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The light at the end of the tunnel!

Mr. Gee and I went away to visit family and friends this weekend and on the way home we dropped by to see some tunnels which had been created in the 1800s to make way for a railroad (near Hope).  Since I have a fascination with orbs I asked Mr. Gee to take a picture of me with my spirit friends.  Notice how there’s a green orb next to my head?  I believe that is a my spirit guide or guardian angel.

We’re walking through another tunnel when I felt somebody walking beside me – so I quickly turned into the pitch black to see who was there.  When I turn there was no one there.  So I asked Mr. Gee to take a picture of me to see if there was a spirit hanging out there – sure enough there was an  orb next to my shoulder!  Cool eh?

This is a picture we took of the pathway to the tunnels.  I always love taking photos of pathways – I’m thinking ahead of future art journal pages that these lovely photos would be perfect for!  Of course pathways are always a metaphor for the journey.  They really speak to me.

Here is another lovely pathway picture we took yesterday.

The cast clinic

Today I’m going to the cast clinic – it’s been four weeks since I’ve had my cast on and I believe they’re going to xray my wrist to see if everything’s healing properly.  I’m hoping that they will put on a smaller cast.  It’s been very hot here and having a big heavy cast on makes me a wee bit cranky.  Ha!!!

Learning how to macrame

I am teaching myself how to macrame to help keep my fingers limber while they’re in a cast. I’ve always been a bit dyslexic so this is a bit of a challenge but I think it will be fun once I get the hang of it. I’ll be able to add beads to make the macrame pieces more interesting. Ultimately I think my little experiments will find their way as embellishments on my art journal books and other art projects.

Here is the YouTube video I am using to learn how to create a square knot for hemp jewelry.

As you can see from the photograph I don’t quite have the hang of it yet as it’s difficult to pull the Hemp string as taut as it needs to be.

Please check out this wonderful four part Mandala journal video tutorial – it’s absolutely amazing! I am so in love with the entire process and how the book turns out in the end. Karin Bartimole created this book in response to her life-experiences. Her generosity in sharing this process with us truly warms my heart.

Art Inspiration: The foot

I swear ducktaping a banana to my wart made it go away – google “warts and bananas”.

A New Year’s Eve Foot fetish party i attended – it was all about the feet.  Here’s Karen, yours truly and Susan.

It’s important to get a feel for the stinging coolness of snow on your feet!

Glitter on the toes is wonderful!  Having your barefeet right on the ground is very theraputic…….did you know that? It’s very grounding and good for your body.

You can even make an art journal page around your feet!

You can even paint with your toes!  Did you know that?  Yes you can! Of course it will most likely look like something a cat did but with practise i’m sure you’ll get good at it.

I’m beginning to think i have a foot fetish or something……just kidding.

I took this picture and incorporated it in my book Bohemian Bliss

So you can see your feet can be great fodder for your art journal pages or your mixed media art.

I also video my feet sometimes for my youtube videos.  One thing i haven’t done which i think would be too much darn fun is to roll some paint onto your feet and then walk all over a canvas or piece of cardstock – you can incorporate that into your mixed media pieces!  Fun stuff!

I found this moleskine youtube channel – did you know that you can get moleskins for recipes and for health related issues.  On this page you’ll see a mobile moleskin touring art show.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend………do something fun and creative it you can – even for 15 minutes.  Why not do a quick sketch of your feet? Your creative spirit will thank you!

Love, Violette xo

More Board book progress…..

The top of my book – can you say Fiesta???  I think my Latin roots are showing!

The book spine – the crayon is “violet”

I like to leverage the art i have created before by reusing it – this face was used a few years ago in a journal page called Why Can’t you be More like me?

What i do is colour copy the image – sometimes i shrink it down in size like i did this time.  When you find images that you like in your art colour copy them and save them to use in other art journal pages or mixed media projects.  You can even make the pages into a film strip (the images ontop of each other in a series) and glue, staple or tape them to a journal page.

I’ve had this tiny stuffy in my studio for a while – i originally called it an ugly doll but my daughter-in-law suggested i call it “the good personality doll” (making up for not being attractive).  While creating my Right Brain Business plan this wee doll beckoned me and asked to be part of the party….seriously.  It was as if we were having a conversation.  I was thinking “are you nuts?  How are you going to fit in the book….i mean really….get a grip!”  But he/she insisted so there you go… wee creative spirit doll has found her way in the project :).

Don’t you think most mixed media art happens this way?  You are working on a project and suddenly your eye spies a bit of ephemera that’s not supposed to be there but it is……for might be a bottle cap from a party goers beer that found it’s way in the studio….or you had a chip bag lying on the table from when you had the kids over.  Your mind starts thinking “hey….wouldn’t it be great if i stapled that to my page? That bottle cap might make a cool danglie. Or what if i created a pocket and inserted the wee doll here?” Don’t you just love it?

I’m so in love with art it’s not funny….well it is funny………but you know what i mean? xo

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