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Art Journal Spot Ideas

Some folks have difficulty writing on their journal pages so I thought I would give you a few ideas to get you going. There are many ways to commit pen to paper but sometimes it’s just difficult deciding what to go with. Often I use the wavy lines to begin writing – my favourite tools to use are micron pens but lately have been using copic pens to draw the wavy lines and then fill in the lettering with micron pens and copic pens. Once in a while I use gel pens as well. White out pens and sharpie poster pens are handy for filling in the dots 🙂

Sometimes I just begin absent mindedly doodling in front of the TV and a face appears. I get the idea that there is a story behind the face so I let it unfold and just start journaling around the face. Simple right? I used micron pens here.

Or same idea here with the blackberry page.

This is the “about me” page in my book Journal Bliss. I drew a woman’s body, coloured her in and hen journaled directly inside the body. This is a fun and interesting way to write your thoughts.

 You may recall a while back I had to write a letter of recommendation for Cintha my organizational guru and kept stalling. Cintha very cleverly said “why don’t you make the letter into an art journal page?” So I did – I ended up writing the letter inside the woman’s clothing (you can’t see it here but you can imagine right?). Now that was easy wasn’t it? I actually liked this illustration so much that I colour copied it before printing the letter of recommendation and have used it a few times for other purposes – that’s called leveraging 🙂

  An easy way out of the writing dilemma is to use “talk bubbles” like I did here.

  Or here (gremlin).

Or let’s just write inside a face shall we?

Or as in this princess page I simply typed out some text, printed it out and glued it onto the page. Easy peasy!

Here I wrote some words with my micron pens on graph paper and then glued them to the collaged page.

You can use rub ons to write out your message. Another idea is to paint a swipe of colour (here I mixed blue acrylic with gesso) lighter than the background colour so I could write some text directly on top.

Same idea as the talk bubble – you can cut out shapes like I did here, journal inside of them and adhere to your page. I think it adds a whimsical flare to the page don’t you think?

Sometimes all you need is one word – just draw the letters with an ink pen and fill in with pencil crayons or water colours.

You can also write in a spiral – just sketch out a spiral and begin writing from the center outward. I’m sure I have done this at some point but cannot find any samples.

You could also steal from the scrapbooking industry and make your own Journal spots like rectangles with lines in them and frames around them – photo copy and use repeatedly. 

I’ll add more ideas as I think of them! 

If you would like to be inspired with reasons to Journal check this out……..there are numerous reasons to journal. I think you’ll be motivated to journal on topics you never even deemed “journal worthy” 🙂

Question about yesterdays tutorial 

Regarding yesterday’s post – CJ asked why I mixed acrylic paint on the page with a baby wipe. Because I had added gesso in big glumps the page was bumpy. Ordinarly I would scrape or brush the paint on but the bumps made this difficult. So I decided to swirl the paint around with a baby wipe – just a hint of colour in some spots so that certain elements of the background would show through.

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Art journal tutorial: hearing problems

  I wanted to thank Rebecca Parsons for having me on the FAMM blog talk radio show. I had a good time – it felt like I was having coffee and a chat with a good friend! Here is the podcasts if you would like to download it:

The genesis of an art journal page:

Yesterday I received a bit of upsetting news. I have been waiting for many months to see an ear specialist about a hearing problem. Not only did the Dr. have bad news but he also had a terrible bedside manner. I had spent the past year going to clinics about a hearing problem – the doctors made me go home and do strange things like use a steroid nose spray which only made my nose run and clog up my head. Another Dr. Told me to go home and have a shower, plug my nose and blowhard with my mouth closed so that I could pop open my plugged ears. Of course that didn’t work! I kept thinking that I had plugged ears and needed grommets or tubes put in my ears. To make a long story short the ear specialist said I had hearing loss and that grommets in my years would not help. He implied that I would most likely benefit from hearing aids and controlling my environment??? What the heck? By controlling my environment he meant only talking to people when they’re facing me, not across the room or when they’re out of earshot.

So I was pretty upset when I came home and decided to create a journal page around what had transpired. On a happy note – not hearing very well can be quite entertaining since I find what I think people are saying is infinitely more interesting and humorous than what they are actually saying. For example the other day Mr. Gee said we should have brought our umbrellas with us but I heard him say gorilla!!!

Life is full of fodder for your art journal pages.  What upsetting situation did you have that can be transformed by creating a journal page around it?  Art truly can heal you in so many ways!

This is going to take me quite a while to do this tutorial so you might wanna check back in a while to see when it’s finished.

Supply list:

  • Micron pens
  •  Water color pencil crayons
  •  copic pens
  • cardstock
  • decorative paper for background
  • Grommets (grommets kit)
  • Folk art acrylics
  • Glue
  • derwent sketching pencil -medium wash

Begin by painting over a piece of decorative paper (if you look closely you can see I had first glued some text over the background). I thinned down some white folk art paint and dribbled it on the page.

Begin sketching your idea on a loose piece of card stock in pencil.  Ink in with your micron pens and erase your pencil lines.  Colour in the woman’s face, hair and the flowers with watercolor pencil crayons and also copic  pens (you can use ordinary felt pens as well). Colour in other elements as well such as the hands and talk bubbles.

Cut out all of your elements.  A little trick I use to make cutting things out more easier is by outlining everything with a thick black felt pen.

Tone down the background a bit with some watered down white folk art paint.  Glue all the elements  on your page.  As you can see at the last minute I decided to add a hand holding a talk bubble with grommets hammered into it.  When the glue has dried add a bit of shading to your cut out pieces with a derwent sketching pencil -medium wash.

Vacation Time! Yay!

