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Holiday joy!



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!  If you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah  I do hope you enjoyed spending it with family and friends.

We had a great Christmas gathering – two actually!  The above photo is of our family gathering at my son and daughter-in-laws home on Christmas day (four generations!).  There were 20 or so people there – what a joyful celebration. Click the above photo to see a larger version.



We also celebrated on Christmas eve with some of Mr. G’s family – his son Kevin and little grandson Leium were part of this celebration.  Since we don’t have a kitchen table we had to use the living room to put up the table and folding chairs. It looked pretty festive in there! It was lovely spending time with family on Christmas eve.

Lifebook 2015 Video set up

video_setupMr. G spoiled me as he usually does!  He got me this fancy tripod and i-pad mount (from i-shot) so that i can shoot and edit my videos for Lifebook 2015 more easily. I tend to get overwhelmed with the video system on the other Canon camera i have – the i-pad is so much easier. And speaking of which in this photo i was video taping my first bonus lesson for Lifebook – it starts in just a couple of days!  Yay – you can sign up here. I can’t wait to see what all of the participants come up with.



Sneak peek: Starting to apply paint to my first project!

One of the gifts Mr. G gave me was 10 Ukulele lessons with my friend Ivy who is a local music teacher!  I can’t wait to start my lessons.  I love the sound of the Uke – makes me so happy.

I’m off to edit the videos!  Hope you are having a glorious day!

Love, Violette xo

There’s something about Mary again!


Here are pics of some of the goodies i received for Christmas.  My daughter gave me 7 Marys – that’s right – 7 Mary’s!  She said i can use them in shrines and altars since i definitely love Mary!


This is the wooden coatrack that Mr. G and i made for Sammy (our grandson) – it’s about 2 feet wide.  We had such fun creating it!

I don’t know if you have noticed yet but we have a store page up where you can find original art, prints, magnets, bookmarks, online classes etc. to buy!  I’m so excited about this new development!  I have Tina Ferguson and her husband Mark Ferguson of  WordPress Design shop to thank for all their hard work and kindness.  They have an infinite amount of patience and have boosted my creativity to new levels. Thank you Mark – thank you Tina! I strongly recommend Mark Ferguson’s WordPress Design shop if you are looking for website and blog enhancements to give your site that extra zip!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We had a lovely time with family and a few friends!  It was more fun this year too because we were able to spend time with Sammy and Leium (Mr. G’s grandson).

Yesterday i excitedly woke up to snow… rushed outside with my camera to snap a few photos before the fluffy magical stuff disappeared.


The Dragonfly looked like it was being highlighted by magical sparkles




It looks extra cute with the lights on don’t you think?


the archway Mr. G made has an array of sparkly lights.

One more thing……….I’m so excited! Creativity Portal has an i-phone ap.  Now you can be inspired while you are on the go! How cool is that?

See you soon! xo

Sparkly cottage and lovely centerpiece

Magic cottage with no flash

Magic cottage with flash……which looks better? My camera is just a point and shoot digital

This is a centerpiece my daughter Jessica created for her table……isn’t it lovely?  She used a black pedestal plate, piled in assorted glittery xmas baubles, put a styrofoam ball in the center – inserted painted twigs and feathers and voila………a very festive decoration!

No time to blog today……running out to meet my folks, shop, wrap, bake, go to the post office… know……fun last minute Christmas stuff…….remember to breathe……ah yes……..breathe!

See you tomorrow!

Happy Winter Solstice!

This is a sneak peek of a present Mr. G and i made for my grandson Sammy…….i can’t show you the entire piece until after Christmas since Sammy might be checking out this blog :). I was putting the finishing touches on it as Mr. G and i were going out the door to the family Christmas gathering where we exchanged gifts.

You still have until tomorrow to enter to win the December contest giveaway here . Good luck!

Did anyone stay up to watch the eclipse of the moon last nite?  It was cloudy here so i didn’t stay up – i’m sure it was magnificent in many parts of the world.  Happy Winter Solstice everyone! Check out this site to get some ideas on how to celebrate the Winter Solstice!

Can you believe i ran out of things to say today?  See you tomorrow with bells on! xo

Christmas Envelope Screencast


Here is a screencast i created yesterday on decorating Christmas card envelopes
First of all i did a google image search of “Christmas images” but you could also do “Christmas illustrations” or whatever. I received some ideas and inspiration from that search and sketched out a few…..

Just to back up a bit…..i was glittering my Christmas cards…….

Then stood the cards up on the kitchen table for the glitter to dry…..and thought…

Some of these little babies need to be in decorated envelopes.

So for my first envelope i totally ignored all of the images i sketched out and decided to go for a frog image (i created a xmas frog last year).  I sketched the frog onto the envelope….

I inked the little baby in with my trusty micron pen…..erased the lines….

With my copic markers and watercolour pencil crayons i coloured the frog in….

The star needed a smidgen of glitter…….

sweet…………a snowman too!

Baubles are kind of nice………

Santa’s are fun to draw!

Don’t they look sweet all in a pile?

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