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Violette Clark intro video

Violette introduction Video

Hello everyone!  I finally did it – i finally created an intro video introducing myself.  It’s something i should have created a very long time ago – it’s much more difficult to do than creating an art video which is about the art and not you so much. I hung on to the video for 3 weeks before releasing it into the world as my inner critic was having a heyday!  It was pretty vicious saying such things as:

“your smile is crooked – you talk out of the corner of your mouth!”

“you’re old….give it up!”

“your teeth are crooked”

“you blather on too much – who’s going to care what you have to say?”

“check out the porridge you left out on the stove….idiot!”

and the critic went on and on until i was metaphorically huddled in a corner in the fetal position.

So I went out and bought this t-shirt on special which allows me to be “perfectly imperfect”.



I figure better done than not done at all right? So i released the video into the world.  And i received some lovely and kind feedback on Facebook which was awesome!  Thank you dear sweet souls!

For those of you who are not on Facebook I have shared a bit about my health journey – my health was pretty terrible last year…..culminating in a diverticulosis diagnois (as well as a number of other things).  I had a big attack which almost landed me in the ER so i decided to make a few lifestyle changes. The changes included walking every day, adding meditation and cutting down on my wine consumption as well as monitoring my food choices. As a result i feel more peaceful, have lost 5 pounds which i had wanted to lose for some time and have not had the terrible pain i had been experiencing.

So it’s onward and upwards for me.  What are you adding/taking out of your life to live the life your truly want?

Love, Violette xo


Let’s Get Visual Visual!


A couple of days ago i attended a Woman’s Business awards ceremony – my friend Susan Keeping was nominated for an award in the “Not-for-profit” section so I attended to cheer her on!  Congratulations Susan on your nomination!  The room was full of business women, men, politicians – everyone dressed up in their spiffiest business attire.  As usual I didn’t really feel like i fit in but tried to feel comfortable by chatting a bit with the ladies at my table. I  asked what they did and who they represented. Usually at cocktail parties i ask people what their passion is – that always elicits more interesting responses.

We don’t need NO wall of words!

Because I’m such a visual person if you throw me a WALL OF WORDS rather than a good metaphor to explain what you do you’ll lose me. When you work in business and not-for-profits there are all kinds of business language you use that to a layperson such as myself sounds like Greek.  You end up looking like the adults in the Charlie Brown cartoons that mouth words that have no meaning. Do you know what i mean?

Are you an Umbrella?

Anyways one of the ladies at our table worked for a financial institution and she was letting us know what she did.  I listened to snippets of what she was saying to see if i could grok what her organization was all about.  Finally an image formed in my head – much like the one i drew above.  So i said “Oh, are you an umbrella organization that gives funds out to various smaller organization? You’re sort of like an umbrella with danglies coming off of it representing the fundees (is that a word?) right?”.  She smiled and said “Yes” after i explained that I was an artist Smile.

There has been HUGE funding cuts in our province (as I’m sure is happening all over the world) to the monies received by non-profits. Everyone seems to be vying for the same piece of a pie (do you see another illustration here???). 

Wouldn’t it be great if when people talked we could actually see symbols and icons flashing all around their heads so visual folks could “get” what they were saying?

What i did in the illustration is similar to what Graphic Facilitators do. 

My prayers go out to Japan and the surrounding countries affected by last nights earthquake and Tsunami. We had a Tsunami warning here on the Westcoast of B.C. but nothing happened thankfully.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy weekend!


It's not easy being green…

It’s not easy being green (read different)…..i’d rather be a rainbow.

A couple of days ago there was a loud rap at the door. When i opened the door (still in my jammies) there stood a man asking me how much i wanted for my van. Mr. G had put a “for sale sign” on my glittergirl van. This fellow was a scrap car removal guy – he was obviously looking for a good deal. He told me that no one would want to have a painted van sitting in their driveway except for me and that since i had painted my vehicle that it was now worth very little. Of course i felt pretty bad and countered with all of the adventures Glittergirl had been on and that she had appeared on TV a few times and that i in fact loved her. So he argued with me that i could not possibly love her since glittergirl is an inanimate vehicle that could not love me back. He cited Scott Peck in his book The Road less travelled where Peck spoke about this concept. I asked him if he was a philosopher and that perhaps he should dub himself “the philosopher scrap car removal guy” with the subtitle: philosophy for free. And then of course i heard a bit more about his life story….still while standing at the door in my jammies.

The scrap car removal guy waved his arm unceremoniously at the magic cottage and asked “what the heck is this all about anyways?”. So i said that i was an artist and painted everything. He asked me what i did and i told him. Then he asked me “who says you’re an artist?” I told him that i did and then he went on to say that it was subjective and that someone might come along and say i wasn’t an artist. This bizarre interchange lasted about 20 minutes leaving me very deflated at the end of it. It ended off with me dispensing a bit of dating advice (he asked for it).

To make a long story short the fellow wanted my van for about 100 dollars so that he could cannibalize it for parts….which of course drove me nuts – Cannibalize glittergirl??? Glittergirl needs a new battery in order to run along with a new windshield (there is a crack in it). She does still run though. So if anyone is interested in having Glittergirl for FREE please let me know (as long as you don’t cannibalize her). It might be kind of fun to put her in your backyard and turn her into a mini art studio! How cool would that be? I would do that only there is no way i can put her in the backyard without cutting down my magnolia tree and tearing apart a fence. So let me know if you are interested okay?

Thank you everyone (from Mr. G) for the birthday wishes – you are all so sweet!!!

EFT and Overwhelm

This is the tree in a nearby park i go to visit a few times a week – i hug it and feel the energy pour into me. I imagine roots growing out of my feet and down into mother earth.  Then i draw the energy up from mother earth into me imagining it filling my body totally and completely.  I tend to feel more grounded after visiting the tree.

I’ve posted this tree photo before but wanted to share it again along with the photo i took this morning of my back garden.   Lately i’ve been experiencing a fair amount of overwhelm – still upset about my Mom’s fall (she’s at home recovering but feeling a fair amount of pain) and as a result of “life happening” i’m behind on a number of things.  This morning i sate in front of the computer feeling rather paralyzed not know what to work on first.  So i decided to do some EFT around the feelings of overwhelm to see if i can shift them.  I used this script from Natalie Hill’s site to get to a calmer and more “in control” place.

Of course doing EFT didn’t solve any of my problems however it has helped me to focus and get out of the feeling of overwhelm – i focused on “ONE THING”  which was to blog.  Of course only getting a few hours sleep can exacerbate things more too!


A reader of this blog – Wendy left this link to a video about artist Hundertwasser and his final building.  It’s amazing…..the mosaic work, patterns and wonderful colours are so exciting.  If you do some research on Hundertwasser i’m sure you will fall in love with his art like i have!  Thank you Wendy for the link and re-igniting my LOVE for this artist!