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Giving the gift of Creativity



Wow – I can’t believe it – soon Christmas will be upon us.  I’m not quite ready yet – I have several gifts to get. How about you? A good friend gave me this lovely Christmas arrangement which i thought looked smashing on my painted coffee table!  I took a photo and posted it on Instagram.  Which reminds me – if you are on instragram come and follow me.  If you are following me and i haven’t followed you back (because i’m still trying to figure out how it works) please let me know!

LIFEBOOK 2015 Starts in 2 weeks!




This Christmas I am not wanting for too much apart from books (which i love) – artsy, spiritual and personal growth books are always on my list!  What is most important to me are experiences……….especially creative experiences. I’m asking for Ukulele lessons (you may recall I tried a couple of years ago to learn how to play and ended up quitting but this time i’d like to be serious about it.  My Uke sits in a basket staring at me and imploring me to learn to play!). I also like the gift of online courses.  At my age – 60 – there is not too much I need as I’ve amassed so much – as I’m sure you have as well.Taking classes and learning from other creatives always gets my mojo going!


And speaking of which – there are just 2 weeks left before LIFEBOOK 2015 starts up! It’s going to be an Art Journaling extravaganza!  What better gift to give to yourself or to a loved one – the gift of creativity!!  I can’t think of anything better. LIFEBOOK 2015 is going to be awesome!  With more than 2 dozen artists teaching a couple of classes each (i’m one of them!  Yay!) your year will be full of joyful creativity and self-discovery.


I can’t wait to begin – in fact I’ll be shooting my first class this week so I’m super duper excited!  So if you or your loved one are stumped for what to ask for consider the gift of this amazing year long workshop series. At the end of it all you’ll have a fab book of your adventures.

People are talking about the community that forms around LIFEBOOK and how encouraging the teachers and participants are.  For many people this is the cherry on top!  I hope you’ll join us!

Love, Violette xo

Hooray! Life Book 2015 Registration is open today!



Click here to register for Life Book 2015

Yay!  It’s finally open – registration is now open for Life Book 2015!  Can you imagine a year full of self-discovery, art, joy and bliss?  Well that’s what’s in store for you when you take Life Book 2015.  I’m so thrilled to be in such good company – check out some of your amazing teachers……..



This is going to be a sparkly year – a mixed media art journaling extravaganza where you’ll connect with like-minded spirits.  You’ve heard me mention many times that art saves lives – art has saved my life!  What a wonderful opportunity to get your mojo going while healing yourself and positively impacting those around you.  Your sparkly vibes will be felt all around you while you honour your creative spirit by making heart inspired art!

I’ll be teaching two classes.  “Magical Mystery Tour” – a tour of the magic cottage (video) and dialogue about how it evolved and had included the community. You’ll be guided to create your own magic cottage on the page using fast motion video.


“Glorious Childhood tales!” We will be remembering the cool things we loved as a child and honouring them by doodling them using a variety of mixed media techniques – we’ll be joyfully assembling the doodles into a lively joyful page using collage.  A whimsical child will be drawn to connect all of the wonderful joyful memories.  An audio visualization to connect to our small child will be provided.

Click here to register for Life Book 2015

Hope to see you all there!

Love, Violette xoxo


21 Secrets coming soon!

21 Secrets

I’m so excited to announce that i am one of the Artists chosen to be a part of Dirty Footprints Studios 21 SECRETS wonderful workshop series.  Connie Hozvicka is the brains behind this Art journaling EXTRAVAGANZA!!! All of the artists assembled will be sharing their own unique approaches and ideas on art journaling with you!  How cool is that?  You can click on the link to find out more about all of the artists who are participating.  The Spring 21 SECRETS goes on sale Monday, March 14th and officially opens on Friday, April 1st.

You’ll be able to view videos and PDF’s featuring different techniques by some very innovative and heart-centered artists.  This should be fun! Thank you so much Connie for asking me to be a part of 21 SECRETS!

The Sketchbook Challenge

Have you been checking out the wonderful posts on the Sketchbook Challenge blog?  I hope you have – you’ll find lots of inspiration and ideas there to help you along on your creative journey.  It’s like a one stop shopping for ideas, tips and techniques from truly diverse artists.  Tomorrow we will be announcing the new  theme for the month of February.  Some time today Sue Bleiweiss will be announcing the winners of the January prizes – so stay tuned! 


New Inspirational Pendants!

I’m pretty excited because i just picked up my soldered pendants from Poppy of Groovyglass Girl. Poppy magically transformed my images into sparkling soldered pendants! Soon these pendants will be available for purchase on my store . You’ll find some images that i’ve used in my prints as well as a few other new ones!


Here’s the back view – you can be inspired while looking pretty!

Stay tuned – these pendants will be available for purchase really soon!