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Winner of LIFE BOOK 2015 Giveaway!


Holy Mackerole!  We had over 432 entries to this contest giveaway (i had to choose a name from two blogposts as i originally had made a mistake)!  I’ve been having contest giveaways for many years now and this is definitely the most entries I have EVER received!

I read each and every entry – i was so moved by many of your comments. Many of you shared your hopes and dreams and about why you so needed this class to feed your souls.  I truly was blown away and many times even moved to tears.  Each and every one of you deserves a spot however each teacher is allowed to give only one spot away! Just to let you know how incredibly generous Tamara Laporte is……..she gave away 10 spots! WOW!

The winner of my giveaway is Carol Mc!  Here’s what Carol had to say:

I would love to win a seat in Life Book 2015. I have experienced some traumatic changes in my life this year. My husband and my sister both passed away in the beginning of this year. Now I am pretty much a full time caretaker for my mother who is recovering from a rare form of cancer called NETS. I’m trying to adjust to these changes and take stock of the blessings that I do have in my life. I’ve been having difficulty finding purpose and direction in my life now. My husband and I had been making plans together for 25 years; now I have to accept things and make new plans. I think this would be such a great class for some personal introspection that I could certainly use at this time.

Would love to learn from such a fantastic array of teachers; and have these lessons to look forward to every week. Thank you for the chance to win a seat in class.

Congratulations Carol!  

If you know me at all you know that i have difficulty choosing one winner or even three for that matter. When my kids were little and I had backyard “art contests” or “bug finding contests” for the neighbour kids everyone always won a prize. I’d create catergories just so that the child could feel like a winner.  Unfortunately I can’t do that today but I do hope that if you really want a spot in LIFE BOOK 2015 and you can’t afford it that you mention it to family members or friends who might be willing to gift it to you for a Christmas or birthday present. It’s definitely going to be well worth it – an entire year of soul-filled, artsy goodness. So good for your soul! For more information on all of the teachers and the course please click here.

Thank you soooo much to all of you for taking the time to enter and for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it!

Just to let you know I am also going to give away one of my Teens Dream Journal DVD’s to a woman who teaches Tweens art…….I just have to search and find her name again!

Love, Violette xo

Art Journaling for teen boys


here is an art journal page i created to hopefully entice teen boys to do some of their own journaling.


Here’s a detail of the boy’s head – the grey lines radiating outwards are made with glitter – maybe that wasn’t such a good idea?  Most of my journal pages are very girly girl so it was a bit of a stretch to do this one.  I might put some words on the boys body.  I’m creating this page to encourage teen boys to take an art journaling class.  Typically it’s girl’s who have taken my workshops however i do know that there are many boys out there who could benefit from keeping a journal. Unfortunately the random splotches i created on the page happen to fall right beneath the boy and might look like – you know………ack!  I guess I’m trying to think like a kid.  It’s been so many years since my grown children were young that’s it’s difficult to remember what my son was like apart from being sullen Winking smile. Thankfully he grew out of that as most adolescents do!

Of course i thought that the cut out letters from magazines would be kind of cool – I’ve seen them in other journal pages and also in ads targeting youth. 

I am meeting up with a woman who deals with youth today and will get her opinion – she might tell me to put some shorts on the fellow Smile.  I am open to suggestions!

Well i have a super busy day today so I must get busy.

Hope you have a lovely day!


30 Day Portrait Challenge


Hello all!  It’s a holiday here in Canada but i decided to post this challenge today as it’s the first of the month.  I was inspired by the TED TALK by Matt Cutts about trying something new for 30 days and thought it would be a good challenge to create a portrait a day for 30 days – the portrait can be whimsical, abstract, realistic – just about anything and can be created using a variety of materials.  The idea is to stick to it for 30 days – the portrait can take 15 minutes or up to one hour (or even more) to create.

These portraits can be used in your art journal pages, mixed media paintings and as collage items. You can glue them in books, sew them, staple or tape.  It’s a good way to stretch yourself and to make sure you are drawing every day. I found that i was slacking off a bit in the drawing department and thought this challenge might infuse a bit of life back into my art. 

A number of years ago i posted a 100 portrait challenge – unfortunately i never made it to 100 but many of my blog readers did!  They found that their faces improved the more they drew and they quite enjoyed the process. 30 days of portraits i believe is much more doable!

I’ll set up a flickr group later today and if you decide to join me you can post your images there.  I think it would be fun to do it together!  I’ll begin tomorrow!  Won’t you join me?


Elephants in the room

I created this quick little sketch this morning to illustrate a point.  The term “elephant in the room” means “an obvious truth that is being ignored or goes unaddressed”. Last nite Mr. G and i were sitting on the couch and i said “i don’t know what to blog about tomorrow” – he threw me for a loop when he said “how about the elephant in the room?”.   Of course this has nothing to do with art but it’s given me an opportunity to sketch and have something to chat about…….also if you are traumatized about the “elephant in your room” – and i’m sure you have some in your life – creating a piece of art or art journal page around it will do wonders for your mental health :).

I often get into trouble for being one of the first ones to announce that there is indeed an elephant in the room – a HUGE one!  ……..and let’s talk about it!  I guess it comes from all of the years of reading self-help books and the years of therapy that have helped me navigate my emotional ups and downs.  As a result i’ve suffered from something i call the “blurt factor” where i blurt something out which i think is obvious but is not being addressed by those around me.  Often times people are hurt because they were not ready to hear the truth or i put my own emotional spin on things and did it in a rather – how shall i say this delicately……UNDIPLOMATIC way.  Needless to say being an “elephant whisperer” has not been an easy job :).  Here is a journal page i created on the blurt factor several years ago after i blurted a truth out that the recipient wasn’t ready to hear.

I felt pretty crummy and had hoped that i could take back what i just blurted out …..but alas…..i wasn’t able to.  One thing i did which made me feel a bit better and also made me laugh was creating this page!

Are there any elephants in your room which you can illustrate? Why not give it a whirl? You might even have the courage to show your art to the very folks who are trying to hide the obvious……..OR NOT 🙂

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