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June Birthday Contest Giveaway – Contest closed!

Hello my friends!



“When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance”

Just to let you know i use the random number generator to choose a number – i wish i could give you all a prize.

I am 61 today and in celebration of living 61 years and to thank you for your support and love over the years I am having a contest giveaway!  Yay! You might be wondering why i am showing you my ear?  Well my wonderful son and daughter-in-law gifted me with hearing aids – you can’t see them can you? They are so skookum. Now i can hear layers of things i could never hear before, can hear conversations going on in the cubicles at the bank and don’t have to keep saying WHAT???? It’s so cool – and to think i was so reticent to get them and admit i have a hearing loss.



Birthday Contest

I’ll be giving away an original illustration (i made inspiration cards with these) – Believe, A “love who you are” dog tag necklace, a set of 10 postcards and admittance to my online workshop Journal Bliss!   The workshop is on art journaling and is full of techniques, tips and tricks.

In order to enter the contest please let me know in the comment section of my blog on this post what your favourite quote is. I’ll be drawing one lucky winner Wednesday June 24  at 9 am PST.  Good Luck!

Art Journal Summer School

If you want to have some summer art journaling fun which you’re on holidays please join me for Art Journal Summer School – it’s happening soon………in two weeks!

See you soon!

Love, Violette xo

Bedroom under Construction!

Hola my friends! I trust you all had a wonderful weekend? Ours has been super busy with my grandson Cillian’s 2nd brithday – happy birthday my sweet little guy – and Mr. G and I have been repainting the bedroom!


The bedroom hasn’t been painted in 12 or more years!  Each wall is a different colour – bright orange, cobalt blue, fuchsia, and chartreuse!  Needless to say we had to prime the walls first to be able to cover the existing bright paint.  I am going for a more subdued two tone green colour.  Above is a photo of the prep work – taping around things…..the blackboard paint on the wall which originally housed the clipboards – (click here to see the video) will now have a frame around it and be an area where I’ll post inspirational sayings in chalk. It will be great to lie in bed and be inspired just by gazing at the wall!


Here’s a shot of the painted room – almost done – YAY! It’s been kind of challenging since the magic cottage is so tiny – in order to paint the bedroom we had to move all of the bedroom stuff in the living room along with the mattress which is sitting on top of the couch (where we’ve been sleeping).  Needless to say we can’t wait to get this room finished and get our bedroom and living room back!

I took some video footage of the bedroom reno so it will be made into a video soon! Stay tuned!


Happy Birthday Cillian!  Here’s a photo of my daughter Jessica, son-in-law Nis and Cillian with his special birthday cake! As you can see he’s all excited!


Here’s they yummy cake (um……i had to rely on Mr. G’s opinion since it wasn’t gluten-free!) my son-in-law Nis made – isn’t it so pretty in different coloured layers? All in all it was a pretty fun birthday for Cillian and everyone who attended!

See you all on Wednesday!

Love, Violette xo

Self-Portrait Challenge: Day 29 Thinking good thoughts


Silhouette on Sgraffito paper 

This is a silhouette I did of myself – i took a side view photo (can you saw awkward?)  printed it out and then placed it on top of a “failed” crayon sgraffito paper and then simply cut it out. I don’t really like this portrait but i thought it would be a good idea to have a bit of variety in this challenge!


Replacing the stinky thoughts with good thoughts

Yesterday i received some disappointing news regarding a project which i thought was pretty awesome and would definitely be a go.  It would have been pretty lucrative for me.  Anyways after receiving the news i slipped into my “default setting” of negative, stinky thoughts – “I’m not good enough, not talented enough, not ever going to be successful – yadda yadda yadda”.  I could feel myself slipping into a major funk.  So I decided to take myself to a little coffee shop by the beach, write about my feelings, draw the above self-portrait and then go and spend some time at the beach.  I wedged myself between two large rocks, buried my feet into the pebbles (the sand was further away) and lay there facing the sun.  I let the beach and the sun embrace me while i thought positive thoughts about myself.  I decided to replace the stinky thoughts with loving positive thoughts. It’s amazing how simply doing this can shift your mood!  Try it sometime!

I only have one day left on my challenge and as you can see I’m behind……so I’ll be catching up the next few days.  I plan on bundling all of these self-portraits together and create a book!


We celebrated Mr. G’s birthday this weekend – the lucky guy had 2 not one birthday cakes and birthday celebrations! He was royally spoiled.  We spent quality time with a few friends and then Mr. G’s family.


Here he is receiving a little bit of help from his grandson Leium.

Thank you everyone for leaving me messages – I am sorry i have not had time to respond yet – i really appreciate your comments and of course read each and every one of them!

Have you signed up for Brave Girl’s inspirational Daily Truth e-mails ? – yesterday they used one of my bird portraits in their Daily truth messages.  Thanks so much! You can submit your birdie art so you can be featured as the “little birdie artist of the day” too!  While you are at the Brave Girl’s Club have a poke around and be inspired by all of the goodness there!


Yay! Birthday fun!


This is what i say to the flowers – and guess what?  They talk right back to me!

Sorry I’m late in posting………been on the phone receiving birthday wishes from family and friends!  Thank you so much everyone for the wonderful birthday greetings and messages!  It’s so nice to be remembered on our special day!

I’m off to a birthday luncheon with friends in a bit but wanted to say how much I’m enjoying reading your answers on the birthday giveaway blogpost (remember to enter if you haven’t already). I asked the question “How do you begin an Art Journal page?” and boy – i am sure loving reading all of your answers.  Thank you for taking the time to post!

Well i hope you all have a marvellous day – I know i am!



I feel very grateful – my cup is brimming with gratitude for all of the lovely messages, celebrations, gifts and time spent with friends/family for my birthday….and it’s not over yet either!  I still have 2 more lunches and another father’s day/my birthday celebration on the weekend.  Last nite we celebrated at a lovely restaurant – it was Nicci’s 40th Birthday.  Happy 40th Nicci……..the BIG 4-0 is always a special one.  Glad Mr. G and i could celebrate with you.

Yesterday i managed to spend a few bookstore gift cards and bought these books, a CD and audio book for myself – i’m in heaven……hooray!  Gemini’s love books, gadgets for communicating and stationary type goodies.  We are the communicators of the zodiac!

The winner of my Bohemian Bliss contest is Jenny Vanin – congratulations Jenn!!! Please e-mail me and i’ll send you the link to my NING site so you can start right away. Thanks to Wendy at Craft Dinner for hosting the contest!

Please check out this wonderful little video Creature Comforts Art 1 – what is art?  What it’s all about – too cute! Wendy at Craft Dinner had this video on her wall yesterday.

I’m kind of in a hurry this morning – i have quickly clean up the Magic Cottage and the Studio as a group of young girls are coming over with their Youth Care Worker to tour the cottage and to make a quick craft in the Studio.  Afterwards an online friend (whom i’ve never met is coming for a visit to the cottage!) so i’ve got a very busy day.  See you tomorrow! xo

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