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Interview on Willowing’s Blog! Tea and Cake with Gracie




Hello friends!  Longtime no hear!  So sorry i have not blogged for what seems like forever.  You may wonder where i have been. Well we moved from the magic cottage to beautiful Sechelt. It had been one of my dreams to move to the Sunshine Coast and now finally we have.  I am totally in love with it here – the nature, peace, slower pace of life, less crime …..i could go on and on. It’s been good for my soul. Mr. G has been busy building shelves, erecting a shed and doing tons of other things (with wood) in our new home!


In the meantime i have been making art, putting on a workshop here in Sechelt, making new friends and commuting back and forth to the mainland via a ferry to visit family.


So what’s new?  I was interviewed by Gracie from Willowing and Friends – my first interview in a while.  If you’d like to read a bit more about what i’ve been up to please go here. 



I’ve created a special video just for the interview – a how to create a quirky caricature too!  You’ll have a high resolution image of my art to download and the opportunity to enter to win some swag. Please watch the video and enter the contest here.  Thank you so much Gracie for interviewing me and thank you Tamara for having me on your blog. I appreciate it!

I would love to know what you would like to see me blog about – just leave me a comment.  Thank you so much.

Love, Violette

Self-Portrait challenge day 8: Caricature


This is my portrait for Day 8 of my challenge.  As you can see it’s a caricature.  Media used – Micron pen, copic markers and pencil crayons – this one took about 1/2 hour. I used to do lots of caricatures in the past for people but i especially didn’t like creating them for women. They ALWAYS wanted to look more beautiful, more chesty, curvaceous  and thinner than they actually are.  They were a bit unclear on the concept – caricatures exaggerate a person’s features.  For example – i looked at myself in the mirror and could see that i have: bushy eyebrows, cherry nose, thin wide lips, square face, big eyes etc… those are the features i exaggerated.   So if you are interested in doing your own caricature start off by checking your face out in the mirror and notice anything that stands out – it could even be that you have red glasses – you can exaggerate that too.  I used to first sketch a realistic picture of myself and then would keep exaggerating it until it looked funny but still like me!

I hope you are all having fun with your self-portrait challenge?  Don’t forget to post your images on the Flickr site (i have to upload a bunch of my images in a short while).  You can also post a link to your blog in the comments section if you like.


This is Pioneer Square (Occidental Park) where there was yarn bombing all over the trees and light standards.  It was AWESOME!


This is Kathleen – she graciously put me up for two nights!  Kathleen is a journalist – check out the article Kathleen wrote on the artist Suzanne Tidwell who yarn bombed this square as well as in Sammamish – she created delightful yarn socks for some trees there!  It’s fascinating stuff – like “Dr. Suess meets Christo”.


Yours truly in front of the Dr. Seuss-esque yarn bombed trees.


After taking me to see the yarn bombing Kathleen brought me to the Annex where i was to take my class with Teesha.  The Annex was amazing!  Teesha and Tracy had blown up many of Teesha’s colourful journal pages to post on the walls.  How wonderful is that?

Well that’s it for today – i hope you had the chance to view Danny Gregory’s Art journaling video i spoke about yesterday – it’s amazing!