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The Law of Attraction REALLY does work!

Note the floaty tops – they hide lots of imperfections like tummy bulges :)….did you check out the orb on my pants too?  what’s up with that?

Is it possible to press the reset button to change what you are focussing on?\

As I turn 56 today I look back on my life and notice that I have probably been focusing on some of the wrong things..such as wanting to lose weight. You see the Universe says “Yup….okay…….you can keep wanting to lose weight!” I am focusing on losing weight but have only managed to gain weight at a rapid speed ever since i’ve been fixated on losing weight. So do you get it? If you fixate on being single and without a partner you’ll keep being single or you’ll attract someone who is needy like you and totally inappropriate. Likewise when you want to lose weight you keep focusing on that negative thing – everything around you looks so appetizing – you feel deprived and then you eat things you perhaps should not. Back when I was in my teens I used to eat entire frozen cheesecakes and banana loaves straight out of the freezer for heaven’s sakes. I was fixated on losing weight but only gained it since I felt so deprived and was feeding a hole which could never be filled. A thoughtless comment by a Twiggy-like thin boss (I was on the teen council of a major department store) sent me off on an eating binge. The boss told me that I was too fat and needed to lose weight since I was doing some modeling. I believe I was 120 pounds and 5’5” tall. Now I don’t need an outside source to tell me i’m fat….i have my inner critic who is only happy to indulge me in feeling crummy about the menopausal weight gain.

Yesterday I went to the doctors and he weighed me – I almost leapt off the scale ….well acually I did and then I exclaimed “Holy crap! Am I……such and such a weight?” He answered yes with a smirk on his face. It was a bit of a wake-up call for me. So now on my birthday I vow to eat more healthily and to exercise – either join a gym (which doesn’t appeal to me) or walk more vigorously and lift some weights for better upper body strength so that I can kayak for longer periods of time (my shoulder keeps popping out). I should make a sign and put it on the wall – the sign would be a mini treatise for losing weight – it would say “Eat Less, Exercise More”. That’s it….you don’t need to buy expensive books or programs to lose weight….just eat less and exercise more!

Making a small shift can make all the difference in the world!

Another thing I vow is to focus more on the good things in my life rather than on the things which are not working – i’ll magnetize more good – it’s as simple as that! Is there anywhere in your life where you are fixated or focused on the negative? Can you make a small shift to change your thoughts then change your life?

 This song makes me very happy!  Good morning Starshine!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes on facebook and on here……i really appreciate it – I feel so blessed! Now can anyone tell me how to get a birthday reminder that goes on my facebook page? I haven’t been able to figure that out yet. Thanks!

And the winner of the Bohemian Bliss class is……..just waiting to hear back from Wendy at Craft Dinner….please stay tuned!

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