I am such a creature of habit.  I like drawing on the same size paper most of the time – 8 1/2 x 11 so every now and then it’s a good idea to get out of being so complacent!  The above pages are done on what i believe is mulberry paper – it’s kind of porous and not something i’ve ever worked with before.  It was a stretch to create these two journal pages – the Omm page was almost ruined as i added water media to it – the paper began peeling and buckling………my first thought was “ACK!!!!!!!  I’ve ruined it!”  But then i put a piece of wax paper underneath and dried it with a hair blow dryer.  Did you notice i have a bit of a theme going there?  It’s all about nature and peace!  When working on your journal page it’s a good idea to go with where you are at at the time.  That’s what i do anyways – it always has to be personal with me.  If you like to be inspired by checking out the journals of other people you can always go to flickr and search for art journals – you’ll find tons of them.  Or if you are like me and are a bit old fashioned you’ll also enjoy holding a paper arts magazine in your hands and flipping through the pages while being inspired – i love love love the flippy noises the pages make as you leaf through them. 

Art Journaling!

For my birthday i received lots of Chapters/Indigo gift certificates so i was in book/magazine heaven.  I bought some paper arts magazines as well as arts and crafts related books.  One of the magazines i bought was Art Journaling Magazine by Somerset Studio .  I just LOVE it!  Pam Carriker has a lovely article in the magazine featuring her hauntingly beautiful women, Cathy Bluteau has a gorgeous, juicy and oh so colourful spread called Following the Doodle – you can imagine that i would love that!  Her colourful art makes me happy!  Orly Avineri almost made me SCREAM when i saw her Passport journal…….oh my gosh… looks like something you’d find in a pirate’s treasure chest……….all poofy and bursting with juicy goodness.  Orly uses all kinds of stuff to “poof out” or trick out her journal – coins, cork, gum wrappers, dried flowers, beads and more!  I hope you check out Orly’s art journal pages on her blog and hope that you are as enchanted as i was by her gorgeous handmade journals!

Going to Disneyland………whoops….Vacation!

Guess what?  Mr. G and i are going away on vacation for 2 weeks starting tomorrow. We are going to a gorgeous area called Desolation Sound, B.C. We’ll naturally be kayaking and enjoying being in nature!  I’m inspired to paint some pages from cardboard discards, like packaging boxes, spagetti, cereal, etc. to ready them so i can create some journal spreads while i’m away.  Just reading the Art Journaling magazine and also making the Junk Journal the other day is prompting me to make a different kind of journal for a change.  Should be heaps of fun!

Guest Blogger

While we are away i’ll have sporadic internet access so i plan on posting photos and maybe even pics of my journal as it evolves on my blog.  My friend Wendy Gibson of Craft Dinner has graciously accepted to be a guest blogger here on the two mondays while i’m away so stay tuned for Wendy’s lovely projects. Thanks Wendy!  Speaking of my artsy friend check out her article on the Retro fitness craze of hooping.  You just might want to take up hula hooping for fun and fitness.

Okay………so i’ll be seeing you next week…until then have a fabulous weekend!

Love, Violette xo

Leaping Frog Stencil tutorial

I thought i would share with you another fun way to add dimension and variety to your art journal pages by creating a stencil!

Find the image that you like on google image search (i used the words “leaping frog”), save it and bring into photoshop (or any photo editing program) and adjust the size.  Print it out in grayscale.

Place a piece of graphite or carbon paper underneath your image and on top of your piece of cardstock and begin tracing over the design.

You now have a lovely image transfered onto cardstock

With an exacto knife carefully begin cutting out your design.  I say carefully because some little bunny got bored and sliced off part of the design.  But don’t worry – all was not lost since a piece of scotch tape saved the day!

Voila!!!!!!  Hooray!  You now have a positive and negative frog image! Now don’t be too quick to throw either piece out – you’ll be wanting to save both so you can create some fun mixed media and art journaling pages.

As many of you know i’m crazy about crows (they are my totem) so i created a crow stencil.  You can find this stencil in my book Journal Bliss. What i did here was use both the positive and negative image….in crow number one i used the cut out crow, carefully taped him onto my page and with a sponge brush applied paint by pulling it away from the crow stencil.  In crow number 2 i placed the image of the page with the negative cutout and then applied paint on the inside by pouncing a paper towel soaked with paint (you can use a sponge too).

The Five Days of Frogs

Starting on Monday i’m challenging myself to create a page a day using the frog stencil – both positive and negative images in a variety of ways.  I’m going to call it “The Five days of Frogs”. You are welcome to play along with me using any stencil you desire – you can post links to your images in the comments section so we can check them out.

How i came up with the frog stencil idea

Now some of you out in blogland might be interested to know where i got the idea to create a frog stencil…..i’m glad you wondered because i’m always wondering “Gee……i wonder where they came up with that idea?  What is the genesis of the piece of art?” So yesterday i’m walking at my local park and for the past several weeks i’ve been checking to see if the frogs have emerged from their murky hibernation in the mud. No frogs……how disappointing. But yesterday as i approached the pond a frog made a squeaking noise and jumped into the pond!  I was so delighted…….and then another frog jumped and another.  So i thought to myself “Hey, i should create a leaping frog stencil and create some journal pages with it.  It’s a wy of honouring the frogs that i love so much!”  So that’s how it all came to be!

Contest – still have time to enter!

You still have until monday to enter the contest for a book and online class.  Make sure you HOP on over to Wendy’s Craft Dinner to post your comment and here too! While you are over at Craft Dinner please check out the interview that Wendy has posted! Thank you Wendy for taking the time to interview.  I have really enjoyed getting to know you better the past couple of weeks!  It’s so neat to meet another kindred spirit.

Happy Weekend everyone!  Have fun with your loved ones.

Love, Violette xo

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