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Leaping Frog Stencil tutorial

I thought i would share with you another fun way to add dimension and variety to your art journal pages by creating a stencil!

Find the image that you like on google image search (i used the words “leaping frog”), save it and bring into photoshop (or any photo editing program) and adjust the size.  Print it out in grayscale.

Place a piece of graphite or carbon paper underneath your image and on top of your piece of cardstock and begin tracing over the design.

You now have a lovely image transfered onto cardstock

With an exacto knife carefully begin cutting out your design.  I say carefully because some little bunny got bored and sliced off part of the design.  But don’t worry – all was not lost since a piece of scotch tape saved the day!

Voila!!!!!!  Hooray!  You now have a positive and negative frog image! Now don’t be too quick to throw either piece out – you’ll be wanting to save both so you can create some fun mixed media and art journaling pages.

As many of you know i’m crazy about crows (they are my totem) so i created a crow stencil.  You can find this stencil in my book Journal Bliss. What i did here was use both the positive and negative image….in crow number one i used the cut out crow, carefully taped him onto my page and with a sponge brush applied paint by pulling it away from the crow stencil.  In crow number 2 i placed the image of the page with the negative cutout and then applied paint on the inside by pouncing a paper towel soaked with paint (you can use a sponge too).

The Five Days of Frogs

Starting on Monday i’m challenging myself to create a page a day using the frog stencil – both positive and negative images in a variety of ways.  I’m going to call it “The Five days of Frogs”. You are welcome to play along with me using any stencil you desire – you can post links to your images in the comments section so we can check them out.

How i came up with the frog stencil idea

Now some of you out in blogland might be interested to know where i got the idea to create a frog stencil…..i’m glad you wondered because i’m always wondering “Gee……i wonder where they came up with that idea?  What is the genesis of the piece of art?” So yesterday i’m walking at my local park and for the past several weeks i’ve been checking to see if the frogs have emerged from their murky hibernation in the mud. No frogs……how disappointing. But yesterday as i approached the pond a frog made a squeaking noise and jumped into the pond!  I was so delighted…….and then another frog jumped and another.  So i thought to myself “Hey, i should create a leaping frog stencil and create some journal pages with it.  It’s a wy of honouring the frogs that i love so much!”  So that’s how it all came to be!

Contest – still have time to enter!

You still have until monday to enter the contest for a book and online class.  Make sure you HOP on over to Wendy’s Craft Dinner to post your comment and here too! While you are over at Craft Dinner please check out the interview that Wendy has posted! Thank you Wendy for taking the time to interview.  I have really enjoyed getting to know you better the past couple of weeks!  It’s so neat to meet another kindred spirit.

Happy Weekend everyone!  Have fun with your loved ones.

Love, Violette xo

Art Journal Prompt: I'm happiest when……

I wrote this journal prompt the other day on twitter/facebook and decided to do a quick journal page on it.  It took about 45 minutes to create.  It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece or anything.  As you can see i first painted the background (cardstock) with white, pink and turquoise.  I splattered on a few water droplets and then tamped it off with a paper towel. Then with my micron pens and a sharpie i wrote the words and doodled some designs.  When i took a photograph of the piece it was not totally dry as i also used some gel pens and a soufle pen to colour in some of the elements on the page.  The page is just 5 x 7 – i’m going to add it to a mini – journal that i’m creating.  I got the idea from Lisa Sonora Beam’s mini journals she fashions from discarded greeting cards (as covers).  You can use any scrap paper you have for the inside pages.  I’ll be using cardstock, graph paper, brown paper (from a bag) etc.  I’m thinking this will be my “Happy book”…….and everything in it will be related to all things that make me happy!  Why not give it a whirl?

You can still enter to win my contest on friday’s post by leaving a few comments re: my FAQ query!  Thanks for playing!

The Healing Properties of Arts and Crafts

The other day while visiting my Mom who is convalescing i brought her a book on Scrabooking for Babies….it’s called Oh Baby!  Now my Mom was feeling listless, in pain and had no appetite.  It was tough to see her like this. She wouldn’t eat, her eyes were downcast.  I pulled out the book and gave it to her.  It’s amazing how much it perked her up!  Her passion is Scrapbooking.  So for 1/2 an hour we looked through different page spreads she could create when she got the use of her arm again.  She’s pretty excited about her little great grandson Sam (my grandbaby) so this was the perfect thing to give her something to look forward to.  I also offered to be her hands while she directed me as to which papers to use and what to cut out etc.  My Mom’s temporary rallying around was a true testament to the healing powers of Crafting!

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