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February Contest Giveaway!

It has been a while since I’ve had a contest – i think i missed January?  Yikes!  In any case i have decided to give away some lovely morsels of artsy goodness!

Contest_PicMonkey Collage

Prize number one: I’ll be giving away three chunky wood blocks with prints of my original art!  I think they look so sweet in a grouping, on the wall or propped up next to a book! The prints are 4” x 5” x 1/2” – painted black on the sides and back. There’s a hanger to hang up your little piece of art.


Prize number two: You’ll be getting 2 bookmarks and 3 magnets 4” x 5”. Juicy inspiration for your fridge and a place marker for your books.



I had a fun time yesterday assembling the chunky wood blocks for my contest!

I’ll be drawing 2 names next Monday February 25th  at 8 am PST.  To enter my contest please leave a comment here – let me know what’s your favourite way of learning something new – taking a live class, online workshop, reading a book or skimming the internet – also do you prefer videos, step by step PDF’s or written materials?

Thank you and Good Luck!

Love, Violette xo

Bananas and tomatoes and contests oh my!


I’m feeling a bit under the weather this morning so this post will be brief Smile

I have a bunch of cherry tomatoes that haven’t had the chance to ripen so a relative told me to place them next to bananas as they give off a certain gas which helps the tomatoes ripen.  So I’m giving it a go……also i was told to place them in between newspapers.  I’ll try that if the banana idea doesn’t work. Do you have any other brilliant thoughts on how to ripen tomatoes?

I thought the placement of the banana with their little tomato children looked cute and artistic don’t you?

I must say I’m really LOVING the answers you have left on my 8 Year Blogiversary giveaway! It would seem that many of us are kindred spirits! Smile.  If you haven’t already done so please hop on over and enter your name to win one of three artsy prizes!  I’ll be drawing a name by 8 am PST on Friday!

Even though i don’t normally post on Thursday I’ll be posting the completed art journal page called Tell it to the bees tomorrow.

Love, Violette xo

Gemini Birthday Bash Giveaway


Today is my birthday – it’s such a gorgeous sunny day here in the Pacific Northwest.  What a great way to start off the day with the sun shining brightly!  In appreciation for your friendship and to thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, share your energy and comment I’m having a Gemini Birthday Bash Giveaway!  Hooray!!! You’re going to think this is funny but the prizes are – a pendant AND a Yet to be Created Journal page with the face i created here.  I’ll be making another video demonstrating how i incorporate the face into an art journal page.  I’ll be including a piece of Shrink art i made the other day as well as the winner’s name in the journal page.  How much fun is that? The journal page can be framed or sewn/glued into one of your existing art journal books.

The draw will be held on June 22 at 8 am PST.  To be entered into the contest please leave a comment stating what you prefer better – DVD tutorials, online classes or live classes.  If you tweet my contest you can enter your name twice – for your second entry simply state “I tweeted your contest!”.  Simply click on the twitter icon below! Thanks so much!

Good luck everyone and Happy Weekend!

Love, Violette xo

Art Journal Inspiration: a Chickadee


I hope you all had a fabulous weekend?  I did – one of the highlights for me was watching the chickadees feed at my kitchen window. I was so in awe of these tiny birds that while alone i would find myself shouting “I love you!”. I mostly shout “i love you” to birds and trees when no one is within earshot.  Strange eh?


I had to be as still as a mouse to get this shot – chickadees are quite skittish. This is the bird feeder that prompted the journal page – i feel like I’m up close and personal with the birds.


I decided to honour my little chickadee friends by creating a journal page.  I began by gluing down a bit of text from junk mail and also from old book pages.  The Persian text came from a science book i found at the side of the road (a neighbour was throwing it out). After the text was glued down i brushed on some paint colours and swirled it around with a baby wipe.  All i had in my mind was that i wanted to honour the chickadee and stretch my drawing abilities (enough with the faces already).  So i did a Google image search for “Chickadee” and found an image i liked and copied it onto the background with a pencil.  I also used a graphite pencil to darken in the lines.

You might be thinking this is not a typical “Violette” spread – it’s not but i was inspired while checking out my “art journal love” board on Pinterest while surfing for inspiration.  I think i liked seeing some of the patchy painted backgrounds that other artists had used and decided to try my hand at it. Have you signed up with Pinterest yet?  It’s a great way to keep all of your inspirational images in one spot.  I LOVE IT!


A bee wanted to be in the journal spread so i added him – i think he’s a tad too big but i still like him there. The bee and some other painted pages became a part of a border.  I added some decorative elements with graphite pencil and a white uniball signo pen.  The “I love you” talk bubble is pretty self-explanatory Winking smile.


I’ll tell you how the phrase wound up on the bottom of the page – i had just received some junk mail and it was sitting on the table next to my in-progress journal page and i wondered how it might fit in with the spread. “The truth can change your life” reminded me that the truth IS THAT the most important and memorable things in life (to me) ARE the small moments – like feeling joyful simply by watching the birds or hugging a tree or listening to a small child’s laughter.

You know how much i don’t like negative space?  Well I’m thinking perhaps a list might appear on the left-hand side of the page – a How much do i love thee – kind of list Smile.

Hey – have you entered my whole Enchilada Contest yet?  Leave a comment to be entered to win one of 7 prizes in honour of 7 years of blogging Smile. If i reach 200 entries I’ll add another prize! YAY!


The Whole Enchilada–7 Year Blogiversary Contest Giveaway!


Some of the Contest swag! Bliss Calendars, Prints, Journal Bliss, Original art and more!


Here is the back of my Bliss calendar – you can have a sneak peek of some of the juicy inspirational pages. (I’ll be selling the calendar soon – either here or on Etsy).


I’m giving away my Fly your Freak flag original mixed media painting 8” x 10”.


And yowser!  Finally – the Self Esteem for Teens Journal DVD (renamed Teens Dream Journal) Beta Version!  Hooray! 

Can you believe it?  I have been blogging for 7 years – well my anniversary was in October – but better late than never!  I have met so many wonderful people in those seven years and have had the opportunity to share my bliss, art, joys and dreams with you! Even if we have never met I feel like i know so many of you out there.  I’m so very grateful that you come and visit my  blog, post messages and comments and share your world with me. Thank you so much!

Here is what you can win by entering the contest – there are 7 prizes, one for every year blogging:

  • one of 3 Bliss Calendars
  • Teens Dream Journal DVD (that includes a 50 page PDF too!)
  • Journal Bliss book
  • 5 Prints of my art – including “follow your bliss” and “Walking on Sunshine”
  • Original mixed media piece – Fly your Freak flag!

In order to enter the contest please leave me a comment letting me know what your biggest Creative Challenge is! Good luck!

Contest ends in one week – Wednesday November 9 at 8 am PST.  I’ll announce the winners on my blog that day!

If you could tweet or mention this contest on facebook I would really appreciate it!  Simply click on the icons below!  Thank you! xox


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