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Art Journal Jam!

Finally – i created a poster for the Art Journal Jam happening at the Good Day Sunshine Cafe!artjournaljam_poster1

It’s funny but yesterday i googled “Art Journal Jam ideas” to know what to put in this poster and the first thing that came up was yesterday’s post.  I didn’t get much help from Google. The funny thing is i didn’t invent the term “Art Journal Jam” – i first heard it when i attended Teesha’s Art Journal Fest a couple of years ago.

I thought hosting a Journal Jam was a great way to meet other likeminded spirits and just JAM/create art!  I could have posted a Meetup event but i am hoping to attract some teens as well as women to the gathering.  I wouldn’t think that Teens would be likely to go to a Meetup – i could be wrong however Smile.

I often hear people complaining that their community doesn’t host creative gatherings.  So I tell them – if it doesn’t exist then create it yourself!  Post notices in cafe’s, blog about it, create Meetups, send a notice to your local paper, drop off flyers in your neighbourhood, attend women’s networking events and hand out flyers. There are many ways to find YOUR PEOPLE! 

The folks at Good Day Sunshine Cafe are very supportive of the arts and Creative folks – they even host Open Mic nights which apparently are a big hit.  Fiind out if your community has a cafe that is open to new ideas and approach them with your creative ideas.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  I’m spending some time with my little grandson Cillian today so that should be fun!

Love, Violette xo

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