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Art Journal Prompt: I'm happiest when……

I wrote this journal prompt the other day on twitter/facebook and decided to do a quick journal page on it.  It took about 45 minutes to create.  It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece or anything.  As you can see i first painted the background (cardstock) with white, pink and turquoise.  I splattered on a few water droplets and then tamped it off with a paper towel. Then with my micron pens and a sharpie i wrote the words and doodled some designs.  When i took a photograph of the piece it was not totally dry as i also used some gel pens and a soufle pen to colour in some of the elements on the page.  The page is just 5 x 7 – i’m going to add it to a mini – journal that i’m creating.  I got the idea from Lisa Sonora Beam’s mini journals she fashions from discarded greeting cards (as covers).  You can use any scrap paper you have for the inside pages.  I’ll be using cardstock, graph paper, brown paper (from a bag) etc.  I’m thinking this will be my “Happy book”…….and everything in it will be related to all things that make me happy!  Why not give it a whirl?

You can still enter to win my contest on friday’s post by leaving a few comments re: my FAQ query!  Thanks for playing!

The Healing Properties of Arts and Crafts

The other day while visiting my Mom who is convalescing i brought her a book on Scrabooking for Babies….it’s called Oh Baby!  Now my Mom was feeling listless, in pain and had no appetite.  It was tough to see her like this. She wouldn’t eat, her eyes were downcast.  I pulled out the book and gave it to her.  It’s amazing how much it perked her up!  Her passion is Scrapbooking.  So for 1/2 an hour we looked through different page spreads she could create when she got the use of her arm again.  She’s pretty excited about her little great grandson Sam (my grandbaby) so this was the perfect thing to give her something to look forward to.  I also offered to be her hands while she directed me as to which papers to use and what to cut out etc.  My Mom’s temporary rallying around was a true testament to the healing powers of Crafting!

What it is

This post is going to be brief since i’m in a hurry to get out the door!  I’m in the beginning stages of creating an art journal page.  Last nite i got the idea to create a page of a woman’s legs with a bird cage ontop.  I’m not exactly sure where i’m going with this but i’m not trying to think too hard.  I believe that thinking gets in the way of art and ends up  ruining things.  If you think too much and become self-conscious about it then the art becomes contrived.  In Lynda Barry’s fabulous book “What it is”  she talks about how objects summon memories, what do real images feel like?   Lynda encourages the reader to keep their pen moving and when you do this – lo and behold you will feel alive again.  The book is about writing but also about art and how many of us quit drawing due to judgements at a young age.  Anyways it kind of felt like Lynda was inside my head since she documents what it felt like to be a geeky kid and how her artistic life saved her in many ways.  Her life mirrors my life in many ways.  I  was inspired to work on the above page after reading parts of What it is.

The Gremlin and your Creative Dreams


Have you ever been haunted by that critical voice inside your head that tells you you can’t do something, that you are a horrible artist, such a klutz with no talent? Well I hear that voice and have to find ways to silence it. Sometimes if you give it a face and a name it takes the wind out of it – I like to call it the Gremlin. In the above sketch I was illustrating what gets in the way of my dreams…….and I came up with an illustration of me! I’m taking Sark’s Dream Boogie online class and this was one of the exercises she gave us – to illustrate the monster. The class by the way is excellent. It speaks so well to the creative person in me who enjoys whimsy, colour and fun plus there is so much interaction with the teleseminar and the ability to participate in polls on the phone. I think this is a new feature which is supposed to mimic attending a real live workshop where you break up in groups and share your dreams and ask for feedback. It’s sort of like a mini virtual mastermind group!

 Tracking your Gremlin Progress in your Art Journal

Anyways, as usual I’m digressing. Every year I create a Gremlin Journal Page and notice how over the years he has changed – he’s not quite as vicious as the previous year. Therapy and EFT (emotional freedom technique) has helped me in dealing with the gremlins and the demons that stop forward progress. It’s pretty cool if you can keep your journal pages and refer back to them at a later date. You’ll hopefully be able to notice a pattern – a pattern of growth where you are in fact moving closer and closer to your dreams and in fact are living them. That’s one of the things that excited me so much about art journaling – the journal pages which almost magically appeared before my very eyes had a message for me. They told me what was going on in my life, where I needed to change, what was important and what wasn’t. I was told to take a break, go on a retreat to recharge my batteries. I can’t say it often enough….art really has saved my life! I know that it can save your life too – it can help you deal with and overcome some pretty trying times. On the flip side art journaling is a great way to document the joys and simple pleasures in your life too!

Tree Art Journal Page: Day 2

The completed page

  •  I painted a scallop design and a tree with gesso. The stawberry was drawn on a scap piece of card with my micron pen


  •  Next I outlined the scallops and tree with micron pens and stabillo black pencil crayon. I also used Derwent Sketching pencil (light wash). I painted the tree trunk with acrylics and water color pencil crayons 


  • I glued down the text with a glue stick, painted the strawberry with twinkling H2O’s, cut it out and also glued it down.


  • Now came the fun part adding more acrylic paint to the tree to create leaves. I used some Walnut ink dabber to tone down the words and also to add an antique effect to the scallop. I added words to the tree with micron pens. I added a flourish to the side with my pens. With a bit of washed down paint I created a block below the strawberry so I could write my words and have them show up a wee bit better. Using the pen I added a few more embellishments. Did you notice I used the “jack” design in the lefthand corner? A few weeks ago I was staring at my bedding and noticed a pattern I liked and decided to use it in a journal page one day! Voila! I did!


If you are wondering about the thinking process behind “hang up your sunshine” here it is: Originally I thought I’d add small sunshines hanging all over the tree (to make the random phrase make sense). But then I thought hanging up your sunshine is a way to create your own happiness – pay attention to and hang up whatever makes you happy – the simple things. I just happen to like strawberries and a few of them were lying on the counter as I was about to make yogurt, granola and fruit for lunch. So the strawberry found it’s way there and also I have enjoyed hugging and touching one particular tree in the local park so this was a way to pay tribute to the tree.

I hope you have played along with me and if you did post a link to your journal page (whether its on your blog or on your flickr site) for us to see! Thanks! Xo

The Upstart Crow Art Journaling class

I am teaching a class tomorrow at the Upstart Crow called Journal Bliss – it’s all about Art Journaling step by step. There are still a few spaces left so check out the link if you are interested! Should be a fun class.

There is another great article up on the Meylah blog about taking shots of your artful products. I know that I have struggled with taking photos and making my art look as interesting as possible. Check it out! You might need some pointers for your etsy shop or just for taking more interesting photos to post on your blog.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Love, Violette xoxo

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