s cute son Duran!


One of the ladies – Joanne Swiss was sculpting some cute sculpey Elf faces.  Maybe we could turn the art journal jam into a Creative Jam Smile!  I thought the elf face would look awesome on the front cover of an art journal. You’d just have to cut the back of the head off so it fit snuggly on the cover.

My apologies for not blogging on Monday and for being very late today. Mr. G and I are switching things around here at the magic cottage – moving the bedroom downstairs so we can be closer to the washroom Smile. We moved the office upstairs – my desktop computer was disabled so i was offline for a few days. The office upstairs is still in a bit of chaos and I’m disorientated as i keep forgetting things downstairs and have to trek up and down the stairs!  Hopefully things will be all hunky dory soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!

A very happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends living in the U.S. and abroad!  Enjoy celebrating with your family and friends! 

Love, Violette xo

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